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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Oct 7, 2016.


Should I have patched?

  1. Of course, getting fixes out is more important than reading about them

  2. No, I want to read all about every single thing in there before I touch the game

  3. May you choke on a Slaanesh tentacle

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  1. Garbol Garbol Member

    succeed? At what? Being a good game? Because that boat is long gone.

    Nice foto. Relatives of yours?
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  2. Ærthe Aerthes First Blood!

    It's the first time i se a dev wich made some shit, be so contemptuous and so dismissive...
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  3. Yvraine Yvraine Recruit

    I think this thread is like a prime example of why you should never work in retail
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  4. Cross RazielHellscream Arkhona Vanguard

    So.. out of all the OP DoT weapons, and especially the dominance of Abaddons Grace, somehow RoF is the ONLY one that got nerfed.

    So besides all the nerfs to LSM, banners, etc. Besides a few lowered lp cost on wargear that isn't even all that good. Where is the actual BUFF they claimed LSM was suppose to receive? Or fixing the Ork/Eldar melee? Since this patch LSM have lost more games and territory. Is this the goal? To make LSM as bad as possible? Seriously because if so I'll either find another game to play or stick to Tyranid raids.

    Also reducing dmg mods for melee weapons not only made them obsolete, but you just gave us another bunch of worthless mods taking up space along with muzzles. Why not 15% or 10%?

    The delayed patch notes is a bit frustrating, but I completely agree with the decision to release the patch earlier than later. However it's whats IN the patch that is truly infuriating. Worst lag/teleporting I've ever had since February.
  5. Nefastus Nefastus Active Member

    "So yeah I think I can insult "the game" and "developers" as much as I damn please."

    Well, if I had any doubt that you shouldn't be posting in these forums, that doubt is gone now. Clearly your parents didn't impose limits to you at home but this isnt your house. I ask, where are the moderators? Start making exemples of people like this.
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  6. LewisCowface Lewiscowface Steam Early Access

    From the patch notes... "All Wargear 2 items for Space Marines above 50LP have had their costs reduced" totally false. You must said that few of them have had ther cost reduced.

    AS I can see, there is nothing near to balance in this patch. All faction have been nerfed the same way... which leave us at the same situation before patch. Dear god, we will never see true balance.
  7. DEIMOS The_Roadwyrm First Blood!

    Freaking new players will have a tough time for sure... I've been playing the other three races last night and without any decent gear I pretty much just kept dying left and right. New players are going to be squishy and rage quit this game.
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  8. @Oveur You slimy dropping of eldar anus, you let a human take vacation? Come on, I know gitz smart enough to prevent it.

    How was that :).
  9. Cross RazielHellscream Arkhona Vanguard

    Not to mention that most new players will join the worst faction in the game. Adding oil to fire, those new players will leave very quick dying all the time.
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  10. Tamiel Brother-Tamiel Well-Known Member

    As an LSM player, I totally don't feel loved right now.
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