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Haha, this would happen to LSM (Official response at EOT)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OriginalHipster, May 16, 2017.

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  1. Yeah, we're going to be the faction that doesn't complete the campaign. No shoulders for us =(

    All CSM and Eldar elitists can grin maniacally and rejoice in our remorse. Maybe Orkz something...But the Ork community is definitely more mellow than CSM or Eldar players.

    Guess I'm glad I second Eldar and the Eldar campaign will be cake.

    So yeah. It's a salt thread. Bathe in my tears.
  2. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Cake ?

    No no no no.... you can't have your cake and eat it too , that's not how EC works
  3. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Nothing new here,

    Roll on the corrosive community destroying comments from all other factions who coincidentally rely on LSM for this games very existence. Alienate us and you don't have a game. Simple as that.

    I blame the queue times, borked faction balance and the inability to get the bar set right for LSM victory requirement.

    Most of us don't have the time to wait 30 minutes + to MAYBE get 1 match or to set aside 3 hours a day to MAYBE get 6 matches.

    Done with LSM.

    Its Chaos from here on out for me, and when I really want to cheese it up /Elph it is.

    Also @Catnium /Cake.
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  4. Last time i checked LSM Progress it was like close to 20% with 2 of 9 days done.
    It surely takes LSM longer then Orks, who, iirc had their campaign done in 2 but it should work out in the End, no?
  5. I'm sure we'll get it finished in no time,I'm confident about!
  6. Dude, I've played nothing but LSM since the campaign started even though I've racked up my 10 kills on both my LSM characters. My waiting times haven't been over 12 mins (I've actually timed them because of all the hyperbole in recent threads) and are about 7 minutes on average. I've won more games than I've lost by a large margin and I mean win, like proper thrashing win, with PuGs, sometime because of outnumbering, more often because LSM actually seem galvanized. There's a lot of Lv6 guys running around in the PuGs and a lot of lower ranks have finally understood not to break the second gate finally. This at least had been my experience so far.

    I think a lot of the guilds can't really come to bear in this campaign the wait times must be horrific and there's gonna be a lot of guilds trying to take them on when they do get in. I've been that random PuG in the middle of a GvG fight a few times over the last few days and it's not been pretty. They'd probably be best served solo queuing and trying to maximise the amount of wins that way, I dunno though?

    More over I intend continue to play, and win, more often than not, until the campaign is complete.

    The bar doesn't look too bad as of right now and this particular Eldar wants their shoulder(s) just as much as the most staunch Battle Brother.

    Have some faith.
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  7. Well, looking at the progress bar, I don't feel too optimistic (obviously since I started this thread.) About halfway through the campaign and the progress bar isn't halfway. It's a little over a third of the way to goal.

    I assume that devs set the goal bar high for LSM assuming (rightly) that everyone would flood over. However, having more players on a faction doesn't necessarily mean that they will win...I feel the veteran players win 10 games, get sick of queue times, then jump to another faction to play more matches faster. They then slow LSM progression due to winning as other factions (cept apparently Orkz,) cause LSM is still lagging behind other factions in players that aren't baddies.

    The bar was set too high methinks. Too low for the Ork campaign. That was done in two days. I think they over-compensated since...
  8. This shit is hysterical. You guys had a 2 campaign heads up warning to see this coming.
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  9. Seeing it coming and hoping the devs wouldn't set the bar so high for LSM are not mutually exclusive. I expected such and outcome, but hoped it might not occur. I would like my shoulder piece.

    Even with more veteran players joining LSM, we just are a faction of baddies. Too many baddies to be carried by the veterans.
  10. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member


    But on a more serious note i kinda doubt thay'd let any faction lose these 1 sided campaigns.
    Since they are more of a free giveaway event than anything else.
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