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Heading the Call - Eternal Battles calls for Chaos Guilds to fight!

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by phantagor, Apr 20, 2017.

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    To those who did not dare to sing out of tune
    Or sing a different song
    To march to the beat of a different drum and speak
    the truths others fear
    Just give me one thing to live or die for
    to live...or die for

    For decades, centuries and millenia, we have combated the false worshippers of the Corpse Emperor and the wretched Xenos!
    An Omen has appeared in the night sky above Arkhona and a hidden Cabal is speaking of bloodshed, carnage and victory for Chaos.

    But to achieve this, we need you and your brotherhood to join our cause and fight for this battle is eternal!

    Eternal Battles is a player driven group, dedicated to create, host and conclude events for the community.
    Currently focusing on Guild vs. Guild battles, we soon want to spread out and provide fun events for the whole community.
    But to achieve this, we need Guilds to attend and individuals eager to join.

    If you or your guild wants to attend a hosted Guild/Player event, that gets casted on Youtube and Twitch, gets its own Lore piece and a dedicated base of crazy maniacs in the back trying their best to provide the best experience for you, then i suggest leaving a comment here or getting in touch with ether me, Kuche, Sigvald or Lanzer.

    Fight for Us! Fight for Chaos!

    For more information, read through this introduction post: Link to the EB Introduction Post

    @Lanzer @Kuche @Darthy
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