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Hey knife eared xenos. Can I see your weapons ?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Water_Snake, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    This thread is more a question to the Eldar community about their lore and ingame actual weapons.

    Compared to LSM, CSM and Orks, Eldars doesn't got that much of choice for their weapons, most classes must stick to it (especially fire dragon... One path of the warrior, builded around ONE gun). But I keep hearing that the eldars got much more weapons than what we can actually see ingame.
    So my question, for all classes the eldar got ingame, does the eldars got other weapons in the fluff that could be used by them out of the classic one like the catapult shuriken or the scorpion blade ? Because now from my experience on the long run with the universe it begin to make me believe that the Eldar really lack of weapon diversity in Warhammer 40k and I wanna know if it's true or false.

    Just for the sidenotes, if the eldars got other weapons, but are used by a class not present ingame, you can put them here as well, I wanna hear more about the eldar fluff and weaponry and it's not limited to Eternal Crusade.
    Thanks !
  2. Garden_Heater Recruit

    Honestly I expect someone to far out do me in terms of Eldar fluff but here goes.

    The Eldar way of life combined with the fact they are a dying race means that they have heavily specialised and elite forces. Unlike the tactical marine squads and imperial guards Eldar rely on highly specialised troops acting in perfect harmony. These specialisations present themselves as the aspect shrines. The fire dragon shrine for example embodies the wrath of Khaine the war god and use Melta weaponry to destroy heavily armoured tanks or positions. The howling banshees shrine are close combat specialists who use power swords and psychic amplification masks that let their "scream" cripples a foe before they descend on them.

    As a rule a squad from each shrine will use the same gear and weapons as a part of ceremony. All banshees use swords. All dragons use melta weaponry. Much like it is in game. The exception in this comes in the form of the Exarchs. These are the leaders of the shrines, Eldar who have devoted themselves to that aspect of combat and that one alone. (due to the nature of the eldar mind their life is split into paths. you follow one to a point then stop and start another). The Exarchs of the shrines have the unique wargear. For example the howling banshees exarch can use mirror blades or an executioner. Mirror blades are a twinned pair of swords that can be wielded faster then most can perceive. The executioner is a big ass two handed power weapon that can take on many forms. The fire dragon Exarch can take a firepike which is a long barrelled huge range melta weapon.

    Exarch weapons are the ones we tend to not see in game (with a few exceptions such as sun rifles, tempest launchers and the hawk's talon.) It's been a bit of a point of contention around here because it seems games workshop themselves don't want non exarch weapons in standard units.

    In terms of things missing from game there are several shrines missing and our grav support platforms. One of my favourite shrines The Warp spiders shrine is missing. These Eldar use jump packs to move through the warp and appear next to a foe before spinning a web of mono filament wire around them. This stuff is razer sharp and about as thin as a spider web. The enemies struggles combines with the fact it contracts literally has them lop off their own limbs and be reduced to a mass of gore on the floor.

    We're also missing the Shining spear shrine. These are Jetbike riders who have lances that fire high intensity bursts of energy clean through most armour.

    In terms of the coolest weapons missing from the game. We have the option to field huge weapons on floating grav platorm. One is a larger version of the warp spider main weapon that sends out a fine mesh which drifts down onto a foe causing the slightest movement to shred them. Another is the Vibro cannon, this uses hyper concentrated sound to literally vibrate a target apart.

    Otherwise our wraith units are missing as well. These are the dead spirits of Eldar captured in soul stones that are laced through Eldar armour. These stones are set into wraith bone constructs that allow them to fight on. The "smaller" version are Wraithguard. They carry distort cannons which punch holes into the warp in a localised area. The larger version are called Wraithlords which are our (much better version) of dreadnoughts. Same thing but bigger. They have twin flamers on each hand and can use a sword or twin shoulder mounted heavy weapons.

    That's all the ones that come to mind. I can ramble a lot more as I adore Eldar lore but yeah. That's some of our stuff. Vypers, Fire prism, Autarchs, Jetbikes, Shadow spectres, Harlequins (these are awesome.), Still yeah tldr most of our weapons are on exarchs otherwise standard units use all the same gear.
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  3. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Dire Avenger
    Shuriken Catapult(daka)
    Twin linked Shuriken Catapult(daka daka)
    Avengers Duty (weak burst daka)

    Weapons not in game
    Power Weapons
    Diresword (sword that might auto kill)
    Shimmer shield (weaker but aoe storm shield)

    Ebon Blade(tougher)

    Weapons not in game
    Mirror Swords (dual power swords)
    Executioner (stronger two handed power axe at same speed)
    Triskele (Throwing glaive that you can slash and throw)

    Lashsword (poison)

    Weapons not ingame
    Chain Sabers (dual wield chainswords with a wrist pistol)
    Biting Blade (two handed chainsword)
    Scorpion Claw (Power Fist with no speed penalty, or on TT basically an ap2 power maul)
    Witch Blade (chainsword stats)
    Crone Blade (knife damage and 25 more warp charge)

    Weapons not in game
    Singing Spear(witch blade shaped like a spear, can be thrown)
    Conceal, a channel aoe stealth spell
    Reveal, aoe stealth remover spell

    Lasblaster (laser daka)
    Hawks Talon (harder, slower daka)
    Sun Rifle (weaker, blinding daka)
    Hunter Mark (like Quicksilver boltor)

    Weapons not in game
    Power Weapons

    Fire Dragon
    Fusion gun
    Fuegans Resolve (larger mag)

    Weapons not in game
    Heavy Flamer
    Fire Pike (multi melta with no speed penalty but less range than one)

    Dark Reaper
    Shuriken cannon (weaker heavy boltor)
    Tempest Launcher (burst mortar)
    Reaper Launcher (Weaker Lascannon, weaker plasma cannon snap shot)
    Special Reaper Launcher(cant remember name, weaker lascannon, burst snap shots)

    Weapons not ingame
    Missile Launcher (Plasma missiles, Krak missiles, AA missiles)
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  4. Vampatori Vampatori New Member

    Most of the weapons that are missing look like Exarch options - missile launcher being the main obvious one that isn't. Presumably they'll be added when Exarch's are, or are "Revered" considered Exarch's? (I haven't got that far yet).

    Honestly it's just a "problem" with the Eldar in all their forms.. they have very few customistation options. I made a tiny Iron Hands army once and it was so fun because there were so many cool options to choose from. I felt cheated as an Eldar player!

    The flip-side is that we have a lot of variation between unit types.. that carries well to Eternal Crusade actually, as I find Eldar the most fun to play as the different classes play so wildly differently (though I am biased!). Swooping hawks, striking scorpions.. there is nothing else remotely like these in the game, they've done a really good job of conveying how those units feel (I'd argue better than 40K itself actually).
  5. Tarot NeonWeaver Steam Early Access

    You forgot... MANDIBLASTER!!! :eek:(good recopilation, btw).
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  6. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    That's actually quite interesting I already know much of the weapons presented but I completly forgot them until now. And there is actually some cool one missing. Let's see if the revered will considered as Exarchs, but that would be even harder for an eldar to loose is elite as he cannot even use the weapon anymore once dead.
  7. Jaywalker Jaywalker Steam Early Access

    My biggest gripe with the Eldar weapons is that they're outright gimped compared to their equivalents, when in reality they shouldn't be at all.

    I mean, okay, it's cute that we get extra DPS on a few of them on account of having less HP, but there's no cool traits such as the Shuriken Cannon being an "Assault" weapon in the TT, or the fact that it's not the default equipment for a Dark Reaper.
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  8. Orkan Orkan Arkhona Vanguard


    see also:

    A large problem with Eternal crusade is that the team attempts to balance armies around a snapshot of the actual available armoury for all factions. This is a problem as unlike the other three factions Eldar infantry is divided into two tiers. Militia and specialised. In the other factions the they can take pretty much all types of weapon in smaller versions and equip them on infantry for a balanced force. In the case of the Eldar they are a hyperspecialised army where other types of troops or vehicles make up for weaknesses of the Aspect warriors - the specialists. This means that Militia (guardian units) augment ranged and AoE weaknesses of the Aspect warriors with Grav-platform mounted (weaponry to name but one type) heavy weaponry.
    EG Bright Lance, Eldar Missile Launcher, Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon or Starcannon.

    A Heavy Bolter can be mounted on vehicles as well as be carried by devastators. In much the same way Shuriken Cannons can be carried by Dark Reapers OR be vehicle or Grav platform mounted. The fact that a Dark Reaper is an Aspect Warrior means they specialise in certain weaponry and thus on Tabletop does not utilise Scatter lasers, Starcannons, Brightlances, Flamers, D-Cannons or other weaponry AVAILABLE in the Eldar arsenal but NOT permitted by Lore to be part of the only infantry Eldar range specialist heavy troop type.

    This leads to the strange situation and 'snapshot' that I talk of. As by behaviour choosing to only have Aspect warriors (and even then only certain aspect warriors (missing are Warp Spiders, Shining Spears and Shadow Spectres) represent the Eldar they have created a balance problem and effectively locked out an Eldar team from access to their full arsenal which traditionally makes up for the hyper specialised elite units that are the Aspect Warriors generally. That is to say that Eldar posses Star cannons Brightlances and Scatter lasers but the Reaper cannot field them. On tabletop those weapons would appear in an Eldar army deployed on other troops that do not exist in EC.

    The issue is that Heavy weapons of other factions can be freely equipped by the Heavy's of those factions without a problem. Their weaponry is also not fully implemented and so their arsenals are also incomplete (Heavy weaponry such as Flamers and Rocket - not Rokkit - Launchers are not in the game) Should those weapons make an appearance the Devastators, Havocs and Lootas would be able to field them.

    Regarding the Grav Cannon. In game behaviour chose to implement a 'slow' effect as well as damage. The Eldar also posses the Vibro-cannon which is another grav platform mounted heavy weapon. It produces a small earthquake in a straight line to the target. Multiple Vibrocannons increase this effect.
    This is a prime candidate which could be implemented as an Eldar version of a Grav Cannon which implements a slow. A Dawn of War mod implemented Vibrocannons which did just that, slowed and slightly damaged their targets.

    EC's choice of weaponry is only a snapshot of the available arsenal but much of that arsenal is necessary to balance an Eldar army and cover the weaknesses of the Aspect Warriors.
    There are for example 2 types of different Eldar ground assault units and the biggest Eldar weakness in EC is how their Dark Reaper class is implemented. Aside from the Tempest launcher (which is also an exarch weapon but made available to standard Reaper in the same manner that a Power Fist is a Seargent and Commander weapon made available to the standard classes) there is no other effective AoE weapon available to Eldar.

    The summary is this. Eldar have a massive arsenal of awesome weaponry which are not included as Aspect warriors do not field them. One solution would be to have Eldar weaponry 'break' lore and have the Reaper be able to field the heavy weaponry in much the same way that other faction heavy's can field theirs. That would mean that the Reaper would have access to scatter lasers, star cannons, D-cannons and vibro cannons etc for the sake of balance.

    However this may not sit well with Games Workshop who may well rather see Grav platforms than Reapers toting unReaper-Like weapons. We shall have to see but it goes with out saying that an Eldar army or team - or any other faction for that matter - made up only of Aspect warriors is already pretty Lore breaking and if we seek balance then some compromises somewhere have to be made.
  9. Phyrak Phyrak Cipher

    One could say that there was a lot of compromise made with the marines as basic lsm can field power swords and fists...

    Your summary is brilliant

    @Oveur could we get your thoughts on this?@BrentEllison it does feel like we're playing at half strength considering the hyper-focus of the weapons we have

    A marksman's rifle equivalent wouldn't go astray

    Ranger long rifle - the traditional sniper
    Marksman's rifle (gate keepers bastion) - fulfill the niche between sniper and cata
    Catapult - basic troop weapon
    Twin-linked catapult - short range, high fire rate

    Stuff like this would help to open up the play styles just a little more along with expand the available weapons.

    Give the reapers more heavy weapons - a vibro cannon as mentioned would be brilliant!
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  10. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    An executioner is not an Axe... It's a glaive.

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