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Horus heresy film/TV series

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Brad83, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    I don't mean they'd be the focus. I mean that they would be significantly more powerful than they should be. Three space marines taking down hordes of anything not Imperial. Eldar banshees losing to one space marine with a combat knife. A warboss getting thrown around in hand to hand. stuff like that
  2. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    Surely Wh40k should at first be adapted into an Early Saturday Morning cartoon before moving onto the more advanced stuff. I've even got the lyrics for the intro worked out!

    Raining from above the sky
    Comes a fear full cry
    Chaaaaos! Chaos! Chaos! Chaos!
    Armies of the night
    citizens taking flight from
    Chaaaaaos! Chaos! Chaos! Chaos!
    No where to run
    No where to hide
    Fear and death spreading far and wide
    Who can turn the tide?

    Caaaato- A true Ultramarine hero
    "Onwards to glory!"
    Cato Sicarius is there!

    Fighting for the Imperium
    Wherever there's trouble
    over space land and air
    Captain Cato Sicarius is there!

    And he could lead this team of Astartes from every other founding legion against the Chaos United a rival formation lead by the evil and maniacal Lord Abbadon and there'd be morals in every episode like "Don't trust people who are different than you" and "Never doubt your superiors". And maybe every episode they could debut a new miniature like a rare golden coloured Sicarius and release a special fighter jet for him to fly around in and

    *Is taken outside and shot*
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  3. Ah, and of course every loyalist will be able to slaughter 10+ heretics with their bare hands and unrecorded in the official history of the Heresy, but now ready to be revelaed via cartoon, Horus himself was actually bested by a mere Scout on numerous occasions.

    Impossible!? I think not, that Scout happens to be an ULTRAMAHREEN!!!
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