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How to better use Jump Pack Assault?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by acepost, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. acepost acepost Active Member

    Hi guys, I was wondering if there are any easy to pick up tips for using the Jump Pack Assault? I do not get a lot of frags as a Jump Pack Assault, I still mostly prefer to be a Tactical with Bolter but maybe it is because I lack insight on how to maximise the Jump Pack Assault. Any survival tips for Jump Pack Assault is appreciated, thanks.
  2. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    I guess it depends on what gets you killed the most when you use the JPA. If you get shot too often, you need to work on your approach to your target, if you get beaten in melee, you need to work on mastering the melee system. Now, I myself am no good with the JPA, but I'm making progress with ground assault / traitor assault...

    The JPA's main weakness is the low amount of armor, so you'll simply need to avoid getting hit. Against ranged enemies, a good approach is key, flank them, land behind them, use extra fuel upgrades so you can fly out of their line of fire. Also, consider softening them up with a grenade before swooping in.

    If melee is the problem, go to the garrison and practice dueling. You can also try to beef up your survivability a bit, either directly or by also taking life steal mods. Some JPA players apparently also make use of the smart pistol by jumping up out of melee and emptying the whole magazine on the enemy from above, thus getting headshots.

    Good luck.
  3. acepost acepost Active Member

    I have to admit sometimes I am not too sure how much Fuel is recommended for Normal Jump Pack Assault builds... I got some loadouts with 2 fuel or 3 fuel. I still think 4 fuel is too much and not useful for normal loadouts. Any insight on ideal fuel loadouts?
  4. Zarbustibal Zarbustibal First Blood!

    First of all : the more fuel you have the better. The most important thing however is to understand that your role is to distract the enemy and make them more vulnerable to flanking maneuvers of your team. If you want to go for kills you have to pick isolated targets because jumping into a group of people is suicide most of the time (which is a valid tactic sometimes if you jump in and throw a grenade). Also keep in mind that firing up your jumppack gives away your position so its smart to sneak up to a certain point and then jump them when they are not looking. And of cause if you are bad at melee go to the garrison and beat up some dudes until you feel good enough.
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  5. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    Another tip, the jump assaults main strength comes with numbers. One jump assaults is easy to take down but if you can coordinate with your squad to get 3-5 they become far more deadly. Also as stated above they are ment to break through defenses and allow the main force entrance. I like a balance between fuel and fuel Regen so try to have 3 fuel with as much Regen as you can fit because the best way to stay alive is to keep moving.
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  6. Kulminax Recruit

    Like anything else think about how you plan on using the class: are you using the jetpack to close to melee range? are you going to jump into an inaccessible area with good cover to take pot shots at people? are you going to pick off healers by skirting the edge of combat until you can unleash death from above? Gear up according to the role you want to play.

    3 Fuel minimum IMO unless you are going to fly up and camp somewhere. You want to have at least 1 extra boost to evade a follow-up strong attack after getting dbashed. 4 Fuel is nice, but the extra +1 prices you out of a lot of wargear, including the fuel regen which is very helpful.

    If you like playing JPA you need to understand that the boost mechanic is incorporated into every portion of combat efficiency for you. If you aren't using the jetpack constantly play GA. The time you spend jetting away from, or to the side of incoming fire is considered part of the active damage mitigation for your class. Your low armor is in direct relation to how much less damage you take when boosting around combat avoiding direct fire.

    Some things to remember:
    • no wall cover mechanic for JPA so use left-side cover as much as possible
    • minimise the time you spend near the apex of your jump trajectory to avoid being killing in the air
    • use jetpack like a defensive roll to cover distance on the horizontal plane
    • be aware of line of sight when fighting; you may be in cover while on the ground, but if you jump you often make yourself an unobstructed target
    • be aggressive; the jetpack allows you to relentlessly pursue your target, but keep 1 fuel in the tank to get out of a dbash follow up
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  7. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Personal opinion: know the maps really well, inside out, before choosing JPA.
    You would need to approach your targets from the angle they are least expecting.
    You would need to pull out and meteor smash into cover when things get hot.
    To do be able to trick your opponent into shooting walls/clanging corners you really have to know the maps and always be aware of the situation.

    Gear wise, raw fuel cell counts are usually better than regen, unless you really like regen and know you play better with it.
    Only pick one between the two. Regen is no good if you can't max out the stats.

    For JPA starters, my suggestion would be +1 fuel, chain sword, frag nade, and rest of the LP all to armor value.
    Do NOT jump your enemies head on and perform meteor smash. You are a free shooting target like that.
    When picking off people, wait until you almost land then attack, to perform normal melee.
    Meteor smashes are mainly for disabling a gunline with multiple bracing heavy weapons (so your teammates could get through a critical choke point) and escaping (diving into cover).
    Only use in melee if you know very well that it would hit.
    Also, try not to jump as much but to side boost more for attacking quickly from tricky angles.
  8. S1a5h EpicHiLuss Steam Early Access

  9. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Never let your guard down, you are never safe as JPA.

    Apologies but a lot of the below can only be learnt by getting in there and practically applying the Fine Art of Airborn Murder. A lot of what we do we don't even know we're doing it, its just something that becomes natural over time.

    For example:

    Furious speed and hyper sensitive paranoid, next level awareness of your surroundings with predictive instinctual reaction.​

    Prediction of your enemies movements, psychological warfare to pressure them into making mistakes.

    Before engaging your target if possible do so with full fuel and armour with a plan of escape. Ideally after your target is dead.

    If you see your target charging up a Dbash, Circle Evade and Quick or Strong Attack them in the back, if your latency is low, either's fine, if its high Strong Attack wont connect.

    Know that you will die at any time, all it takes is that 1 bolt round to clip you out of the sky mid flight downing you instantly regardless of how much health / armour you stack.

    Saying that, never stack Armour / Health, 4 fuel cells all the way (fuel regen isn't as important as by the time it takes to regen fuel your usually dead anyway)

    Currently the Chainsword of Fury is the best Melee weapon against most targets because of its speed and huge strong attack damage, better than Power Sword as penetration is a throw away stat.

    Flanking, lots of flanking. . . Use your mini map to keep track on where your enemy is and weather or not they are aware of your position (you can tell if the pointy end of their map arrow is tracking your position)

    You are airborn, come from unexpected angles, through windows, from ledges and perches. Use your environment against them.

    Know when to leave, its ok if you don't kill your target, distraction to allow your ally to get the kill is just as good. Find a good hiding spot, recharge fuel and armour then re-engage

    The back of Anthagio is perfect for this, there is a rest area meant for the enemy where you can stand and regen fuel / armour.

    Then you can go in the back gate through the out of bounds timer, jump up onto the ramp on either left or right and swoop in through the door with a leading quick attack before the timer runs out. Then re-engage the next Ranged target.​

    A good example of next level flanking for Anthagio below:


    Take 1 grenade if you can, great for the above scenario, take the time to make your grenade land on one braced target then slam on another target (probably the only time when its worth while using Slam)

    Use your pistol in-between attacks while swooping in, out and around your target using your environment against them.

    You can swoop in with a leading quick attack mid flight from low altitude, circling your target mid air and leading in with a quick attack is almost always better than ground slam as your target almost always recovers from slam stun before you recover from it (I know it makes no sense but its true)

    Dbash + Pistol Side Arm immediately after evading backwards can sometimes be better than launching in with a Strong Attack or spamming Quick Attacks as your enemy tries to bridge the gap with Quick Attacks its another Dbash and their dead.

    Manually aimed pistol is better than Smart Pistol, it will also gain you respect from your enemy especially it when it shows them you killed your ranged opponent in close quarters combat beating them at their own game.

    Also, nobody respects Smart Pistol users, though they are incredibly useful vrs Swooping Hawks, its good to have at least 1 slot available for matches with lots of hawks. Perfect to take out cheese faction Elph Hawks.

    I'm sure I have more advice but again, its probably stuff I don't even know I do lol. Best of luck man, I hope to encounter you on the battlefield as either friend or foe.
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  10. acepost acepost Active Member

    Does anyone bother with Krak Grenades for JPA?

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