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Horde PvE too difficult?

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Slendykins, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate


    Is that clear enough? Do I need to put it in another language? I can make the font bigger if you need.

    You can bring whatever you want, but if your healer is killing lots of stuff, you are playing it wrong and your team will likely wipe fast. You know... Healer? As in, he is SUPPOSED to HEAL stuff?

    As for Jump or Ground Assault? I don't care what you bring, if you have a clue how to play. I have seen some incredible players with chainswords. One who took down a warrior with a chainsword (and a lot of fire from the rest of us). Such players are very, very rare compared to the morons who use their chainswords as phallic symbols instead of fighting as a team, get swarmed far away from everyone and then scream at the rest of the team for not carrying them to victory.


    Stand in front of me blocking my fire when I am playing a heavy and I WILL shoot you.
  2. Ah, Neogenisis was responding to my question about default kits, and since you quoted that it, I thought that it was maybe part of the conversation.

    You just need to vent about dumb players, and that's fine, not trying to stop you. It's just not what I was asking about.
  3. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    The default kits actually are better in many ways than a lot of players think. Ork and SM Healers have AOE healing items that take quite a while to unlock. They also have a nice selection of trinkets and other support wargear. Just nothing on their weapons.

    Thing is, PVE is all about teamwork and for many players in this game such a thing is anathema.

    If you get a good team, who support one another and work together, you can do almost anything. Maybe not Horde mode, that is a bit hard, but I have gotten 1/2 way through wave 10 with a good group.

    Problem is, how often do you GET good groups?
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  4. Dan3D Member

    10second?! Maybe at least fix that line for re-supply ammo.. I am not run to other side of the map to re-supply. Annoy I always last man to re-supply box...
  5. thejammy thejammy New Member

    I agree, Kalenath. Anecdotally, I have noticed that in normal pick up groups, there are probably 2 players who are new or less skilled for whatever reason. This means that at the current difficulty level, I see nearly a 90% failure rate. This causes more experienced players to dislike new players. Additionally, there just isn't enough time to explain things during the encounters. I think this leads to a bad cycle. In World of Warcraft they realized a long time ago that making normal difficulty very do-able with a mixed group added longevity to their game and made for a more satisfying experience overall. Of course you leave Hard mode savagely difficult. Personally, I hope the developers of Eternal Crusade difficulty has many dimentions.

    And tonight there was 1 in que for PVE. I would argue that the current difficulty of the game is leading to players giving up.
  6. Octave Octave First Blood!

    As i see that, that kind of high level difficulty, "we absolutely need teamwork", approach for pve content in a 3d action shooter is not really the best way to go. Not as first.

    As being said before, you're gonna get new players, who even if they are well intentioned don't know what to do, you're gonna get players just there to fool around and mostly players who don't give a shit.

    That's the reality of it and whatever the devs intention were with this content they have to face it. I like the idea of hard to beat content but maybe, as a start, something more angled towards a quick, fun experience would interest more people to fighting Tyranids and then, in addition, you propose rough merciless content. Before getting the fish you have to bait it first.

    Plus that way new players would get a sense of what they are supposed to do on the easier content.
  7. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    This is indeed a significant problem.

    My guild has a lot of players who enjoy PVE as a break from PVP, but with the way things stand currently, it is almost impossible to win with randoms. Even the most gung ho of players will get discouraged after the 10th or so loss because someone does something silly because they don't know any better.

    Most of my Horde games with randoms last @ 4-5 waves.

    I have had 3 games that reached wave 9 and 1 that reached wave 10 but failed halfway through that. One of the groups to 9 was with a random group. (INCREDIBLE group!) The others were with my guild who have dedicated voice chat as well as decent gear. I do not know how many Horde games I have played total, but it gets old failing over and over.

    I like the fact that Horde mode is hard. I like mowing down swarms of Tyranids. But as it stands? I do not like failing over and over because people think teamwork is for ninnies. I bought this game and play this game as a team based melee/shooter. Maybe we need a tutorial on how to play a game as a team since so many have no clue how to do that?
  8. Pierre-Richard PeterRich Lead Level Designer

    Hey Guys,

    I'm back from holidays, so I wish you a Happy New Year :) Hoping it will be exciting for all of us :)
    I just wanted to say that I will be looking at the stats again ( even Hive Complex is difficult atm) and I want to make it more accessible to everyone. Hive Horde and Hive Complex will be re-balanced.

    Please note that it takes time to do the balancing as I need to have big numbers in order to take actions. The live server is the only one that can offer that.

    Please continue to post here if you see anything strange.

  9. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    We Shall See...
  10. Selke Selke Member

    in my eyes the hardmode is not to Dificult! It is just an metter of gear! In my eyes the Normalmode is to Taff the Warriors suck the tempestsetups with no probelm and that sucks. But the Hardmode is prity easy becouse every one got mash better gear than tempest and knows how to beat the Tyranides. The number of warriors in the HC dosn´t metter becouse the powerfist/Claws kill and Meltabombs kill than in notime. The only race is lousy in pve what a suprise are the eldar. Shuricans deal to les Damage and you rubne 3 Times faster out of Amo and the Only Unit that realy hurts a Warrior is the Firedragen and the Eldar got no true Tanking Infantry unit! No Scorpion is no tank and banshi is no tank! As the other 3 Factio0ons tha hardmode is allmost kidsplay!

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