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GW News and Rumours thread.

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by The-Mad-Magos, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. That's an interpretation that fails to address the main point. A release cycle is one thing, it's standard and to be expected. However, timing a release cycle so that only one faction benefits from the new stuff creates a blaringly obvious imbalance in both mechanical strength and an upsurge in people ready to use their new models. Separate release dates to encourage sales is business, setting the release dates so that one benefits while the other waits during a global campaign with narrative implications on the other hand is almost certainly going to have an effect, so unless they've completely ignored/failed to realize the correlation between to new releases and popularity swinging toward the flavor of the month just like you have just now, it seems suspiciously like they have a desired outcome for the early campaign.

    Also your explanation that it's just business promoting sales is lacking as well. From that perspective what I said sounds like a much more sound plan. Not so much the dual release of Chaos and LSM Codexes, as then the customer has conflicted budgeting and is less likely to buy both, but having them both have been released by the start of the campaign. In the current setup you get a boost in sales for Space Marines, followed by a community engagement event(narrative campaign), presumably with a Chaos Space Marine release during the campaign. This likely means that by popularity, flow of flavor of the month players/power players that there is likely going to be a surge at the beginning of the campaign of Space Marine sales, followed by a presumably mid campaign surge for Chaos. Perhaps they want hype building for sales, but the way I see it is if they actually released it in a way that was fair and balanced(both released pre-campaign), then you could still have the new LSM surge, followed by a CSM surge, then when the campaign begins both sides will have players drawn back into the store who will want to paint and field new models, so after the two surges you get a period of sustained sales as well.

    Furthermore, them being a business trying to promote sales is an irrelevant point to what I was saying about how the release schedule has a high potential of effecting the outcome of the Fate of Konor campaign, which since it's supposed to effect the actual lore I'd have liked it to have been balanced.
  2. FW have previewed their forthcoming Gabriel Angelos model on Warhammer Community.

    He's modelled with feet firmly planted on the ground and God-Splitter held in a solid grip (so no impossible jumping and hammer tossing!).

    His Chapter Badge is prominently displayed on his shoulder pad, though with a little conversion it could help represent the Raven Guard (or a HH member of the Corvidae Cult of the Thousand Sons).

    The model is a finely detailed as you'd expect from FW, including the cloak.
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  3. I don't agree that it is as bad a move as you protray.

    Yes the Primaris are getting a lot of love.

    Yet the forces of Chaos have already gotten new units, the Death Guard from the Starter Set plus similar boxed sets, with at least basic 8th Ed. rules and stats.
    And more DG are on the way.

    It does seem strange that they've started the Fate of Konor Campaign before such a CSM release, but there may have been issues we are not aware of.
    Plus it is 40K's Birthday/Anniversary shortly, on top of the release of 8th Edition, which has already brought its own headaches (individual GW store's have had to move their anniversaries already).

    A CSM Preorder going up a week on Saturday would also effect the campaign.

    My local store will be running a "Tale of many Warlords" campaign for 40K, starting on Saturday. This too will effect Konor.
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    'Alas, Brother Lucas, I knew him well.'

    I think it's rather interesting the way it depicts the importance of the geneseed, perhaps also a nod to the belief that in some way the fallen live on through the implantation of such an organ into a new aspiring Astarte.

    I'm most probably reading to much into and romanticising a questionable pose by a sculptor.
  5. Oh oh, could it be that the Imperial Guard finally gets some love? Though the left side looks a bit awkward with that gap, a laspistol perhaps?
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  6. Don't think it is a Laspistol as the barrel is too long and the ammo-clip is oddly angled.

    There's a Laspistol in this officer's hand for comparison.
  7. Bottom left of the new picture, the thin piece looks to me like the start of a trigger guard.
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