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How Did You Get Into 40k?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Bruva-Alfabusa, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. It is true the hobby is quite expensive and if you want to start off as anything thats not chaos or space marines its gona set you back about $300. It's like buying a console.
  2. Ish Member

    I got into it (both Fantasy and 40K) around freshman year of highschool at the end of 3rd edition 40K and beginning of 4th edition 40K thanks to a friend who was a fan for... by that time, I think maybe 3-4 years? I forget exactly, and have kinda lost track of said friend. Around Junior to Senior Year, I kind of fell out of all things Warhammer due to lack of Money and various life issues. Thanks to the Dawn of War Series (which I only got around to playing maybe a year to a year and a half ago) and the Alfa Legion (who I am happily a member of) I got back into 40K. Though... I have not gotten back to purchasing mini's due to a continued lack of money.
  3. SonOfLorgar SonOfLorgar Well-Known Member

    Aerion The Faithful's and Adrian Smith's artworks.

    I used to play a bit of DoW before that but i was clueless i thought space marines were Americans lololol.

    After their artworks inspired me i started reading up the lore , i got hooked , i bought the first HH novel by Abnett and here we are.
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  4. Mr.Dakka Mr-Dakka Subordinate

    The first time I saw it was when my dad has purchased Dawn of War for his computer. I watched him play for a bit then I started to play it myself. That's when the fascination with his began as I looked into more of the expansions that released, such as Winter Assault and Dark Crusade. I spent a few good months just on the games and never really getting into the Tabletop until I decided to just use the small amount of money I had (I was about 16 or so) and just buy some ork things. When I got everything I just started building, panting, and learning my rules. It was only until recently that I started to actually play it with people, but I was there when the rules changed from 5 to 6. I really wish 5 would have lasted longer, but you just gotta roll with the punches. Now I got an ork army and a chaos army.
  5. Stretch Stretch Subordinate

    Well for me it started with Warhammer Online, I know they are totally different but then I ended up getting the Space Marine game on PC ...then got a free copy of dw2 and really like the universe of it all, Now I spend some time on the wiki reading loads xD
  6. Not the best way, but I knew about and heard of Warhammer 40k/ fantasy (both table-top and video games) and for a while I always saw DoW II: Retribution on Steam and said "that looks interesting". Bought the whole DoW collection (DLC's, everything) when it was on sale for $25 or something, played it and instantly loved it and so everything continued on from there.
  7. Venareus Hazard Member

    A full collection.
  8. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    That sounds great i will look into them.
  9. RTS -> HH -> SW Series -> Everything else.
  10. Dahkal New Member

    A class mate brought a model to school.

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