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How campaigns work

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NoahWard, Jan 23, 2017.

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  1. Nari Nari Deacon

    wow.. just wooooww. o_O
  2. Gazrick Gazrick Well-Known Member

    It's what you were told you were getting.

    I found it strange that so many of you were desperate for campaigns to be added. Did you dream up in your heads that it was something else? Did you just pretend nothing was said when the devs repeatedly told us exactly what it would be? I don't think that's the devs' problem if I'm honest.
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  3. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    im sorry, did i say something incorrect or besides the truth?
    your question which he answered was at the very end of this thread when he answered, so he read over the dozens of posts where people had differing opinions about the 'campaigns', so instead of adressing those, he chose to answer your relatively straight forward question.
    or perhaps i am missing something or misrepresenting the truth?
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  4. Nimrock Nimrock Well-Known Member

    What I see here is that you have more issues with Zhull here than with too early released game.
    As far as I remember his last threads were full of arguments and observations - bit too much to call them unneeded or unjustified toxicity.
    "Unneeded toxicity"? You white-knights define any hard critic as toxicity and then moving straight to conclusion that this is unneeded. Why? Couse you don`t want to use term "unneeded critic" - it just sounds bad.
    But this is what are seeing you are trying to do. Get rid of angry people. Shut them down saying "go away if you don`t like it". And all you have to offer as "constructive critics" are "Lets love Nathan" and "Faction X is OP/UP" posts.
    Most of white knights have admitted thay see game unfinished but I never saw anyone of them posting any criticism about people who are really responsible for that - devs.
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  5. Honestly, I can understand if he doesn't answer those. People tend to twist your words beyond what you could imagine and whatever he wrote would be pulled up against him. I mean, honestly, if he adressed where they wanted to go with campaigns, everyone would go completly mad when it's not in the next patch (or the patch after that). We had that over and over.

    I prefer to stay objective. Criticizing the devs in person is low and won't help anything.
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  6. Nimrock Nimrock Well-Known Member

    Man. think about what you are saying... I heard the same crap from Zed many times on steam.
    It is like false infographic on steam - being there for 4 months - this is what potential buyers can see and trust.
    If someone bough game that was advertised as having "persistent world and massive campaigns with heroes and elite classes" and see those things are not in game you just can`t tell him - "But in stream number 16 in 1.15.45 they told campaigns will be weekles" or "in a thread XXXX Nathan in converstaion with user XXX told that heroes will be post launch".
    And what about false infos being given here? Like that one Nathan gave me a month before release that they don`t have a rel;ease date set?

    They decided it to be "open development" so we expect it.
    And we expect it well executed.
    We don`t have roadmap telling us what is planned for when.
    We don`t know where game is heading - if they really think about open world in a future or they want to keep it as it is. Instead I hear fans telling me "Nathan in thread XXX from 12 months ago said - it is possible".

    What we have from them? 4 months on steam announcements world CAMPAIGNS being repeated 10 times, then the guy from BHVR is starting this thread and telling us "they are no campaigns but weekles but this world sounds bad so we called it campaigns".
    Nathan calling it persistent world etc.

    What next??? In 6 month Nathan will come here to say "Ok we are shutting down servers".
    Community "What? Why?"
    Nathan: "Couse we don`t have cash. Don`t be surprised I said about it 4 months ago"
    Community: "No... when you said that"
    Nathan :" Well I mentioned it in conversation with my friend in my house... It is your problem that you weren`t listening"
    Whiteknights: "Well... I see no problem - he told us. - it is your fault you wasn`t listening".
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  7. Alright guys stay on topic and let's make this a bit more civil.
  8. Nimrock Nimrock Well-Known Member

    You have full right to act as you see fit. But don`t tell others they should do the same.
    Some of us here thinks that if anything can be done for better of EC it will come from critic.
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  9. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what to think of that, at the one hand thats a valid concern, as people esp in the gaming community tend to do that, on the other hand: its awfully convenient to just use that as an excuse to avoid difficult subjects.

    I get the impression that more often than not they just stick to their own echochamber and conviently ignore the harder issues and feedback.

    I understand that devs are also persons etc but there should be also this thing called accountability and it makes a weird impression when you see devs only responding to neutral or good questions/issues while critical posts get ignored no matter if they are worded rude or polite.

    just like the devs are just humans, we as the gamers, and the people who are supposed to spend money on the game, are also just humans, and we vary in our apreciation of EC as it is now.
    Yet so far only the ones with a favourable opinion get a response from devs.
    Fine by me, but kinda hard to take em seriously.
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  10. Noah Ward NoahWard Game Designer

    This post was to tell people how the feature works because people were asking questions so that's why I'm replying to those questions. I read the feedback as well but all I can really do with that is send the feedback up the chain of command. I can guarantee you that people in a decision making capacity on the team already know that the depth of the metagame is one of the major areas that the game needs to improve on.
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