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Harbingers Of Tzeentch

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by The_Dokta, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Brothers, the name of Chaos Undivided calls to the followers of Tzeentch forth to join the Cult of Tzeentch under the flag of the Word Bearers. Long have the Legions of Lorgar and Magnus fought to bring Enlightenment to Humanity and to the misbegotten slaves to the Corpse Throne.

    The Chosen of Tzeentch must gather, there are to be many secrets on this new world to bear against our enemies. Though the primary focus must be battle, it is in all our interest to seek out all advantages for our Legion.

    And Thus I beseech you, Join the Harbingers of Tzeetch, unlocked the powers of the Warp, deny our enemies the secrets of this land, and together we shall dominate the battlefield.
    This is meant to be a light RP clan that specializes in Sorcery, though combat roles are welcome. The primary goals of this group is to enhance the war effort in any possible way; tactics, spying, tech research, resource gathering, sabotage, and scheming in all its forms are encouraged atop of regular campaigning.

    > NAME: Yuri De'Tortor
    > TITLES: The Desolate
    > WEAPONS: Possessed Chain Axe (Shadowrend), Plasma Pistol
    > SPECIALTY: Pyromancy
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  2. He who seeks, shall stand with you.
  3. I'm honored to have your support, fellow seeker of truth.
  4. The day will not save them. And we own the night. Let them embrace our inevitable reign!
  5. Welcome brother, I've left a more formal info outline if you're interested in expanding the Warcult.
  6. Well if either of you are still looking to guild up, you should consider the Sons of Lorgar, we've got a full dedicated cabal for launch.

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