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How much have you played EC?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Data8671, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Ivik McDinkleStein Jimmy_Neutron Steam Early Access

    I'm noticing a disturbing pattern here. Those who are bitching the loudest about the game being utter shieet and how it's not worth their time, are also the players who have sunk excess of 1000+ hours into EC.


    There isn't anyone here that can just say for once that they have 1000 hours and they genuinely love this game? Not just love it because it promised it and they have so much time but because they actually enjoy playing it how it is? It's really tiring to see 'worst game ever, don't play, I've played 5000 matches'.
  2. I have 521 hours now and genuinely love the game. I'm halfway there.
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  3. Close to 500 hours. Love it and hate. Because I'm a melee main.
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  4. I'm a bit over 500 and I still enjoy the game. Joined during EA. Hours would be much higher if I had more time for that.
  5. Melee never gets old for me. I can get easily 20 kills and enough executions to get the executioner commendation if I play melee on certain maps, especially Oplipsis or Pegasus.
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  6. It's what made me play this game so much. Otherwise it'd just be another generic shooter game in a 40k jacket. Hate burstglitch abusers though :p denying my hard earned kills.
  7. Zarbustibal Zarbustibal First Blood!

    Almost 400 hours joined during the second wave of founder access :) I know its not that much but I dont really have time to play Games and EC is the Game I have spent the most time in :D . Still love it but its sad that there are no Orks or Eldar around when I play :(
  8. More importantly, many of those people logged more than a thousand hours in under a year... Now consider a standard, full-time, 40-hour per week job results in 2080 hours in a year. Many of the people with serious issues with this game played it like a part-time job.
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  9. Ibérico El_Golfo Steam Early Access

  10. Trashed Recruit

    Oddly enough, these are the people who have been keeping the game alive? while also killing it? lmao - double edged sword having new players get stomped most of the time. But at least there are games to be played?

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