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How Is This Game Going To Prevent Lopsided Armies?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dornschampion, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. GraciousEel761 Forum Beta Tester

    I think that people are forgetting that this game has so much lore behind every faction. Games like Planetside 2 have factions that they just made up out of nowhere, GW factions have years and years of lore, with many people knowing and loving these factions for a long time. It is going to be meaningful to be an Eldar, or a Chaos, or an Ork. People are going to have that much more enthusiasm and loyalty to their race than some Vaanu or whatever that noone but people who play planetside even know about. Even if one race is dominant, this game has more of a chance of getting pop. right than any other games.
  2. Tradias Member

    If anyone was still interested, I got an answer to my idea.

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  3. My opinion is that players today want to be able to do everything without restrictions. If you place any restrictions they will flood game forums with crying demands and it will create negative press for the game. I don't see a happy solution to this.
  4. The answer is: it WON'T be balanced. CHAOS WILL REIGN! DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!!!

    Heh. In all seriousness, I think everything will be alright in the end. Not sure why, but I'm optimistic about this game.
  5. Asurael Asurael Well-Known Member

    Right, SM should get the worse end of the Tyranids, reducing their readily available soldiers, Orks Have F2P players boosting their numbers. Though Chaos and Eldar will be pretty balanced at the moment it would seem, based on the current results of this poll:

    Eldar will have the least players of all faction it would seem, but as I commented on another thread I started, this actually works out great and is quite favorable to the game's lore, IMO.

    In 40K, SM are never particularly numerous, depending on chapter of course, but the imperium IS massive, and so is Chaos. The Orks of course also enjoy large numbers, but Eldar always are reduced in number and have to plan out their strategies to perfection in order to make the most out of their numbers.

    I love this and I think this fluff element will actually be able to be carried across into the game. SM leaders will strategize with large numbers and heavy troops in their mind, while Eldar leaders will strategize in such a way to make the most out of their fewer warriors and their "expectedly" superior firepower. Ork leaders will also have to strategize for large amounts of warriors they won't always be able to fully control, and this is something I just find awesome.
  6. Tyryt Tyryt Prefectus

    The pole is meaningless. it has not quite 2000 votes, and that is less than 1/3rd of the registered people on the forum, which is probably less than the number of people that will be active by a magnitude of at least 10 and probably 20. So, anyone basing anything off of the polls is acting off of completely baseless information for all intents and purposes.
  7. Asurael Asurael Well-Known Member

    Well the point of polls is to get a sense of proportion from using a representative group. I think the people who have responded should be quite representative of the people to come and already has enough replies to make it be significant data.

    Sure, these ratios will change, maybe quite a lot by the time of launch, but it clearly notes a tendency in the community.
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  8. Frank FrankM Curator

    the reason the pole is meaningless is because it doesn't take into account people that never heard of this series. i'm sure everyone here know enough of the fiction to make informed decisions on what faction they think they will be happy with
  9. Bob Well-Known Member

    The poll here would be more meaningful if it was set in stone that once chosen, you were locked to that faction permanently.
    There will always be fair weather fans who blindly jump to who ever is winning.
    As well as the young ones and the highly enthusiastic players who find their chosen faction isn't quite as combat effective as they initially thought it would be.
    Regardless, it does seem like a good *initial estimation* of where the playerbase is going to be, especially since someone new to the franchise will undoubtedly see the Space Marines as "The Good Guys".

    I'm a Chaos player. But it's always nice to change things up and play a Loyalist or an Ork.
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  10. Although I always take polls with a grain of salt, they do represent in miniature a rough guess at what the most active population would be like in a game. The issue here is never the players who are fully committed to a game or players who are active members of the community, but the instant gratification players (such as children and teenagers), the casuals (people who have better things to do than post on forums) and people from other MMOs hopping over to this game in two years who never heard of Warhammer 40 000.

    The vast majority of these people will pick a race to play based on a variety of factors, many of the instant gratification and people from other MMOs will leap on the F2P option, namely Ork Boys to try out the game before they commit to it.

    Many of the Casuals who never heard of Warhammer 40 000 before will likely purchase the unlocks for one of the races they like the look of the most right off the bat. I know it's hard to stomach but yes there are people who never heard of Warhammer 40 000 and this game, just like Dawn of War would represent a gateway for others in the past to the universe. Ultimately we, the core fans will make up a small dedicated part of the game population who will likely be the main supporters, but a game to succeed needs a population of some size or description. How the game will balance out based on that will likely come down to two fundamental things: "Cool Looks Factor", "Cool Gameplay Factor". Going slightly offtopic there but that's pretty much something we all know I assume.

    I believe the so called "OP Faction" getting the most population will be barred by two development decisions, 1) not having all factions F2P from the word go. A cost barrier tends to discourage people bandwagonage, only people who actually like the look of something and want to buy it, want to support the developers or really like a race/faction etc will make the purchase for one thing. 2) Don't make any faction have anything that gives it an overwhelming advantage over the other in some way.

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