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GW News and Rumours thread.

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by The-Mad-Magos, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Phalaris of Akragas Phalaris Nickname Change

    also chaos codex
    Edit: good luck reading this thing
  2. More on the Chaos Codex and Grey Knight Codex, available to Preorder from next Saturday.


    "The new codex represents the CSM in their ascendancy, allowing you to collect a force that reflects both your favourite units and Legions while remaining true to the background. Like Chapter Tactics, the Chaos Legions are getting new rules of their own to represent how they fight, as well as unique Stratagems, Warlord Traits and artefacts. You’ll be able to build powerful themed armies, from rebellious packs of Renegades to furious forces of WE, and from terrifying battalions of NL to the depraved duelists of the EC. There are 9 psychic powers too, as well as updated points costs, datasheets and much much more – we’ll be taking a closer look at each Legion every day next week, starting tomorrow."


    "Codex: Grey Knights allows you to field an elite army of Daemon slayers. As one of the most elite armies of the 41st Millennium, the Grey Knights are trained and equipped for the direst of battles. In the new codex, you’ll be able to represent this expertise on the tabletop with a host of new rules allowing you to field a devastating force and take advantage of unusual tactics thanks to new Stratagems and psychic powers. This book is packed with new ways to play the Knights of Titan, and one of our favourites is the option to take a Grand Master in a Nemesis Dreadknight! This opens up the option to field an entire army of these crusading exo-suits."

    "With six powers for the Sanctic discipline, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the psychic might of the Grey Knights, and this is paired with the stand-alone release of Grand Master Voldus – the strongest psyker in a Chapter of powerful warrior mystics. This hero will make for a worthy commander in the new codex, but you’ll also be free to create your own Grand Masters with mysterious relics and great Warlord Traits."
  3. Legion focus for the new CSM Codex. Today it's Emperor's Children!

    The Codex will cover 7 of the Legions (Thousand Sons and Death Guard are each getting their own), as well as SM Renegades.

    Each Legion gets a unique trait, and in the case of the EC it looks like it's a doozy!


    And this can even apply to Helbrutes.

    Possessed will be getting an extra Wound over the 7th Ed. stats.
    Add that to the CSM Mark of Slaanesh Sorcerous power Delightful Agonies and Possessed Marines look to be dangerous on the TT.


    But your shooting Units aren't left out with the Stratagem Endless Cacophony.


    Seems to be a very Fluffy and deadly combination of rules, powers, and stratagems.

    Tomorrow it is Iron Warriors.
  4. FW have a lot this week.

    There's the Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank, £79.




    HH rules for it:

    I like the look of Ripple Fire and Terminal Tracking on this, especially against aerial targets.


    40K rules for it:

    Imperial Armour Model Masterclass looks to be making a return, with Volume 1 on preorder for £25.


    With the trilogy of IA Model Masterclass volumes 1 & 2 plus HH Model Masterclass volume 1 on preorder for £85.

    Available for use with the new Codex: Space Marine, there are four Deimos Predator Squadron bundles available, each with 3 Predators for £150 per bundle.
    Standard Predator Sq:

    Infernus Predator Sq:

    Executioner Predator Sq:

    Tactical Predator Squadron, consisting of a standard, Infernus, and Executioner Predator:

    Then there is the Relic Datalink Telemetry bundle specifically for taking advantage of the Stratagem: Datalink Telemetry in the new SM Codex.
    It contains 2 Deimos Pattern Whirlwind Scorpius tanks plus a Javelin Attack Speeder with Missile Launchers for £150.
  5. Doing the Interweb rounds, Death on tattered wings.

  6. Phalaris of Akragas Phalaris Nickname Change

    This time it seems to be the real one ;)
  7. Seems they remembered the respirator, unlike a certain branch.

  8. well congrats Alfabusa :D
  9. "Crushed". An interesting interpretation of almost tied.

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