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Horde Mode - UAT

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by PeterRich, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Pierre-Richard PeterRich Lead Level Designer

    Thanks guy for sharing!
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  2. Thana Thana Curator

    @PeterRich Could you add Skulls or a Marker Floating above the last 5 remaining Tyranids ? this would help in both Hord mode and Standard PvE to avoid playing Hide and seek with Gaunts when their AI sometimes make them Lurk in strange places.
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  3. Good idea, could be combined with a check if they still move to prevent unintended revealing.
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  4. Pierre-Richard PeterRich Lead Level Designer

    We'll do something about it!
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  5. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member

    i have played a few rounds and this mode,

    Problems i found:

    • It seems to have 3 maps, 2 of them, the oldest ones, have their spawn bugged as it seems like tyranids IA doesnt make them move, only appear.
    • They also stuck in some corners if you are far for them.
    • First warrior spawn trapped in a small place in one of the maps ( lava ones, 5 wave)
    • Sometimes tyranids go to the underground floor ( lava killing zone ) and you cannot see where they are. (I think they should auto-die in those areas, its hard to find them trought the platforms.)


    • Maybe you should tune the level to works separatedly, i mean, one map could be focused on camping and surviving hordes, while others you have to hurry up and go cleaning fast as they spawns, and others you have to divide your team for trigger something and survive alone for a while.
    • Destructible nids, and random nids spawn locations.
    • 15 waves in the same place is a little boring, i would love to split the mission in the three levels.
    • Pls add an outro and proper rewards too,and maybe a clasification time to have a little challenge even if you have done several times.
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  6. Pierre-Richard PeterRich Lead Level Designer

    @No_1, I think you still have an old build, and we know the TG were not working really well. We fixed it since we pushed the first UAT build with Horde. I think the second build (from last friday) had the navmesh broken, so some sections didn't work properly...

    I'll take a look at the warrior in the other room.
    Tyranids are supposed to die if they fall in the lava. I'll double check.

    All the rewards and other things need to be discussed with Brent. We have "things" we want to put in place for the PVE, but it needs more discussion before we can start working on it.
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  7. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member

    I believe granades are pushing them to lava, but i im not 100%sure, cause i guess they should die, but it seems to usually happen when we use granades over the big mobs.

    There are also one lava hole without barrier so maybe it could happened this way.
  8. Pierre-Richard PeterRich Lead Level Designer

    Could you provide us a video? Something that could help us see the issue?

  9. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member

    I cant made a video right now i give you some screenshots.

    I have erased the granade impact from my theories cause it seems to be more related to clipping at spawning or climbing error.

    Here you have the location of the trapped warrior in Gamma Station.

    The hole in Delta Station.

    Clipping problems ( one was running and one static)

    I think Nids on lava could have added safe space for them if they not climb properly.

    But just my crazy ideas dont want to make you lose your time.
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  10. Whitefox550 Whitefox550 Well-Known Member

    And that's where little gaunts come from!

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