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HELP... I was told of this I want to confirm....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RayneF, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Farseer RayneF Steam Early Access

    I was informed that there is some veterans out here that have a premium level of the game that they can give to a friend unfortunately I don't know very many people who play this but a person who does not have the premium left cuz they already gave it to a friend said that you can ask in the forum... so is there anyone who has a code or whatever that I can type in so that I can go premium so that I can better perform my job as they functioning member of this game... Please and Thanks..
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  2. Farseer RayneF Steam Early Access

    Unfortunately.. I don't have any money in RL.. I'm a student.. so no job... If I'm not in school or studying for mid terms or whatever.. I try to be on here..
  3. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    When I was a student I also worked 3 days a week after school and on the weekends in a supermarket and as a delivery boy for a aphotecary ..Just so I could afford my playstation and wh40k addiction ...( and booz and weed ofc but my mom didn't knew about those)

    Maybe get a after school job or something ?
    Its good to have your own money Plus you'll build character and you'll be mentally prepared for when you eventually leave the student life behind for the working man's life.

    Trust me it will be good for you..

    You'll be the only not lazy millennial in your area.

    Ppl will hire you.
  4. Farseer RayneF Steam Early Access

    I've been in the working world my friend.. all the money I make goes to rent, utilities, food, and my kids.
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  5. Farseer RayneF Steam Early Access

    Hence the reason why I'm following the suggestion of an acquaintance of mine, to ask if someone still has a premium code they are willing to part with..
  6. Farseer RayneF Steam Early Access

    Got one thanks

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