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How Ta Talk Ork (an Ork Speech Guide)

Discussion in 'Orks' started by cheapbuster, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Alright ya gitz listen up, I'z seen a few of ya tryin' ta put on an Ork voice but it ain't foolin' nobody.

    So 'ere's a guide on 'ow ta talk like a propa ork.

    Missing Letters

    First fing's fisrt, ork don't 'ave time ta pronounce all da letters of a word so some get left out.

    The 'h' in all words can be replaced with '
    For example:
    House -> 'ouse
    Has -> 'as

    Some other letter which can be replaced with ' are G's at the end of 'ing' but only if the word doesn't always have ing on the end (like thing)
    For example:

    Looting -> Lootin'
    Fighting -> Fightin'

    Now ya can't just go cuttin' out any letta ya feel like, I 'ave seen words like 'really' shortened to 'eally which is just wrong.

    Changing letters

    As mentioned before orks don't 'ave time ta pronounce fings propa so sometimes easier syllables are used.

    Orks don't like pronouncing 'Th' so will replce it with either 'D' or 'F'

    If a words begins Th depending of what the next letter is,
    If the word has a 'the' sound den da "Th" are replaced wiv a D
    For example:
    That -> Dat
    This -> Dis
    (be carful of 'The' and 'Those' as The goes to Da not De and those would go to Dose which is a whole uvva word)
    If the word begins with "I" or "R" then the "Th" are replaced with "f"
    For example:
    Think -> Fink
    Threw -> Frew

    The "Th" at the end of a word can be changed to "f" unless there's an I in front, where it is changed to a "v"
    For example:
    Cloth -> Clof (two f's can be use to make more visually appealing, Cloff)
    With -> Wiv

    The "er" at the end of a word can be changed for "a"
    This is seen already with:
    Slugger -> Slugga
    Chopper -> Choppa

    Lastly if any section of a word sounds like a single letter it can be replaced with that letter
    For Exmple:
    Should -> Shud

    Extra fings ork's say you shud know

    Here iz some extra things you shud know...

    Replace God with Gork (or Mork)
    God knows! -> Gork (or Mork) Know!

    The only swear (curse, whatever) words Ork's use are Fuck replaced to Zog and git as a general greeting/insult.
    "Hey, mate!" -> "oi oi, git!"
    "fuck off!" -> "Zog off!"

    Hello is changed to oi or oi oi. Oi or more of a 'hey!' or hey, you! where as oi oi is more of a "hey, what's up"

    S's are often changed to z's
    Is -> Iz

    Ork's love Double negatives, such as:
    "I ain't got nuffin'"

    The ork currency is teef though they will trade weapons or various other orky items

    Orks count to 'Lots'
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Lots (anything after 5 just isn't worth thinking about)

    Orks eat squig bases foods or their enemies and drink fungus beer.

    So there you have it, a short guide to help you talk like a propa Ork.

    Oh...and one last fing...

  2. Oh, and please say if I've missed anything.

    *Edit- Forgot to say, just cause you are talking like an ork don't put everything in Caps, it just puts people off reading what you said.
  3. Samtheman FreedomFighter Active Member

    I reckon dese humies are just puny soft gitz who need a good stompin.
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  4. Warboss Grot-Stompa Active Member

    Wen youz sayin "AND", sum orks dun uze da "D" on da end.
    Jus' becums An'.

    Ya see?

    or jus' "n". Exampul.

    I stomp grotz n Squigz.
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  5. CreatorOfMoon Creator Well-Known Member

    mmmmmmmh ... Now with that guide we can spy Orkish communication ...
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  6. Implying they speak about anything valuable
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  7. "sir, we've translated the orks plans - WAAAGH dakka Dakka dakka, WAAAGH!"
  8. Gorbatz Gorbatz Subordinate


    1. Shoot deez gitz

    B. Loot deir stuffz.

    #, Shoot dah gitz we find next.

    I'll be Warboss witin' a week.
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  9. Al'Chir Alchy Subordinate

    Is this the ork language class? my ork slave told me it was for free after i had him whipped.
  10. Nitris Nitris Subordinate

    Ya stinkin' grot! Ya didn' say nuffin' about da Red unz. Red unz alwayz go fasta! Any Ork knowz dat.
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