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Hive Gang RP (OOC + Planning)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Maleth, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Depends if you want to start with him with him already dedicated to Tzeentch (Which is a no) or as a normal unsanctioned Psyker (Same post @Keidivh wants as well)

    Therefore, I will do a coin toss to decided who gets the special character slot if no-one else suggests a special character for me!

    Hehe, that'd be fun.

    Huzzarh, someone with Technical knowledge! :)


    Too many weapons (As in, how da hell does he carry around that many guns and blades :p) and a few fairly high level item ( Ward Accessor, Hardened body glove and mesh armour) on your character, and quite a few things that I deem too specific to the Caliax Sector (e.g. Volgite Gloom eyes).
    Therefore, I must say no to Luger West as he is right now.
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  2. Ok I guess I can edit him to fit the criteria or just make him a mutant either way I will have some work to do expect the revised character sheet to be pmed to you later today.
  3. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    I will rework him but as for number of weapond most are really small .give till late tonight my time.
  4. @Maleth I've actually thought about it while I was making revisions and I'm gonna make him a mutant gun slinger now so @Keidivh can have the psyker if he wants or someone else can challenge him for the role. I will still post him later today when I finish the sheet.
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  5. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    You sure Tuska?
  6. Yeah while I was making the revisions I realized I would have to change way to much of his history for it to make sense for him to be here and not a chaos follower. And so I'm turning him into a gun slinger with a completely different history and I will probably change his first name and just make him a relative of the original for lols.
  7. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    Ok, as long as your happy with it! Didn't wanna force you out of the role or anything!
  8. Character Name: da name's OG Log, yo fool! Original Gangsta, real hustler straight outta Underhive. Wat's Log you ask? Go ask yo momma, she still sore from last night *macho airthrust*
    Gender: Yo ass tryin ta make funk of me son? Should put a cap in yo ass kiddo. OG Log a real hustla, real lover. Ask any ho, dey tell Log be biggest male here *crotch grab*
    Age: Yo checkin' ma IDs man? Back off wit dis third degree
    Appearance: OG Log's ain't slave to fashion, I an I define me own style. Trendsetter, dat's who I an I is. Other mofos copies me. See dis body?! I an I worked real hard to 'chieve it. Look at dese puppies. mhm! Aah! Huh! *flexing muscles* So yo betta not mess with I. Kick yo ass to hurt and back. See dese tattoos? I an I is lover boy, each heart is fo ho I loved. But it ain't that simple some times. See da skulls inside hearts? Each for fool who thought dey can take me biatch away. Some times man gotta do what mans gotta do. Show those bustas whose real kingpin. Aint proud what I did, but if busta comes to yo face, yo make it drop cold. Aim to keep heart ahead skulls, but sometimes bustas come with homies as dey too scared to take OG Log one on one.
    History: I an I was born from the streets! Paragon of Underhive! Been on the gangsta business straight from the kiddo. Nicked wheels when I was wee'little, lifting fools from extra thrones as soon I could outrun them. Ye, I got record at Precinct. Bronzes would throw my ass to penals if dey would catch me. I have done isocube. Back when I was young an fool. Got caught. Served me time. Dirty place. An aint talking bout just floors. Mofo tried to shank me wif toothbrush, yo believe dat?! Aint going back dere fo'sho.
    Wargear: Ye I'm packing heat. Dere's jungle out there, urban wilderness. Haters after yo, trying to put cap in yo ass. Ice cold, man, ice cold. Dis used to be nice neighbor hood, yo could walk around an people would greet yo. Now? Bustas blast at yo at first sight and hajies pushin' dope in each corner. Real nasty. Man gotta protect himself and his family. Show dem bustas yo mean business. Dey show no respek if yo don' act as cold killah. Survival of fittest, yo know?
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  9. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    So...umm...that would be some form of a Techpriest?Or a techno-shaman?I am not really into the whole Necromunda stuff... :/
  10. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Give me a couple of days. Work is literally killing me right now.

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