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Horus never betrayed the Emprah.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by AnotherAlpharius, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Sindri Myr AnotherAlpharius Steam Early Access

    As we all know from the most popular event of WH40K (named, suprisingly, Horus Heresy). Primarch of XVI legion, most loved son of the Emperor has turned against him, killed and betrayed his subjects, seduced his brothers (that was Lorgar actually) and done very bad thing to the Imperium of Mankind.
    But, that is more complicated than it seems.

    Let's remember how Horus turned to Chaos. Horus was almost deadly injured by the Anathem and moved to the Serpent Lodge by his most loyal Luna Wolves. There Erebus, Word Bearers' chaplain (let his soul burn in agony forever), subjected Horus Lupercal to an ancient Chaos ritual, making him "vulnerable" psychically for the ruinous powers. There Horus has been convinced (as da bOOks tell us) to fight against his loved father.

    That's all true, will you say, but... That ritual already made Horus a HERETIC, because any warp creature could enter his body because of it. That ritual is a key event of turning Horus to Chaos. Without it Warmaster never would betray his men.
    We know that Horus WAS POSSESSED by some daemons or even CHAOS GODS because of events happened on Vengeful Spirit, where Horus had been defeated by the Emperor.
    "In his final moments, the powers of Chaos were driven from him and the Emperor sensed his favoured son's return to sanity for a fraction of a second before he finally died"
    That means that Horus was actually loyal, but was controlled by Chaos directly. Why? Because of that strange ritual on Davin.
    Horus never betrayed. But Lorgar did. And other primarchs did (except Alpharius Omegon :CSMAlpha:)

    Horus Lupercal is the only who deserved the Emperor's love and trust (with Sanguinius together), he is the only who deserved the whole Imperium. He was the best of the best.

  2. Porter SpaceHulk Arkhona Vanguard

    Sindri go home your drunk.
  3. You're right he didn't betray, he rebelled against the tyranny of a charlatan!

    With some convincing.
  4. Necromancer Rivindesh Subordinate


    Horus saw the truth of the corpse emperor and fought for the dark gods. Erebus of the Dark Council showed him the path to righteousness in service to the dark gods.

    It is the corpse emperor who betrayed his people by presenting himself as lord and master of humankind! May his bones rot with every blight Grandfather Nurgle has.
  5. You're all literally heretics.

  6. Horus was not possessed.
    He, for some reason, chose Chaos, won power from the gods, all whilst being blinded by it.

    It was only in the moments before his death that he saw clearly what he'd done and the ramifications.

    He was a fool, but no less a Traitor and a Heretic.
  7. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    You could argue that Horus never betrayed THE IMPERIUM, as he was looking out for his brothers but no, he definitely betrayed the Emperor.
  8. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    This is so wrong on so many levels...

    In "False Gods", the Ruinous Powers show Horus a vision of a future empire where he is forgotten. A future where somehow only the Emperor and 9 of his brothers are revered in the Imperium. THAT is what drives him to rebellion.
    How do we know? Because he personally told his remembrancer Petronelle Vivar that each Primarch symbolizes an aspect of the Emperor. And he told her that He, Horus, symbolizes the Emperor's desire to rule.

    At the end of "Fulgrim", Horus vows to find a way to undo Fulgrim's daemonic possession and save him.

    At the end of "Fear to Tread", Horus makes it very clear to Erebus that this is HIS war. That HE is in command, not the Gods of Chaos, and that he is waging this war for HIMSELF.

    Unlike some of his Brother-Primarchs, Horus gets touched by Chaos pretty late. Even though he signed a pact of mutual support with the Ruinous Powers before Isstvan III (they pledge to support him and in turn he must kill the Emperor), he does not align himself with Chaos until the events of Molech:
    It is pretty much only Maloghurst and Serghar Targost which dabble into sorcery among the Sons of Horus. The detachment of Davinite Chaoscultists accompanying Horus' fleet is kept at a distance to Horus (even though they are powerful sorcerers), for fear they would betray him and use him for their own schemes.

    It is only when Horus enters the Realms of the Ruinious Powers via the gate on Molech (and passes their tests and challenges), that they directly imbue him with their power.
  9. Meanwhile, as the various factions continue to squabble like children and with depleting numbers; the Xenos threat intensifies as Orks and Tyranids battle for supremacy with the victor claiming dominance over the lesser races.

    Da Ork masta race needs you! :OrkGoff:

  10. Horus never did anything wrong, its all lies spread by the elite media over a span of 700 years. He was a peace loving ruler who wanted the best for his people and culture.

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