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Hive Gang RP (OOC + Planning)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Maleth, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Smith XV-878 Subordinate

    Colour me interested scavvies.
  2. Took me all day but here.
    Player name:Tuska the Daemonkilla
    Name: Marcus Skyruss
    Description:Marcus apears to have a muscular build and 6,5ft tall. His hands have mutated to have black claws at the end of his finger tips and his arms have turned black as well and the skin has turned tough as if the entire thing was a callus. His legs are that of a normal human the same can be said of his chest and head other than the mass of bandages covering his arms along with thick leather gloves that cover his hands to hide the mutations. He simply looks like a normal man in A duster and brown hat made of the same material as the coat. Even under the coat he wore simple jeans and a blue and white plaid shirt tucked in and a simple belt with a brass buckle.

    History:Marcus was once a normal boy that lived with his parents and baby brother in a small settlement out west in the chem wastes. That was until his younger brother by the name of Malrak started to show signed of psychic abilities when he was only five years old. After a few months the news had reached a local inquisitor who quickly made his way to their home. Even with the obvious danger his little brother posed Marcus and him were stull very close as a younger and older sibling ought to be and when the Inquisitor came and tore his brother away from him he was never quite the same. He was quiet and rarely went outside and what's stranger his arms started to turn black. By the time he turned twenty-four he left the settlement and headed into the wastes with nothing by a few guns and knives and an old but sturdy respirator. To those who saw him afterward what they saw startled them, a man seemingly wandering aimlessly though the wastes with nothing but a faded duster coat and a respirator for protection. However he was not wondering he was headed east though the chemical wastes to the nearest Hive city he knew of and he was going to get to the top of it no matter the cost. For only at the top is were he might have a chance of finding his brother. After ten long years of moving from settlement to settlement he finally made it to the hive city he had heard of and now he just has to work his way to the top.

    Wargear: (all weapons have their respective holster or sheath attached to his belt and hidden under his coat)
    -A note book with a very faded brown leather cover usually held within a pocket in the lining of his coat
    -A pen for the note book
    -Two large knives with hand guards (here)
    -Two stub revolvers(here)
    -A thick long faded brown leather duster with gloves and hat made from the same material which is chem and fire resistant
    -A lever action stub gun(here)
    -Two ammunition Bandoliers crossing his chest
    -twelve throwing knives(here the holders for these are sewn into the lining of the coat)
    -simple respirator
    -Two frag grenades
  3. updated OG Log
  4. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Well, it's quite simple really! :D

    Either someone who's background lends them to a limited knowledge of technology and an application of it e.g. a Reclamator that goes and strip parts from systems within a Hive to use elsewhere, or someone with a mechanically inclined trade e.g. an armourer that can fix up weapons and armour.

    But if you'd like, a full blown Tech-priest who for whatever reason (Be they a Heretek, or framed by one for something they didn't do,) is no longer able to seek safety within the Cult is perfectly acceptable!

    Looks fine apart from history, I would like to stress that you guys don't start out as anyone 'big' yet.

    Nice and fluffy sheet, now can I actually have a non-gangsta version so I know exactly what he is in terms of wagear and such? :p

    Welcome aboard!
  5. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    I'm sorry, I don't speak Gangsta. :p
    + No clue if his heat is something like an autopistol, or something as mad as a Plasma Pistol, so that's something that I do need you to actually use English for!
  6. Low Gothic, do you speak it?!

    OG Log has one of those unidentified models of stub-pistol which come in as many variations as their wielders. Semi-automatic pistol at its simplest.
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  7. Dernit
    Fixed it hope its ok now.
    We don't speak rapping speak the king's English dam it.
  8. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Name: Luger West
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Race: Imperial Hive Worlder
    Class: Bodyguard/ Muscle for Hire/ Enforcer / Thug/ Mercenary
    • Body Glove
    • Dark Color Blend Fatigues w/ Whisper Boots
    • Poor Quality Flak Armor
    • 'Devil's Kiss' Landrian Stiletto x2
    • Garrote Wire
    • (Sulymann Holdout “Salvation”) Auto Pistol
    • Salvation Auger
    • Pendrift Dreadfuls
    • Glass Cutter Ring
    • Cognomen x1
    • Nail Bomb x1
    • (Westingkrup "Slayer" Pump) Shotgun ("Bonefinger" Variant)
    • (Hax-Orthlack Armsman-10 Pattern Service) Pistol
    • Wrist Sheathed Fighting Daggers x2
    • Throwing Knives x4
    • Knuckle Dusters x2
    Luger has well defined muscles but is not a big man. He can be described as wiry. With his Grey-green eyes and brown hair and average height, he blends in with other Underhivers but his weapons and readiness to reach them, makes him a dangerous man amongst other underhivers. This and his liking to wear dark color clothing over his body glove makes him a scary man.

    He has a short crew cut hair that he maintained after the PDF. Also he grew out a small goatee. For scars he has signs of a nose that had been broke then fixed and A knife scar across his right eye.

    Formerly a PDF trooper, he served for a few years as an excellent fighter especial with a pistol or a knife. But he had a discipline problem, he liked fighting so much he would egg people to fight him and sometimes he didn't know when to hold back. When he didn't hold back people died, so they court marshaled him. He served his sentence in jail and dumped into the under hives where he found work as Muscle for hire. The was few jobs to low for him, though he was honorable about keeping his word and staying bought.

    His reputation of a vicious fighter and a dead eye shot earned him many a contract. On his person he hid an extra small holdout revolver under a sleeve, two thin daggers in his boots, and a garrotte wire in the lining of his fatigues.
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  9. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    Say hello to your psychotic neighborhood psyker, Tyesha! :D

    Player Name: Keidivh
    Name: Tyesha Demetris
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Class: Unsanctioned Psyker

    Appearance: Tyesha has the looks of an attractive, desirable young woman. This is used to her advantage, as she manipulates those who oppose her will. She was enchanting purple eyes, and short purple hair, trait of her long ago home world, which also gave her pale, fair skin. Her dark blue robes cling tightly to her form. She is short, standing at 5'2 and petite, but this is just another illusion, as her psychic blows have laid low many a warrior.

    History: Tyesha grew up in comfort and luxury of the upper habs in one of the Hive cities of Taranis. A sing child, Tyesha never wanted for anything, any luxury only the snap of a finger away. However it wasn’t all simple relaxation and luxury all the time. Being a noble of Taranis was a bloody business. Noble houses commonly feuded with each other. This ranged from clandestine blackmail and stealing sensitive documents, to bloody street wars and assassination attempts. Tyesha was exposed to all of this, and quickly learnt that you needed to strike first, or you’d be dead in the gutters.

    However one couldn’t just go up and stab your rival in the face! That was so plebian! No no no no no NO! One needed convoluted schemes, dramatic assassinations! Schemes and plotical coups that could take decades to come to fruition! Tyesha became fluent in it all, maintaining an innocent, alluring guise, draped over a vicious, predatory mind.

    She was growing into a fine heir, and was set to become one of the most powerful players on Tanaris. Until the most horrifying things happened. It started slowly. She would hear a voice, but no one had spoken. When she touched someone’s hand, it would give them a light shock. It grew increasingly worse over the course of a month, and soon arcs of lightning were erupting from her hands, and peoples thoughts flooded into her mind, driving her to the edge of insanity. Desperate to protect their only child, her parents brought in a local sanctioned psyker, who showed a great deal of empathy towards the struggling young girl. Over the course of a couple years she was taught how to try and curb her powers, block out the noise. To be in control. But her disappearance didn’t go unnoticed to the nobility, who could smell the vulnerability in the smog riddled air.

    It was House Valtinus that found out the truth, an old and bitter rival of House Demetris. They didn’t find out though until Arbites barged into their home, slaughtering their house guard within minutes.One thing they hadn’t counted on, was her psyker teacher being there. Due to his sacrifice, Tyesha was able to escape. Her parents were not so lucky. In a grand spectacle, they were publicly executed by a firing squad for harboring an unsanctioned psyker, alone and with terrifying powers that threaten to consumer her, Tyesha fled far from the Sky Habs that had been her home, and descended deep into the underbelly of Tanaris.


    · Family Staff

    · Las Pistol

    · Dark blue, robes and hood

    · Book of her teacher

    · Family Knife


    "Every day my mind is assailed with horrors men cannot even begin to fathom, and I still manage to look this good!"
    Tyesha.... To herself.
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