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HOVERING CARMAGEDDON: What should be done?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SniffSteven, Oct 18, 2016.


What should be done to Eldar vehicles?

  1. Decrease their touch REACH + do DAMAGE on impact instead of insta-killing

  2. Allow players to escape being run over by hovercraft by CROUCHING

  3. Leave them be as they are now (this option is reserved for cheaters)

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  1. SniffSteven SniffSteven Steam Early Access

    This has been a point of so much butthurt and bitching its not even funny any more. I have always advocated for Eldar as a CSM player, since i find them genuinly fun and challenging to play with, but shit is just getting too out of hand with them Elf Tanks. And i am sure Elves would agree it is too much.

    Instead of screaming 'Nerf Eldar' i'll adress the issue i find the most frustrating. Roadkill for Roadkill God!

    Personally i reckon decreasing the 'squash box' of their vehicles would help. Cus right now the hovertanks dont even need to touch you to run you over. Add to that a DAMAGE(and/or STAGGER) instead of INSTADEATH when u're run over by a hovertank, while increasing its damage slightly to keep up the survivability.

    Guys, if you have any other suggestions on how to solve this horrid gamebreaking issue - be my guests and post them!

    Now i'll just cross fingers and hope the Holy Devs will notice this...
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  2. In tabletop, Eldar vehicles don't have the tank rule, so they can't tank shock or ram. It's the downside to them being skimmers. Online they should be the same, just stun the people they run over.

    They are fast, hard to hit and have incredibly good guns. Running people over isn't needed.
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  3. SniffSteven SniffSteven Steam Early Access

    Amen to that, dude. Amen to that.
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  4. Sylvar Sylvar New Member

    Not quite true in that regard, both the Falcon and Wave Serpent in Tabletop both do actually have the Tank rule (as do all Falcon chassis Eldar vehicles). Their lighter skimmers like the Vyper don't however.

    The ability to duck to avoid, or at least mitigate the instant death of being clipped would be nice though. Easy enough as it is to be run over by friendly Falcons/Wave Serpents as it is for them to run over hostiles.
  5. Obbu Obbu Confessor

    Other than lag where you and the other person disagree on where people are... I've not experienced this. Can you elaborate?

    I think if you're going to implement 'tank avoidance via roll' or similar it's a possibility, though limiting it to just eldar seems oddly specific, fluff reasoning or not.

    I'm of the opinion that non-eldar tanks need to be improved in their potential to defend themselves via aggressive driving, not bring down the eldar ones.
  6. SniffSteven SniffSteven Steam Early Access

    Sure! On numerous occasions i would get run over by an eldar skimmer where my character would be a good 5 steps away from the thing and not touching it. The Eldar tanks' "touchboxes" are just too massive.

    Your reasoning behind all the rest of what you said simply escapes me, however. To not see - or pretend not to see - the obvious gamebreaker in this issue is outright sinister. Let alone the simple fact that the thing goes against both the Lore and plain friggin logic.
  7. Obbu Obbu Confessor

    Again, eldar tanks only kill people that they hit on their screen, there's no magical floating box:

    De-syncs occur with roadkills of all tanks, not just eldar. I'm saying that I've never seen myself kill someone with an eldar tank that wasnt definitely under my tank, and I've definitely run people over that have survived. Same thing happens with rhinos and predators. Lag + desync will always be more obvious with faster vehicles, but it is present with all of them.

    I'm explaining that eldar 'touchboxes' are not too large, but that there are desync problems with all tanks.

    The second part is me saying that you are asking eldar tanks to be nerfed for fluff reasons (ie it makes sense that someone can dive under the gap) rather than gameplay/balance reasons. You've got to justify the reasoning behind that, and why eldar tanks are strong in one way, that they should be specifically nerfed to less than the other factions.

    Are you implying that their mobility is such a strong defensive asset that they do not need to be able to kill melee/melta that get near them via roadkill etc? If so I definitely disagree.

    I'm presenting an option that involves improving the other factions ability to defend themselves better, without unnecessarily targeting one faction for fluff reasons. I fail to see how that is a 'sinister' approach.
  8. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    the only problem with the eldar vehicles and road-kills is the speed at which the vehicle can turn on the spot ...

    this bypasses the safety regarding vehicle speed causing death on contact,

    every other vehicle requires a certain speed to cause a road kill, one that cant be achieved by starting to move forward or back or by turning .... the eldar craft however can turn on the spot fast enough that the game mistakes them for being in full movement
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  9. Gillus Gillus Steam Early Access

    May I suggest an alternative?

    Make transport vehicles CONSIDERABLY tougher than they are now (like 5xs stronger so they're actually used and not just treated like personal taxis) and then make it so transport vehicles have to lock down and "deploy" to drop people off and act as a spawn, at which point they can no longer move. Hell, have the ramps drop so people can tell at a glance if it's deployed or not and while we're at it, pop the top hatch of the rhino and let people shoot out.

    Boom, Problem sorted nice and simple, like.
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  10. Obbu Obbu Confessor

    Again, I see this as eldar being something that the other factions should be brought closer towards.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm open to the idea of non-fatal roadkills or avoidance-via-roll mechanics. Though if it just targets eldar and not other factions, I'd be curious to see what you give eldar to make up for it.

    I just see LSM/CSM/Ork roadkill viability as being below where it should be (too clunky/unwieldy), rather than seeing eldar as far too high. I'd like to see the other factions brought up to par, melta nerfed, and then we can look at eldar vehicle HP to see if it needs tweaks downwards or not.

    I don't see roadkill (whether fatal or otherwise) as a negative mechanic however. I see it as an important part of defending your vehicle as a driver, regardless of faction, and that eldar has adequate ability while the others are lacking.

    I agree that speeding 100mph and pooping out people with no consequence should be curtailed in some manner across all factions, and I think that deploy-to-spawn would be a positive mechanic in a lot of ways.

    5x stronger transports is not something I'd be on-board with, though. I think they're already in a good place, HP wise, but that melta is a little too good at instagibbing them, particularly if you combine it with meltabombs.

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