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Hey, little questions to the community.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Water_Snake, May 15, 2017.


Do you have multiple preferences for armies, if so which ones ?

  1. Yes, it is...

  2. No.

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  1. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm not a tabletop guy, my relation with 40k is strictly digital. My favorites are the Imperial Navy and, despite my disdain for the Codex Astartes, the Space Marines. I have characters for all four armies in this particular game.
  2. ShrikeStrike Recruit

    The majority of my contact with 40k (Ultramarines, Grey Knights, Deathwatch, and Imperial Knights allies) and warhammer (High Elves) in general is table top, and with owning almost all the digital games they make that says something. I also have 4 Marines filling my slots in this game with my primary my Ultamarine since its my favorite Chapter lol. I am one of those weird people who will only play 1 army. 40k is only marines for me (Primus Marines, pre order here I come).
  3. I'm all for interspecies relations (sorry about the joke) so in EC I've a character for every faction and on the tabletop side I've a bunch of LSM, CSM, IG, Tyranids, Orks and Eldar, with smaller bunches of Tau and Necrons.

    Needless to say, I'm also crazy.
  4. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    Eldar and Dark Eldar. Those are my two favourite races.

    Tyranids are a close 3rd.
  5. Dark Eldar is my most loved.

    Necrons are a second, they are close to overtaking my love for Dark Eldar though.

    Third..I'm gonna have to give that one to Orkz. Those greenskins amuse me greatly and have the most badass ideas. I think my favourite Ork would have to be Tuska Daemon-Killa.
  6. Xengard Xengard Subordinate

    I love Space Marines. That said, I still play all other 3 factions in Eternal Crusade, because it's fun.
    I also like Necrons, Orks and Chaos SM.
  7. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Back in my TT days i owned Blood Angels, Chaos, Jungle Fighters,Orks, Necrons, a Small Legion of the Damned army and Dark Elder

    Chaos been my favorite simply because i could make it look the way i wanted.
    I realised this once i was done converting some blood angel Death Company that ended up looking more like they'd belonged to a chaos army.
    I discovered i could have more freedom in conversions if i switched to Chaos as a main army.

    and it was a magnificent army .. actually looked a lot like the 30k models i see nowadays from forgeworld .. only mine were all hand converted to look that way all the way back in the 2nd edd.
    I was never really a fan of the mutated look for chaos but more into the old skool legion style crusading army. Heavy on the mechanical like Iron warrior style.
  8. Avlaen Avlaen Arkhona Vanguard

    Space wolves eldar and the sisters of battle are my top 3, though i also find chaos to be cool and interesting (praise nurgle!)

    and on EC i play all factions, orks the least because my god those animations make my eyes bleed, although there weapons are really good shootas are brutal
  9. Abatos Abatos Subordinate


  10. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    I'm a Space Marine thru and thru, and also a UltraMarine. Kinda think those go hand in hand.
    1 Space Marine in EC, AND!!!!!!!!

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