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Haha, this would happen to LSM (Official response at EOT)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OriginalHipster, May 16, 2017.

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  1. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Dont get me wrong I appreciate all the free stuff the Devs have given us, but perhaps the blame be better assigned to these same generous Devs who also designed a campaign system that works for all factions but LSM who are now being punished for their mistake (because it will work for Eldar for the same reason it worked for Ork)

    LSM have been the guinea pig for how far to push the ceiling with campaigns right from the start, its why LSM lost the first all faction campaign, its why we lost the first faction specific campaign, and its the answer to a lot of problems for LSM, we're the higher player base so a better source of info from testing new stuff out.
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  2. I love how everyone feels like LSM have been having their hands held by the devs from the beginning. LSM are so coddled and nurtured while other factions are left out in the cold, hungry and wanting...But for some reason all statistical evidence shows that LSM are the worst performing faction, even with our coddling from the devs. We have the most everythings and the best everythings and the only reason we lose is because we don't coordinate (despite players on mics and typing in chat what to do and where to go) and we're the only faction who cries about anything/everything. We cry and devs give us MORE. And we still just under perform cause we're just children who cry even though we have everything.

    Yeah, thanks for the constructive feedback. Very helpful and not toxic.

    I totally haven't played matches AT ALL as other factions having them cry about how underpowered they are when they lose, or say "EZ game/Rekt/Your false Emperor has forsaken you!" from the same people when they win (mostly Eldar/CSM. Orks have the best community.)

    I just wish the devs had the foresight, like many who have posted in this very thread, to see that LSM under perform, and possibly shouldn't have the bar set so high, just because the population is large, and would increase during the campaign. I sure feel coddled.

    Drink in my tears elite, wise Eldar and skillful, powerful CSM. For I know these tears are feed your insatiable internet trolls that reside within you.

    It's not possible at all that the devs figured the community would see LSMs as being favored, so as to try to avoid the community turning against them they did the opposite and gave LSMs the hardest road forward...Nope, not even remotely a possibility.
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  3. Safreadis Safreadis Arkhona Vanguard

    Wow chill dude...

    In my opinion, the reason why the campaign is progressing so slowly remains the fact that everyone wants their wins on LSM, and considering they already were the most populated faction before, you just cannot find the matchs to rack up those wins.

    Honestly, for having played with and against LSM this week, I don't find them performing THAT badly, they play well, take intelligent decisions, sometimes take a poor trade. They aren't Under Powered nor Over Powered, they have a bit more tools but rarely use them. Every game I had was pretty tensed and the outcome incertain.
    But then again, I didn't play all that much this week.

    The risk of losing the campaign imo isn't related to the ability of the players but more the fact there AREN'T enough opponents to rack up the wins.
  4. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    C'mon guys be sporting.At least when you join other factions to give your own some games don't bloody throw the match.

    Lost count of the amount of times a lvl1 team mate has Dbashed or naded me when I'm trying to cap a point among other fuckery.
  5. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    I wonder if something like this would work:
    Campaign for every faction.
    If you win with A faction you get X reward, if you ALSO win with B faction you get X+Y to BOTH characters, if you ALSO win with C faction you get X+2xY to the THREE characters.

    For example X being 20000 and Y being 5000. That would mean that if you want more for LSM (for example) you are forced to play with Eldar, CSM and Orks and win.
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  6. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    Really, there are 2 probable reasons as to why LSM are losing campaigns.

    1. Their pugs are not very good. Every faction has bad pugs, LSM just seem to have the most.

    2. The fact that we'll over 50% are playing LSM this campaign means they cannot make enough matches for them to win the campaign. I lean towards this one, there aren't enough CSM/Xenos to fight with the influx of LSM.
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  7. And i also guess that's exactly what happens. They can't generate enough matches for LSM to win.
    But who says how many matches they have to win in the first place? Wise Dev's would have forseen this and thus lowered the threshold by that "Can't find game" factor.
  8. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    Thank you entitled loyalist player! your bad attempt at humor will be logged alongside dozens of other fumbling attempts at the same so that we may forever commemorate what an equally elitist, toxic, and bitter loyalist community has to say when they can't put their money where their mouth is.

    You know it's kind of funny, i'v seen you people refuse to talk to other people just because they are in other factions or playing on 'easy mode' so, far as i'm concerned, this is just karma.
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  9. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    The lack of enemies is a problem, but even if there were enough to get a match every 5 minutes, I still think SM would loose.

    The players are not that good, but a lot of players who otherwise don't bother with the noobfest of LSM pvp or play other races have boosted the LSM collective IQ from 50 to 80. So now LSM win chance is around 2-3 per 10 matches, instead of just 1 if you get lucky.

    I know when it is done, I won't be touching LSM PVP either. LSM will be strictly PVE again. I don't have to put up with all the "LSM OP LOLOL" cries and the constantly lost matches.

    When there is a campaign, I'll play that race, so Elves next. Otherwise I'll only PVP on orks, for they do have the most friendly and "chill" community, as kids nowdays say.

    Now I just need my burny loota kannon to avenge its regular counterpart on all da marine boys and panze elfdar!

    That said, all communities got their idiots, and the "bragger-whiners" . These latter always complain that loosing is never their fault, the team sucks, and instead of fighting to compensate they reeee the top of their keyboards.
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  10. SakitPerut Steam Early Access

    Nah, between unbalanced matches and alt character saboteurs, LSM is winning most of their matches atm.
    Finding enough matches in the first place is the only issue for the successful completion of the campaign.
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