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Healing Yourself While Downed

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Kaptin_Pokkets, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. Souledge Reax Steam Early Access

    You got hit from an enemy bullets several times, u re near to dead.
    No one will pick you up cause they will be dead for sure then too. Your consumable will help nothing cause the stayup animation is to long to let you escape in time. But yeah why don´t, 50 LP for an second life. An Apothecary have 25 Life`s then making it nonsence to use his stuff on mates ore friends.
    So the point is the teamplay again and the point no one wants to play heal.
    It would simply just unbalance this game so much if everyone could use his consumables on ground.
    An Second Life Consumable will evoke just 1 think.... More Nades and Fokusfire on ground lieng units.
  2. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    The Necron himself pointed out it'd be absurd, the Necron! Besides that, no I couldn't claim it'd be a good idea, I already have to chastise folks for not getting rid of the various aoe heal items and leaving downed enemies next to them, then on top of that it should a player's fault/responsibility for being in a situation you get downed and you're not near allies who can Rez you.
    In regards to teamwork, I swear to god it's annoying that you just got downed right at that doorway or near that rail, but you wait for happy self over there while I stare at you waiting for you to crawl to safety so that I will rez you, but if you won't, then I won't, why, b/c you need to learn their are consequences for your actions, no point picking you back up for you to just get shot and killed cause you're weak or get myself killed trying to raise you.
    It's no grudge or general dislike for you, but if you won't put forth to survive, smartly, then it serves no prurpose for me. The you is also not for any of you specifically, just poor choice in words.
    Id like to see though that I could use my medkit on a downed ally and revive them with full health, sounds handy and makes sense, to me that is.

    I wonder if there's a connection with newer folks neglecting downed allies and their behaviours in the garrison. I say this because you'll have 7 or so folks, shooting, fighting, and so on, but when they kill someone they continue to kill them when they're down, rather than revive them. I've tried to correct that and I personally end up going around and I'll revive folks, sometimes some change, but others of course do not.

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