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Horus heresy film/TV series

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Brad83, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. I think we all know who the Emprah would be

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  2. Eh, the Chaos Legions had plenty going on as well, interesting motivations and character development. If the HH ever got air time I certainly would hope that it did justice to both sides and not just the Imperial, as usual.
  3. Frank FrankM Curator

    thats what im saying. that everyone gets equal time to shine

    the emperor was a shapeshifter, so he can be played as anyone. the way i see him when i read the books (while not in disguise) is an off camera view

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  4. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    [​IMG] malcador
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  5. Tiberius Brad83 Subordinate

    Right here is my list I can't attach pics as don't know how to.
    I agree with Garviel loken. That it should be unknown actors but hey this is a bit of fun.

    So here goes. I'm expecting a lot of judgement for this.

    Sigulite. Gary oldman
    Lorger - Ralph finnes/ john malkovich
    Lion- Chris hemsworth
    Khan- Ian Anthony dale
    Curze- mads mikilson/ jared Leto
    Dorn- Timothy olyphant/ jake gyllenhal
    Gulliman- matt Damon/ guy Pearce
    Mortarion- Jim carry
    Horus- vin Deasil/ mark strong
    Porterebo- Dominic Purcell/ javier bordem
    Alpharius- Joseph Gordon levitt/ Sam Rockwell
    Magnus- Adrian brody
    Wolf king- liev schriber/ Tom hardy
    Sanguenius- Ryan gosling/ Paul bettany
    Fulgrium- Jude law/ viggo mortensen
    Ferris manus- went worth miller/ Peter starmore
    Corax- Johnathan Rys meyers
    Vulken- adewale akinnuoye- agbaje/ djimon hounsou

    Garro- Sean bean/ Gerard butler.
  6. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    Rogal Dorn

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  7. Tiberius Brad83 Subordinate

    I could not remember him but he would be great.
  8. The main storyline revolves around the Imperium, so it's only natural that they'd be the focus here as well.

  9. yes please
  10. Frank FrankM Curator

    yeah im going to steal your idea and chris himsworth

    Stephen Lang as dorn

    chris hemsworth as the lion


    timothy dalton as Perturabo

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