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How do LSM-Chapters replace their losses? The numbers don't add up.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Zael, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Let's say, a LSM-Chapter has enough geneseed available. The Scout-company is 100 Scouts, and turning them into Space Marines takes about 5 years.

    That means 100 new Space Marines per 5 years. (If no Scout dies...)
    20 new Space Marines per year.

    Let's say, 5 Companies are away on missions at a given time. The rest guards the chapter-fortress.

    That means, there must be no more than 4 dead battle-brothers per company and per year.

    The Exorcists have 2 Scout-Companies and they get weird looks from the other chapters...
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  2. well they dont have to be at full strength all the time

    if a company gets wiped out to much the left overs join another company and the empty company will be formed anew bit by bit i believe
    also i think there is the possibilites to get additional recruits from other chapters
    at least it was this way in the ~30k era
  3. I know there are chapters like the Space Wolves and Black Templars who ignore the codex as to the size their chapter should be, (Space wolves don't care and I'm pretty sure the Templars hide their size) and they always take new recruits and are many thousands strong. And many chapters are constantly under strength, like Savij says. The Raven Guard are a good example of that.

    I think the balance is supposed to come from the fact that, a) space marines in general usually fight for hundreds of years and although the process to create a new marine is a slow one, it is ongoing. and b) there is always a scout being moved up to replace a casualty, but there is also always a new scout to be inducted into the scout company (ideally). I'm sure there are MANY MANY more neophytes and initiates that the space marines keep around and go through like meat in a meat grinder to get their one aspirant and then scout. I don't know of any rules that relate to how long a chapter can keep an aspirant as an aspirant, beyond being to old to accept the implants, but suffice to say if you have enough raw recruits and geneseed, you should be okay and eventually be able to rebuild your numbers over the hundreds of years your warriors live and fight.

    For me geneseed has always been the real hard selling point on maintaining space marine armies, as the geneseed often is not recovered from fallen brothers etc... and the chapters only have so much of the stuff to use. But apparently geneseed gets tithed to mars periodically, and Mars itself has stockpiles of the stuff? So there must be SOME way to create more geneseed as well? Raven Guard is the example to use AGAIN, because they get all their geneseed from Mars.

    Stable chapters like the Ultramarines have a whole mini empire of worlds to draw fresh meat, i mean recruits, from. And a lot of chapters DO go extinct because it is difficult to replace loses in battle. Then again, like I said, Holy Terra through mars has the material and means to raise whole NEW chapters, so I think we are dealing with some really large scale logistics (on the Imperial scale) where humanity is a near limitless resource to draw from.
  4. Before Astartes become even Scouts they are Neophytes, recruits with less implants than Scouts.

    So when you get casualties in a Company Scouts undergo the final Implantations and are promoted to full Battle Brothers to at least begin covering the losses. Meanwhile Neophytes have enough additional implants to become scouts and join the Scout Company.

    In extreme cases senior Neophytes can get all their final implants and get promoted straight to Battle Brother, similar to how Space Wolf Neophytes become Blood Claws.

    Also, considering the amount of attrition that happens to these recruits just to make Scout, let alone Battle Brother, there will be far more Neophytes than Scouts to support even their losses.
  5. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    Every year around sanguinaris(aria? W/e lore 40k imperial christmas) GW just sends them a fresh batch via retcon :D
  6. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    No no its not "retcon" if they recived "lost" reinforcements from the "warp" XD
  7. Plot Wills It
  8. Grotduffa Timburwolfe Active Member

    The progenoid glands that cannot be cultured in vitro from the geneseed itself are activated and grown within an Astartes over the long period of his career. The organs themselves, when fully grown, are harvested upon his death by an Apothecary provided the body can be found and is not mutilated beyond the glands' recovery. It is not so much the glands themselves that are important, but rather the contents of them when recovered from the slain Astartes. The organs contain enough of the 19 types to facilitate the creation of multiple new Astartes from the genetic legacy of the slain warrior. A chapter's losses are rarely irreplacable given enough time and provided they do not lose all of their Apothecaries.

    The destruction of geneseed by anyone outside the bounds of Excommunicate Traitorus is heresy against the Emperor's will and a treasonous waste of precious Imperial resources, and thus what was done to the Celestial Lions would have seen the Inquisitor Apollyon summarily executed if the organisation were not wholly above the law.
  9. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    As some had said the plot wills it, lots of things don't quite add up logically for example Eldar lose conflicts and it's not the end of the world, they lost dozens of warriors that take hundreds of years to even reach adulthood never mind being militarily trained above a guardian and take hundreds of years to even conceive that said child, they should be greatly weakened for thousands of years for losing even 10 men per combat but the plot finds a way.

    Same with Grey Knights, I was reading the 5th edtion book again and the amount of men they lose in combat is absurd and they probably get marines at a 5th of what other chapters do since they need to be both psychic and "pure", paladin guard for Grey Knights even more so since they also have to cage fight greater daemons nude
  10. Also remember that fiction-wise Astartes are WAY harder to kill than any game short of Space Marine has yet to show.

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