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Haha, this would happen to LSM (Official response at EOT)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OriginalHipster, May 16, 2017.

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  1. Iskarioth Recruit

    Nice try, there's a distinct difference between "just playing for the win" and gathering a full clan team to seal-club the random guys that struggle to get their wins. I'm playing chaos solo, both for fun and to offer an opponent. But I don't use the cheapest tricks to just completely ruin their day.

    Well MR Smartypants, if you already know that much go think that train of thought to the end. It wouldn't be fair right? About as unfair as giving a huge win-count-bar to a faction with tons of noobs that has much lower winrates and naturally struggles to find games when every last player tries to collect 10 wins. Go figure.
  2. Care to explain what these cheapest tricks are?
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  3. After nerf Eldar is only about warparty, bacause pugs cant provide so high coordination and teamwork to be as effective as eldar as clans.
    You cried before - eldar is "too stronk". Devs made them relying on teamplay without ability to carry game solo as LSM can do. You just got worse situation - when eldar are forced to run organaised groups that means they will curbstomp everything except equal stack of LSM(BLOB, Fall which is ex LREV members mostly)/CSM(-CSM-, POLB)/Orks (DLB hello:OrkMoon:)

    Unfair to give biggest bar to the 50% popultaion Faction. Truly coddled spoiled LSM kid. Wow you are funny. Please hate me - the filthy xeno!
  4. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    Srly, completely full retarded, 7 games now, two fortresses, they destroyed both gates instantly even after telling them not and saying that removes all enemies from he walls and that they don't go B, again against CSM. Its like they had a collective aneurysm
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  5. Brikksmasha DoomedOne Drill Abbott

    I would not be suprise if bE would pull out some deus ex machina bullshit out of some stinky hole to make LSMs somehow win.

    Something like:
    "When the defeat seemed almost certain, when for the courageous warriors of the Imperium came the darkest hour, the Emperor did not leave his most faithful sons. Completely out of nowhere, came the enigmatic group of Space Marines called the Legion of the Damned (since LOTD does stuff like that - saving Imperial Guard Regiments and other underperformed armies of the Imperium from total anihilation :)) joining the battle on the side of the Imperium, and in just a few skirmishes they secured victory in this hour of doubt and despair. "

    LSM got their bar magically full, so they will not be salty and all, new elite class introduced with a sign "We secured the victory for you, fools! Now give us your money!" and the rest of the comunity is like "Wait, wot? Snot fair <frowny face>".

    TL DR - bE might prove that without divine intervention LSM cant win their wars. That would be so derpy xD
  6. Rakshasa Rakshasa Recruit

    Even better we just had a Fortress Defense game where we just let them cap A from the start and, then sat back at B with 130ish lives farming them for 20 mins. Not that it mattered much that particular map is almost an auto win no matter what you do.
  7. Rakshasa Rakshasa Recruit

    I wouldn't be surprised but, how would we know?

    Maybe they(bE) just lack the technology...
  8. Nathan Richardsson Oveur Senior Producer

    LSM with the current system seems to be causing their own demise.

    - You don't lose your progress by playing other factions in between (frequent newb question)
    - You actually help your faction right now by playing another faction, as you'll have matches instead of queuing.
    - Playing another faction and throwing matches is like any harassment to be reported here, and any associated accounts traceable to those account banned as well, if harassment is proven.
    - LSM seem to be on the trajectory to win through sheer perseverance. They are waiting in long queues, which is our fault, not theirs, to see their faction through as winners.

    Instead of making fun of all this, I'd show them a little respect to not giving up due to queue times, instead of running to the forums bashing them.

    "GG" used to mean something. And it wasn't "git gud".

    As for the system changes coming, they are extensive.

    - In general, 2 factions will have major campaigns at the same time, pitting them against each other.
    - The other two factions might have minor campaigns at the same time, simply to reward loyal faction players
    - When I say minor campaigns, it's the massive changes to the campaign system, which now includes personal goals and more, within and outside of campaigns.
    - Due to the these changes, being able to use all of our logging basically to count towards goals, means it hits very likely outside of our 2-month roadmap but not by much.

    In the meantime, adding minor campaigns to the other factions, not just a major to one faction can be done already. We don't need the new system for it. We can even change the last of this Campaign of Campaign series designed to have people try out other factions - and worked far too well - and the Eldar Campaign can have minor campaigns for the other factions.

    That's all for now!

    Thanks and have a nice day :)


    Thread locked for sticky and posterity of my reply.
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