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Haha, this would happen to LSM (Official response at EOT)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OriginalHipster, May 16, 2017.

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  1. Iskarioth Recruit

    I'm praying that the devs give the eldar a fitting response to their constant arrogant BS talk by setting their bar twice as high as the LSM one - go show us your skill!

    I played all campaigns so far and not getting into the match is NOT the problem. CSM and LSM play virtually the same yet I won almost all 10 games in a row with them.
    Having tons of noobs is a huge disadvantage and the devs failed to take that inot consideration. Playing against frickin eldar clans hellbent on scewing over the LSM isn't helping either ( yes I mean you you rocket-spamming basement-dweller who spawnklilled me half a dozen time yesterday) - pathetic seal-clubbers.
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  2. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    Ok, this is odd, been playing as an Eldar for like 2 hours and I'm getting 5-7 and sometimes even 10 min queue time, the f*ck?
  3. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    LSM = 1/2 population of the game
    Eldar= 10%

    Bar twice as high for eldar than lsm means that Eldar are 10x more efficient than lsm ? seems legit..

    (That was a joke btw...)
  4. Rakshasa Rakshasa Recruit

    If people are throwing matches, that is cheating. If people are posting about throwing matches, they are violating the forum guidelines against posting about cheats. Please report these people if you see them.
  5. Oh I am sorry do you want the Eldar clans to just hand you free wins so you complete your campaign and then continue to have your pure hatred of anyone who plays Eldar? I don't know about other Eldar groups but I know WP is getting together and playing so you have a chance to get games. If people wanted to hate on the LSM we just wouldn't play. Most Eldar players got our 10 wins and are now playing our faction to help you but we are not going to throw games. You have to earn your wins.
  6. Deathwish Deathwish Well-Known Member

    I've said it before in the past. When I play, I always play to win. I'm certainly not going to tank games just to oblige LSM simply because they need help winning some silly base model shoulder with a cheap vinyl sticker on it. Fuck that shit. Earn your reward.
  7. Eldar population is gone probably

    For as myself - maining chaos. Curbstomping loyalists puppies. Roughly 8 wins for 10 games today.
  8. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    Ok, this is official, Eldar have went full retarded, 5 game in a row that they dont even try to win (they say it in the chat) that they just walk around wihtout caring...and the worst thing, it was all against CSM.
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  9. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    The general attitude of everyone during this campaign was bullshit and reveal all the vileness and flaws of this community.
    Call for boycott, massive douchebagery on every thread related to the LSM campaign, not even a single try of understanding between all factions, the rare people posting things such as a suggestions to improve the future campaigns got genuinely ignored and the hate has gone on for longer and longer...

    This community has proved times and times again that she couldn't talk about improving the game without aggressivly attack the other factions and their communities. Between known forums member that stand their ground for their faction and spread the hate in every single message, always bashing either LSM, either Eldars... In fact I think the past days has all been about Eldars and LSM, chaos guys has either appeared to spread the hate toward ones or another or they just ried to calm down the situation and participate with some suggestions but their faction didn't really appeared that much compared to those two. As again only some random peoples from all factions appeared and tried to talk only to get bashed or dragged into the hate.
    Even more, this campaign has proved that as much as LSM, other factions could be as whiny, not as spoiled child like the LSM, but more like kids who are angry to not have a candy like the child's next door.

    Listen, you have all the rights to be angry towards everything the LSM got, while I do not buy that the devs are always behind us or else orks and eldars would have never appeared into the game, I will never deny that you deserve to have more, because LSM got a lot and you are still waiting for so much. But your general attitude has NOT BEEN BETTER THAN THE LSM THOSE PAST DAYS ! IT WAS MAYBE EVEN WORSE IN MY OPINION ! Spreading hate, bullshit talking to other players, denying their arguments because they are LSM main, you have not done better than us, you are NOT better than us.

    Your cause might be right, the way you serve it put you as much in shame as us.
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  10. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    Yeah a campaign success has to be earned. I'm playing Xenos and heretics now to bring queue times down, and having fun most of the time. But I'm getting the impression that loyalist teams are simply not putting in any effort at all. Defeating loyalists takes much less effort on my part than the effort I had to put in when playing as a loyalist myself and it's damn sure not down to a lack of good equipment because some loyalist teams absolutely stomp.

    To all my spiritual brethren: put in some effort, or you will fail the Emperor.
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