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Help getting started in Tabletop

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Virgil_Corbec, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. GratLurking Recruit

    Can confirm on the Renegade part- my current planned army currently is a half-and-half renegades based off the Imperial Army rules and half CSM allies, even though I literally got an unpainted rhino and a 3-set of heavy support IG that I can't seem to locate what I did with to my name for this thus far X3
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  2. Gazrick Gazrick Well-Known Member

    I think the question you need to ask yourself is what do you like the fluff and look of the most?

    If you're going to be painting these models for hours you'll spend a lot of time looking at them, you want to like the look of them.

    Orks aren't very competitive and are probably one of the weakest factions right now, however they have banter for days and are in my opinion the most entertaing army to play (regardless of whether you win or lose).

    Orks are the comedic relief in 40k, they are the only faction that truly loves the current state of affairs and they are the least grim dark - if that appeals then go for them.
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  3. It's been a while since I played TT, 6th Edition nearly 7 years ago.
    But I played DE at the time.

    I developed my force as part of 'A Tale Of Many Gamers' event.

    DE are cheap but have a good range of upgrades. The Archon is a good exemplar being one of the cheapest HQ's in the game, but they have a whole slew of weapons and wargear for them, and unlike other armies there are only a few restrictions.

    You will need plenty of Blasters backed up with Dark Lances and Haywire weapons for dealing with enemy tanks.

    Wyches can be excellent in close combat, as long as you can get them there.

    Plus the Haemonculi forces can soak up fire and a heavy punch.

    Your biggest problem is transport, as most units will need them to be used effectively.
    But these too have upgrades that can be really beneficial.
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  4. Sariel Searva Ordinate

    Wyches don't all get haywire attacks anymore bud only the sergeant.

    Your real transport killer is Reaver spam with caltrop hits at rear armour you can pop most transports with relative ease.

    If you want to go pure DE they def aren't considered a top tier army but you can do decently well with Reaver and Vyper spam. You have an extremely fast moving but squishy army so you want to spread out your opponent and you want to charge with your reavers rather than get charged.
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  5. Well after much consideration and talking with other people online I have decided that my first army shall be:


    Why? Because I identify with them the most, I like how they look, the conversion opportunities, the lore and most of all because everyone likes playing with and against Orks. I am not looking to actually win any games I just want to have fun and be a good sport. Although putting up a decent fight would make for a better game so if any Ork players have suggestions then I would like to hear them.

    I have heard that Orks are mostly a horde army and thus swamp the enemy in close combat and overwhelm with numbers. My plan is to have some transports to get them to the fight as soon as possible before the enemy can take them out at range or something like that. Sort of have a vanguard force to go ahead of the main force and distract them long enough for the main force to get there. Of course I will have to adjust my tactics for different armies and play styles but I thought I would start with something simple. I'll probably get some artillery too to help the vanguard force. What do you guys think?
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  6. Gazrick Gazrick Well-Known Member

    :D And so it begins.....

    If you want ideas for lists we need a bit more info such as;
    - Budget
    - Ideal model count
    - Points

    What do you know about Ork tactics at the minute? Is there a particular play style you like the sound of? Are you sure you don't want to be a faction that actually wins games and is relatively competitive? I main Orks by the way. I am one of those guys. We celebrate differently to other factions...rather than victories we celebrate kills, individual performances an bizarre lucky rolls.
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  7. I wasn't talking about Haywire Grenades.
    I was talking about the Cannons you can put on Talos' and some vehicles.

    You might want to look at the Orks from Battle for Vedros.

    They're cheap, and you get those Flyers/Skimmers of theirs that can help take out armoured targets.
    It'll make a good core to build your force from.

    You'll get plenty of extra bits with normal Ork kits, so I suggest you think about getting AoS Orcs and kitbashing 40K bits onto them to give you some unique units.

    Plus, don't forget that as Orks you can Loot stuff!
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  8. GratLurking Recruit

    Best strength with Orks is you got the biggest flexability with kitbash, as long as it somewhat fits the proper unit's dimensions and looks Orky it'll fly for a Proxie for something.

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