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HH plastic discussion

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Garviel-Loken1, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. With the evident release of the HH plastics, a few fears, and hopes have come up. Now, of course plastics are good in the sense that they will be much cheaper then the expenisve FW resin, and i have no issue with GW producing the standard mk 2, 3 and 4 armor kits in plastic. It will save me alot of money and i can buy many more upgrade packs from FW. Where the issue arises for me is if GW tries to take over the HH from FW entirely, which is a very real possibility. Without FW, the HH would be literally nothing, so if I, an many other people, see GW try to take it from them, then that will be the end of the hobby for us. Yes we "could" still play the FW rules, but after a while they become obsolete.

    Yes, we have the FW rules books, which lets be honest, are much better then anything GW could ever produce. One of the issues i find is i cant find many people to play 30k games with. Will HH plastics help this? Hmm maybe. It will of course have its own shit rules that any player of current 30k will disregard all together, but im not sure if it will spur 40k players to buy the FW rule books.

    Again, i do like the idea of a plastic range for the standard armor mks, and maybe even a contemptor. This will make FW armor mks virtually obsolete, so im not sure how much revenue they will lose from this, but their gravy is the upgrades and characters anyways.
  2. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    GW will probably only release the set itself. Then you have to buy FW stuff to supplement. Or they might make a couple expansions. People won't want to buy the whole game just for a few suits of Mk III so FW will still be the main supplier. I hope it helps with people getting in to 30k. I'm slowly getting together a small group. We just need to get enough money to buy models.
  3. Here's what I have heard.

    The new set is a standalone game, like Execution Force, but possibly with enough rules in it to use the models in a 40K/30K game.
    Anymore rules than that and it will be like a starter set, with a simple rulebook and a book/books of 30K stats for the forces involved.

    The starter set models are rumoured to have a release later on as unit boxes, though the characters may only be in the boxset.

    The Box set will definitely have Astartes in Mk IV power armour, a Centurion Consul Chaplain in power armour, and a Praetor in Cataphractii armour.
    Rumour has the rest of the models in the set being Cataphractii Terminators, a Contemptor Dread, and a Dread equivalent for the forces of Horus.

    Additional unit kits to be released later, are rumoured to be a HH Deimos pattern Rhino/Predator, general Praetor, general Centurion, Destroyer/Assault Squad, and Support Squad (Tactical/Heavy?).
    It is possible that the JP squad and Support Squad will have armours other than Mk IV, but IMO these are more likely to Mk V and VI than Mk II and III.
  4. Looking at the Praetor, im a little worried to see plastic cataphractii. The cataphractii praetor looked really off. The mk 4 plastics on the other hand looked almost identicle to FW.

    Since im playing ultramarines, i play the only legion where it is, accoring to lore, important to use many upgrade sets, as the praetor was becoming the standard issue. Having a shitload of good mk 4 is welcome. The Contemptor is really of no use to me, as ill be getting the ultramarine contemptor from FW when it is released.
  5. The plastic Praetor is built in a layered way, much like Malifaux miniatures.

    You can see it best in this photo.
    You have his left leg, breastplate, gorget, and the front of the lower layer of pauldrons as the first layer.
    His head, right arm and right leg as the next layer.
    The back of the lower pauldrons, back of his breastplate, and cape as the last layer.
    Then you have the upper Pauldrons and top of his armour which helps hold the layers together, plus his left arm with Chainfist.

    They've done something similar with the Centurion Consul Chaplain.
    You must remember that these Characters are meant to be dynamically posed, and as such they won't go together in the same way as the usual plastics. Compare the Chaplain to the Mk IV Tactical Marines of the same set to see what I mean.

    Now, if they are doing Plastic Cataphractii's as a squad I would expect them to be assembled pretty much like the current Indomitus Plastics, but with a few extra bits like the Tassets and upper Pauldrons. Some of these bits should be able to be swapped for FW upgrades like Legion specific Cataphractii Pauldrons.
  6. Here's the other leaked photos.

    Other side of the Character Sprue.

    The Mk IV sprues.



    There seems to be far more variance in the legs, both in sculpt and pose, than there is for the chests on these sprues.
  7. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    If it's as cheap as they're saying, I will be getting two boxes worth.
  8. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    i remember an article with the confront between forge word and the expected HH game, and was an absurd price difference.
  9. Sariel Searva Ordinate

    If this a separate game like execution then the rules for 30k will def be kept with FW. The only reason GW would make more than the one board game is if it was absurdly popular. Even then my guess is the characters would stay with FW and it would just be rank and file thru GW which is how it should be.
  10. The rumour is they are doing a boxed game/boardgame. But, as with the assassins, they plan on releasing some of the models later for 40K (/30K).

    So, rumour has it, next year you will see the Mk IV Tacticals, Cataphractii Terminators, and Contemptor Dreadnought released as boxed kits with more HH kits in the pipeline.

    The only rules this game will have at most is the basic 40K ruleset plus 30K unit rules for each unit as well as simple rules for the Characters.
    Think of the game as an introduction to 30K.

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