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How Do You Envision Your Favorite Faction?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lord-Templar, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Ravion LordRavion Subordinate

    We all have our favorite factions that we want to see in game. And im sure we have all thought in our heads what and how we want to see them implemented. For me its the Sisters of Battle I want to see them charging under the banner of the imperium alongside the space marines to smite the Alien, the Mutant, and the Heretic.

    When you make your Sister of Battle (And I hope their "Psyker" unit will be a Confessor or Deacon:p) at the top of the screen will be a Faith bar which is a global bar filled by all SoB's by completing objectives and lets the individual Sisters access their Acts of Faith. As for the grand scheme of things I would like to see the War Council be able to use mass amounts of faith to accomplish certain battlefield abilities.

    Thats just one idea I had floating around how about all you Necron/Tau fanboys what do you got!
  2. Marines will be too OP. We will drink the tears of rage directed at us.
  3. Ravion LordRavion Subordinate

    Not if we use our Red Rage act of faith ;)
  4. Tankred Cloten Subordinate

    I'd like to see a sister of battle rip someone's heart out with their bare hands! Something like an executions after melting away armor or solely used on npcs like tyrannid. (as in when Stern ripped an abomination from within a tainted Sister's chest)
  5. Ravion LordRavion Subordinate

    I can envision much epic coming from this games execution system.
  6. Im sure Orks will be da best at figh'n. I can imagine many many orks just charging a SM/Eldar base and make a good mess of things! Many Waaaagh will be shouted and many orks will die, but we will be awesome. Also the vehicles, the sound and crazy stuff we will do when we get our hands on em. As an ork player, I hope to see an ability where the more orks there are, the better/harder we fight.
  7. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    Also waiting for SoB my self, and i do envision them just as they are in soulstorm, there is just too little screen-time regarding them, but i can envision that their unity and teamwork should be rewarded while bringing forth a lot of light.

    But most importantly, sound....LOADS OF SOUND!!! from organs and the like so you know they are coming...closer and closer.
  8. Uncle Tjek Tjeknalis Subordinate

    While I do love the Death Guard, I can't see how they could be implemented.
    High health and decayed bolters would be infuriating for everybody involved.

    And I agree with OP, the SoB would be a welcome sight indeed.
  9. Rasczak Rasczak Subordinate

  10. God God Well-Known Member

    Sisters of Battle is my favourite faction, just ahead of the Orks. I just really like their aesthetic and crazy faith based powers

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