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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Captain-Bonecold, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Arkhona belongs ta da Orks? Dis be new. Wos ment ta be da Imperium an' Tyranids.
  2. Alll world's destiny is to be consume by chaos.
  3. Zog dat. Orks is da boss 'ere!
  4. You're a weed. Chaos will drain the life out of you.
  5. I fink youz be confusin' me wiv sumfin else.

    Takes more den jus' weedkiller ta get an Ork.

    Anyway I knows ya Spikeys likes burnin'; so I's cook yer wiv me Burny Choppa an' Napalm Kannon. :OrkDeffskull:
  6. -Holds up your warboss's head- You orks be ugly. You a tiny ork. Sure you aren't a gretchin or snotling?

    I never seen an ork as tiny as you. I'll cook you up for one of the flesh hounds.
  7. I's appresheate youz effat Spikey. Keep it comin'; I's jus warmin up.

    Skarblitz ain't our warboss no more. Not Orky enuf.

    As fer ugly; I's said da same 'bout youz ta yer movver wen she sukked on me fungus last night.
    Wot goes on in dat 'ead ov yers......

    Ya gots ta:

    Keep Calm


  8. Orkz are spores underground. Like a ken doll orkz are all smooth down below.
  9. Shocking!: Bonecold exposed!

    Likes to play tea party with toy dolls
  10. Maybe Captain a lady?

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