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Heavy Classes (Devastator, Havoc, Dark Reaper, Loota)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Heironymus, May 18, 2017.


Most powerful "Heavy" class in this current "Meta"?

  1. Devastator

  2. Havoc

  3. Dark Reaper

  4. Loota

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  1. Drake De Molina Drake_De_Molina Steam Early Access

    Well since if we ask for a buff without a nerf counter part, people will just whine about it so we must give them something.

    For the guidance removal, I meant on the starshot only, we keep it on starswarm.
  2. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    Starswarm doesn't have guidance :(.

    My solution is to seperate Starswarm and Starshot into different guns, like on TT where Starshot has to be bought. Make Starswarm like an Autocannon.
  3. Kurze spunkymonkeySK Subordinate

    It's a tough one!

    What I will say is that you can't put devastators in last place because 'team mates don't exploit the opening3 devs make'...!

    The class is strong - you can't say it's weak because of stoopid people!

    If you are working alone then Havocs have the best line up.

    Lootas would rate higher if it weren't for their huge models and lumbering animations!

    Devastators are probably the sweet spot of where a heavy should be:
    Once set up with support that line is nigh on impenetrable.
    So it's kind of situational for me.

    Storming a point I'd want Havoc or dark reaper.
    Holding a point I'd rather have Devastators or Lootas.

    All things being equal I would take Havoc - he has more versatility due to the marks (but Devastators are the kings of defensive lines)
  4. This is why I use the big shoota. It slices, it dices, it suppresses people without immobilising the user nor does it overheat (cooling jacket when? Vickers is laughing in his grave), putting down 75 rounds quickly with a ton of spare ammo, not only being the only light machinegun in the game but also giving an entire flock of birds to the sub machineguns/ twin linked options of all other armies when pressed into a room breaching/ clearing role. No other weapon gonna do that, order in the next hour and you'll also get extra slugga options for no additional LP cost, plus the option of twin frags.

    But yeah, mostly any other weapon and the Loota is a reasonable if not high threat. Just his basic options are a bit meh, while the heavy bolters feel a bit more substantial even if they have slight ammo problems, mitigated with an ammo kit.
  5. Yeah, there's a learning curve for Orks, but not the class loota. The animation and optimization for their movement and interactions with objects is poor.​
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  6. Xengard Xengard Subordinate

    Havoc. Their autocannon is too accurate, even from afar.
    Although Dark Reapers on defense can be very frustating to fight agaisnt.
    But I'd say Havoc.
  7. The Havoc, my absolute favourite class which I try to play every chance I get. Naturally most will assume MoN and Autocannon OP maymay is why but no, that's very comparable to Loota with Orky toughness and Ace Dakka. I say the Havoc is the most powerful because of it's access to Marks and it's ability to benefit from all of them in some way, something which no other chaos class seems to share. Whether it be MoN Autocannon/Heavy Bolter, MoK Teeth, MoT Lascannon/Plasma Cannon or MoS Multimelta I feel it has a lot of flexibility and I can use pretty much anything in it's arsenal and excel somewhere on the battlefield. Until the Stalkercannons show up that is.

    The class easily accounts for about 70% of my playtime on the game and while It's far from without issues, as has been said the heavy classes are pretty even all things considered (Devastator takes home the consolation by having the better uniques though). By comparison, the xeno heavies are lagging behind for a few reasons but it's mainly general ork jank for the gits and almost no weapons on Eldar who DESPERATELY need some forms of long range supremacy and it should be coming from the Dark Reaper in my opinion.
  8. The one thing I have noticed, with nerfs to some loadouts and buff to others, heavy classes are not spammed as much.

    Which is becoming a good movement, meta wise.
  9. Avlaen Avlaen Arkhona Vanguard

    you do realise the ace dakka orks get is more accurate than the auto cannon right?
  10. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    Gonna vote loota in relation to its own faction. Orks rely heavily on heavy weapons atm to function.

    As far as each faction though I'd say strongest:
    Eldar is tempest but harder to master
    Ork are a three way tie between plasma, kannon, and ace but ace isn't what it once was
    Lsm is the grav cannon
    Csm probably a nurgle AC but a good khornate teeth user is dangerous.

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