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Helm Or No Helm

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Valonox, Mar 24, 2015.


Helm or no Helm

  1. Yes (Explain!)

  2. No (Explain!)

  3. I don't care (Explain!)

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  2. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Lock your door before you sleep Ork, im getting my helm one way or the other.
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  3. Hide helmet is a must, sometimes helmets just look bad until you find an upgrade to slot on. Not sure how that will work in this game though.
  4. Noktarnus Padaxes First Blood!

    Give me the option of FORCING everyone into helmets if they are supposed to wade into battle with them. I do not want a bunch of butch bald doods running around with 0 practicality to face protection. How on earth are you going to kill 5000 orcs when your entire space marine force can't be assed to put on a helmet?

    And yes FYI I hate Space Wolves and their need to sniff and crap. They are a side show gig, not the main deal.
  5. Frank FrankM Curator

    orks can't hit the broadside of a barn with a tactical nuke. thier accuracy increase if they try to miss on purpose
  6. I'm a big fan of helms, especially full-face helms. I feel they make everything look cooler personally. I do believe I heard something in the past about them being potentially removable, which is just fine with me.
  7. Lol just Lol :)

    Oi! dat ain't true, we gunna hit da Barn und everyfing arund it! juzt look at Meh Sig, dats all yuz gotta know bout Us orkz und our aimin!
  8. Phyrexian Hulk Gauntlet Arkhona Vanguard

    Helms on 24/7 please unless you're on your ship or something that does not involve enemy players.

    Why? Immersion.

    And I don't want to look at humans and elves, you're not pretty.

  9. Well I'm going to wear a helmet but I don't expect or want everyone to be forced to. Of course if you do decide to vaingloriously charge into the frey as a bare faced behemoth, I'm in full support of headshots knocking yer block off in a most visceral fashion.
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  10. Okay.

    Reasons to not where a helmet...
    So you can shout at people (your side & the opposing). Usually commanders, Sgts, and the occasional Khorne Berzerker.
    So you can use your enhanced senses (Space Wolves).
    So you can taste the blood (Blood Angels).
    So you can give inspirational looks and speeches (Ultramarines).
    You want to make EC harder to play.

    Reasons to wear a helmet...
    Auto Senses, helps filter out sudden loud noises and flashes, provides visual spectra like PreySight, etc.
    Built-in respirator, re-breather, and atmospheric filtration.
    Void protection.
    Atmospheric protection.
    Even sub-aquatic capability.
    You want to use the HUD.
    Plus the obvious protection from a shot to the head.

    Anybody else want to contribute to these lists?

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