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  1. Krakhun Krakhun Arkhona Vanguard

    Let me welcome you to Arkhona, my brother
    Altars of the Undvided Stars rise everywere, the jaws of the Warp are grasping this world stronger than ever.
    The Dark Gods wishes cannot be denided.
    Our victims are weak, unorganized fools.

    Lap dogs of the False Emperor yelling mercy to theyr rotten, pathetic idol.
    but the corpse cannot hear theyr laments, only the Gods are amused by theyr sufferings.
    You will find them too easy to kill, even boring some time... but, as you know, they are nothing else than sacrifices, here for our amusment.

    The Eldar continue to offering precious souls for the insatiable hunger of Slaanesh.
    some time they coordinate, and offer a interesting battle, but theyr past strenght is gone. Now they are only mear pests, quite unworthy to kill... but a sacrifice is a sacrifices after all...

    The Orks are the only worthy foe.
    Strong, tough and with a lot fire power, it is always a pleasure to fight them. Don't underestimate them, they are smarter than loyalists

    Arkhona is allready ours for the taking, enjoy the holy carnage, may the Gods looks you with they favor, my brother, let the Galaxy burn !

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