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How to be a good shootaboy?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by The-Gaardian, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Chewdakka Regz First Blood!

    Im not criticizing your choices. I am offering an alternative viewpoint is all. The OP was asking about medium range engagements I believe and for this I tend to use the build I described. Iron gob, top level armour and the heavy barrel - tap firing at the head - I find is plenty to bring down your average marine.

    I havent factored in the golden gob because A) im at work and have no access to accurate numbers and B) I dont think i can fit it with the high end armour and dont want to spread misinformation.
  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    I know i was just explaining why i choose the gob and was trying to give a more multi purpose close-med range weapon as for me the big shoota is a long-med range defensive weapon.
  3. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    In my experience as playing mainly a dire avenger, as well as shootas, I find the biggest success of a ranged class is knowing when to aim, and when to hip fire. Both have their uses, don't let anyone tell you different. Always remember;


    More specifically, exploits vs other classes weaknesses, and player weaknesses. Read on.

    As an ork, your shoota boyz aim is garbage. GARBAGE. You will aim, fire, and won't hit much unless you are within medium range. Your shoota isn't a boltgun, so you can't snipe people from 100 yards away. Get to medium-close distance.

    Second, when an enemy is within medium range, aim to get some hits. Use cover to protect yourself, and close the distance. When you get close to an enemy, hip fire and strafe a lot. Most guys try to shoot in close combat by aiming, and they can't turn fast enough to keep up with you while you strafe around their backs. I do this all the time as an avenger, and it is surprisingly affective. Hip firing will still get some headshots with the spread, and as an ork it's guaranteed.

    Don't ever feel you need to put my yourself into the open and run towards an enemy. Ever. Hug a wall until your back is against it. Make sure you are near the edge, and hold Alt key and you will pop out, fire, release Alt and you will go back into cover. As a shoota, make the enemy come to you. You'll be surprised how people will run towards you in 2-3, leaving you to grenade them, or shoot them in a group killing a couple of them. Run away before they get too close. Tears will flow.

    As a ranged player, you should always be looking for another angle to attack. Can't tell you how many times I've seen people all crowded around a door, enemy Team firing into it and everyone just sitting there like "how do we get past this door???". Simply walk around. Points that get hit from all sides are much harder to defend than everyone zerging one entry way. And always take the higher ground...always. Remember;


    I used to use a big shoota, but I honestly just use the rodeo shoota for my shoota. Hip firing with that thing is inaccurate, but if you Are closing the distance like I've said, hip firing with a 750 RPM ( maybe 650?) weapon will destroy an enemy.

    When you meet a melee class you can still easily beat them. Smart melee players will power attack, but dumb ones will spam right mouse button over and over. And let's be honest...most
    Spam attack. Just DBash, roll back, and hip fire. Rinse and repeat this a couple times and you can usually down them. If you end up in melee with two guys, try to focus down one guy, then move yourself behind his body. The other melee guy will probably try to spam hit you, but his friends body will be in the way. I've have time to reload, aim, and kill the second guy this way quite a few times.

    The most important thing I can offer for advice is stick with your squad, and don't fire into melee. As an avenger I can usually shoot into melee when someone clashes or dbashes the enemy, but as an ork your fire isn't very accurate, so you will hit your own guys more often then not. Don't worry about a high kill rate...some of the best players I know finish the game with 10 kills, 20 assists and commendations for capping 2-3 points. High kills is great, but they come in time.
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  4. Xarl Uthullun Amdusias New Member

    Use cover, pick your engagement ranges, flank your opponents, don't throw yourself into the meat grinder if you can avoid it. If you use the big shoota, get used to its windup time and prefire before peeking from cover. Try to choose the ranges at which you fight - the shoota's spread and recoil make it less usable past a relatively close range. Because of the spread and recoil, it's better to track around high chest on an opponent, where you can get the spread to place the most bullets possible on target and also have some go up to head. If your team is having a hard time cracking a control point, get them to attack from more than one direction. So many times teams just drive their faces into a meat grinder of heavy weapons while there are 2, 3, 4, other routes that aren't being covered by 4 heavy bolters. Also yeah, stack toughness. I have the basic armor and the lowest gob on my shootas.
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  5. only fire long bursts at short range, stutter out shots 4 or 5 at a time at longer ranges, shoota's are not as inaccurate as you think as long as you control your recoil well. aim for the head, marine/eldar heads are big pineapples on top of their taller bodies, so in melee they alwase stand taller then the orks around them, giving you free shots to the face when they engage another boy, if your friendly firing, aim higher and control your bursts..
  6. hansthered Recruit

    +1 to toughness and health. i perfer to use the regular shoota ( i had the normal with an 80 round mag and +damage muzzel) until i got the rodeo in a i just use that.

    Play-style depends. i play fast and very very aggressive, check corners, take the back door, use melee etc. in my mind i play the class like i think an actual ork shoota would behave.
  7. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    When using a big shoota never be close to an enemy. It is a terrible cqc gun die to delay fire after pulling tigger and less turn tracking while firing and aiming. Good players will know this and hit you with a knife then when you try to fight back in melee they will roll away and gun you down.

    And another tip: don't limit yourself. The game will often times require a certain amswer to a situation. The shoota boy is versatile but not always the answer. Be ready to redeploy a dok, stormboy, or loota on the fly. Then when your job is done you can also swap to a new loadout. Also general cap class advice. Just because you are at a point doesn't mean you habe to try and cap it right away. Call out enemy counts, types, and location in a room (IE 4 Heavies back balcony recommend flanking from X direction). Also you can insta clear heavy nests and their supports by tossing a nade at their feet and shooting it. That will insta rag doll them and allow a team push to go unharassed. Again thats all factions cap class knowledge. Don't be afraid to just watch random videos of any faction tactical classes to pick up tricks even if its just learning their tricks as well. Know thy enemy is very important in asymetric games.
  8. UmyKilla Ambient New Member

    I'z try ter git as much toughnez as possibul an den armoor regun. Da big shoota iz a must since it makz da umies shake wen ya iz shootin' at dim an it does sum great damig. Da rodeo shoota an regular shoota are great as well but nevva du as much damig nor suprez. Da onlee downfall o' da big shoota iz dat it take a bit ter start shootin', but wif 'igh toughnez an da supression I'z kan still win most 1v1. A fing dat I'z du iz pull da trigga before I'z go around a corna an by da time I'z see da umies I'z krumpin dim reeel 'ard.
  9. Spookums MasterSpookums Well-Known Member

    I believe, what you mean is.

    Steps ta being a propa shoota boy
    1) Dakka
    2) Dakka
    3) Dakka
    4) More Dakka
  10. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Nah ya git some times ya need more then just dakka
    SOME TIMES YA NEED A BIG BOM BEFORE YAS DAKKA sides thiz here boy didn't know how he's was supposed to go to da WAGGH or wut kit he was to bring with em, now we don't be wanting no feral gitz in a props WAGGH after all.

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