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Help A Noob Pick Out A Space Marine Chapter?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Schnizy, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Forktress Forktress Subordinate

    It's in Titus's bio in the game guide sadly.
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  2. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    You obviously have never heard about vikings... They make russians look like little girls in comparison. They won againt better armed, more numerous enemies just by being brutal. Think there was a battle where the english had atleast 5-1 ratio of troops and they lost big.
  3. DeathPunch XDeathPunch Subordinate

    You obviously you what 12? Dude i simply saying the Space wolfes are agressive and most people know the russians im talking about the real world now, they know the russians as drunk and brutal people and so are the Space wolfes, Simple as that Vikings are the same i did not use Vikings becuse Russians are more known around the world so calm you're titties if you like viking that much and i hurt you're feelings, my apologies.
  4. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    So you take something that has nothing in common with Space Wolfs (this case Russians) other than they like beer, and are aggressive and that the name of their primarch has Russ in it. when they are based off Vikings (Love boose, love to fight, tend to go bereserk when they get angry and im not talking about some hissy fit normal people do, and utteryly HATE being told what to do if it doesnt come from someone that they dont respect) Their way of lifes is based of vikings, The way they speak is based of the way vikings spoke, Much of the names are based of scandinavian names, like Ragnar, Bjorn aka bear, Sigrid (more often than not a woman's name now) Sigurd, and many many more. So before you go and compare something that is based off a certain culture, to something that has pretty much no conections to it, Please do some research. And no im not 12, im 26 and a big fan of Space Wolfs since they are based of my ancestors. Dont know where you are from but history is probably not one of your strong suits.

    If you dont think Vikings are agressive, Just google vikings (not the TV show altho it is pretty good) but some history related stuff.
  5. DeathPunch XDeathPunch Subordinate

    Based on you're ancestors hahah use some Lube when you are going to deep, and keep you're opinion i shall keep mine.:cool:
  6. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    Aye, il keep my opinions and you can keep your's but before you write something atleast make sure its correct in some way. Its like comparing vampires to Ultramarines just because they can eat the flesh and brain, and drink the blood of their enemies to get knowlege about them. Its so bad a comparison its useles. Now go back to slanesh and be careful in the showers. ;)
  7. DeathPunch XDeathPunch Subordinate

    I don't see you're Point of trying and Mocking me, what i said was right and was a good comparison and you can't compare Vampires with Ultramarines you can do it with Blood angels if you don't know stuff then mate just keep you're opinion dont try to act smart and shut up and seriously who even cares about vikings or fking russians it was just an example of Space Wolfes being brutal in battle.Then you can use the Templars aswell for the space wolfes if we follow your logic templars where brutal in batlle aswell, you just lose good Oportunitys of shutting up and stop trying to mock me i simply said if we can't get along with Different Opinions try to be the superior one and just get along with it.
  8. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    Being brutal in battle goes for any military or decent fighting unit ever. Just because one group (as in your case russians) has a reputation for being brutal in battle you can use that to compare any half decent group of fighters. If you take the space wolfs and compare them to vikings, You have same fighting style, same way of living, same names for the men, Odin was called the allfather and the Space Wolfs call the Emperor the allfather. And as Space Wolfs are based of one to two cultures (Vikings and germanic/celtic culture) and those are the only ones. Same with the Templars, They are based of the knight templars. Ultramarines are based of the greeks, Blood Angels are often compared to vampires altho in most cases the night lords are in more ways (other than the red thirst) more fitting for that just by their looks and tactics, where Sanguinius was more like an angel, Curze was more like Dracula.

    If you only use one or two common thing to compare something (being brutal and love booze) your scope of things is quite wide. you can compare those those two to so much it is insane. And no im not trying to be an ashole pretending to be better than you. Im not calling you names or ''titles'' but trying to have a talk. My point in using the ultramarines and vampires is just about as good as your comparison with Space wolfs and russians. Ultramarines will eat the flesh and drink the blood of xenos and vampires drink blood (and some cases if the writers is truly twisted eat the flesh of the dead) so you have something in common so thats a comparison yes?

    All im asking is that you try not to use bad comparisons or to be mean just because someone doesnt agree with your way of thinking. Instead of calling the other person names, calling someones ancestors names is not wery nice. And please stop being a duche, try to say more about why you think that is a good idea, Why that should make sense and to atleast try to if necessary, use debate and or explain your points if the other party doesnt get it. If you realy get in to it both partys can learn alot more than if one or both go in to the calling each other names and using what can best be described as fyrst graders combacks instead of just talking it out.

    Sure you can compare russians to the Space wolfs, Doesnt mean its a good one but the way you did it goes for pretty much any space marine chapter, all are brutal in combat and pretty much all love vine, booze or in the case of Space Wolfs, ALOT OF BOOZE. You can choose to ignore this and think i am trying to be mean, or you can think of this as someone that has been following warhammer 40k for over 10 years and atleast tries to understand the reasons of others. Just because you get pissed of me not getting your ideas, and even bringing my own logic you dissmiss it, Call me a 12 year old, and your little comment ''Based on you're ancestors hahah use some Lube when you are going to deep'' Realy classy, Makes me think you just got out of grade school. Atleast i know where i come from mate
  9. DeathPunch XDeathPunch Subordinate

    Well then if you realy want to discuss this lets talk through messages becuse this is going off topic.
  10. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    Aye,,, We dont want Valraks wrath now do we :p

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