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Hive Gang RP (OOC + Planning)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Maleth, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Alrighty then just needed clarification.
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  2. Smith XV-878 Subordinate

    I'll have my profile up by tomorrow. I appreciate you guys waiting.
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  3. Cool what are you going to be?
  4. Lileath Chikashia Firebrand

    Which roles are still free by now ?
  5. Xenos/non sentient is open(or at least no one has or currently is making a sheet for one like the others) or you could just make a normal character because there is no limit to them.
  6. Lileath Chikashia Firebrand

    As a fan of the alien I'd actually be interested in making one (Could just do a normal character aswell but my last Dark Heresy characters have been 'normal', guess I feel like mixing things up a little). May I ask which Xenos are free for taking ? I mean there a few minor ones and a few are more popular choices as mercenaries or allies for those who don't abide to the law.
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  7. Genestealer is most lore friendly but I guess anything really maybe even kroot mercenary or somekind of eldar and maybe a greenskin. Any kind of xeno you could think of I guess or you could be a redemption cultist if you want to be a raving lunatic who hates mutants of any kind though you would come into conflict with most of the gang with your beliefs. Just make what you want If you have any questions feel free to ask I tend to read the wikis and lore in my free time ;)
  8. Lileath Chikashia Firebrand

    Oh same here I tend to read up on 40k lore of various kinds in my leisure time! Well, I suppose since I happen to own the Soul Reaver book featuring the Dark Eldar, maybe one of them would be a good choice for a Hive Gang ? Bit more suiting personality to them than an Ork, not so righteous and pride focussed like a Craftworld Eldar (Though, their kind of pride is a bit different anyway) and they're a ruthless species. I believe they'd also be more okay utilizing human weaponry to keep it fair ingame (I believe a Splinter rifle would already be considered a bit too strong compared to the weaponry most citizens get to have on imperial worlds).
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  9. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Also...Reclaimator will suffice the needs of the Cult in this RP.
    Your average beat-down technomat that can comes from myriad worlds of His Domain.They are a minor rank of Techpriest but they are usually not refered to as such mostly because they are looked-down on by the Cult.They are not representatives of the Cult considering they are loosely bound to its doctrine.In fact,most Reclaimators worship Machine God in a fragmentary,shamanistic ways which can not too rarely lead to outright techno-heresy.

    Think post-apocalyptic techno-shaman that is an adept scavenger/trader/barterer and has very limited knowledge of technology.Oh can usually sign off any concepts of morality.

    tl;dr:fun,not-overly serious "Techpriest"!

    Player Name: High Adept Zeth;
    Character Name:
    Age: 40;
    (Under construction)
    (Under construction)
    Wargear :
    -Heavy duty robes with faded Cult symbols;
    -Flak armor;
    -A rusted amulet that was once an Opus Machina;
    -CadenCe - Spectre assault device (with three different ammo types)
    -Chimera Pistol Sword;
    -Bilge Grenade;
    -Two backpacks;

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  10. Cool they just need a name, a face and a back story :)
    Most imperial citizens would probably just have a stub gun which is basically just a normal high caliber low velocity pistol but at most they might have a las rifle but those are usual kept by pdf and guardsmen. And I think that a dark eldar would be much more likely to be stuck in a hive world perhaps after a failed raid they got left behind and had to hide in the deep dark pits of the under hive. You have to remember there are a lot of dark and scary things down there from horible mutants to roving gangs of insane fanatics. A xeno would have a tough time surviving in man's world were only the strong and cunning rise up to lead the rest. Also you could be a rouge member of House Escher which is a bunch of scary punk woman they kinda have the same look as dark eldar and mostly use fast paced close quarters combat but hey make what you want.

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