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Heavy Bolter and Autocannon: no whine, just facts fot you to decide.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BoBBer, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Wiawyr Wiawyr Deacon

    Okay, I'm done with this thread, and I'll sum up why:

    Your entire argument is "I want the HB to do this because that's what I thought it would do from the TT/lore and it should be this way for me" while still completely failing to understand the tenets of asymmetrical balance applied to factions. You are a rabid fanboi for the HB, and that's fine, but you have no legitimacy for any of the things you're trying to demand.
  2. Xarl Uthullun Amdusias New Member

    What are you even talking about? Heavy bolter is still murder with decent positioning, bracing, aim, and fire discipline. The only reason I prefer the autocannon when I play Chaos is because I like how it looks and feels and it's slightly more reliable when I get jumped by a melee class. HB still tears jump assault up if you shoot them in the face, even unbraced.
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  3. That's why Eldars are for "bull's eye headshotters"...
    Grav guns... again??? I donk know it, leave it away. I suffered with my HB before Grav guns was implemented.

    Eldars are for evading, quickness and aiming skills. If there's not enough power to get success with good skills - than you may do some observations like me...
    I you don't get what you are supposed to have - you are welcome. That's wrong.

    But Heavy Bolter - is for continuously firing ... for being devastating (Devastator class)... for killing multiple enemies... with no need for hitting in the head.
    Why I cant be what my class is supposed to be?
    Where did I go wrong?
    Isn't HB supposed to kill everything indiscriminately, shoting tons of ammunition?
  4. Have you seen the video and numbers?
    And braced stance is not the only one acceptable for heavy weapon.
    I do believe you about you not playing HB "just because AC looks better".
    But you dont have to believe me - there are videos... and simple calculations.
  5. Xarl Uthullun Amdusias New Member

    It's almost as if a heavy bolter "kill[ing] everything indiscriminately, [shooting] tons of ammunition" would be completely unbalanced and not fun to play against. Heavy bolter is great if you can track a target halfway decently and if you position yourself intelligently.
  6. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Mate you lost to one of the weakest capper ranged starting weapons as a heavy boltor devastator at long range, I would have to sadly say "git gud" because unless you never noticed him that should really be impossible in a straight up trade.

    Find a good spot, lock down and headshot, incase you haven't noticed bolt weapons are very nice for headshots and is where the gun can really shred a target.

    Its also a cheap gun so take advantage of the cheap cost for the heaviest armour and some nice armour trinkets so you can win many fights off durability alone.

    I swear Marines never notice the many strengths they have over some factions.
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  7. Xarl Uthullun Amdusias New Member

    Also having good aim and headshotting will always get you ahead in a shooter, unless there are no headshot mechanics (for whatever reason). Positioning to get the lines of sight (whether you're cutting off venues where you can possibly be shot from or positioning to get a wider range of sight) will always get you ahead. I really don't know how good you are mechanically at shooters and I can't claim to be even close to top tier, but you really can't expect a weapon to be devastating without a certain level f skill just because it is in "rule of cool" lore.
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  8. That's how things really are.
    You may deny it. I cant show videos for everything.

    He was sniping me from ~80m. There were no places to brace for me.
    I was trying to hit him... but my hits was like 1-2 per 10 shots (thanks to accuracy + recoil + spread)... I've found that overheat is close... but I couldn't stop firing because I had no cover... and tried to suppress avenger. There were no time for heat to cool... and for recoil to get lower. Looks like my low accuracy + greedy firerate(overheat was coming) made him not so suppressed... and he killed me. It was not so fast... he missed a lot... I increased suppression, tried my best... fast growing overheat and recoil were stopping me from long-firing... he shotme again... but... I felt completely unprotected... no way to kill him or run away or suppress him for long enough.

    I'm shure if I remove videos and just post raw numbers for AC and HB - everyone would say "Haha you're crazy... that's not true... I do always play HB it's fine... no way it's so much inaccurate and have such big recoil".
  9. Mongobeef Mongobeef Subordinate

    Maybe because they don't just hold down the fire button and expect a laserbeam of bullets to murder their enemies for them? Seriously. Burst fire, braced fire...Stop just firing while walking or in the middle of a roadway and expect to kill people. That doesn't work with HMGs in current times and it doesn't work for super soldier murder guns
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  10. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    If you're that but hurt and jealous then go play Chaos then, asymmetric balance is where one has something over the other,

    You don't get AC but you do get Grav,

    You can't cap as melee but can take a very strong shield as LSM

    If you want to go invisible or get racially abused at the end of the game then go play Eldar

    If you want class versatility then play Chaos

    If you want to start with a full team then don't play Eldar or Orks

    If you don't want a 20 minute search time then play Eldar or Orks

    If you like Pistols then pick Orks

    If you like unique although mostly useless yet cool class mechanics then play Eldar

    And if you like letting new toys on a regular basis then stay as Lsm

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