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GW News and Rumours thread.

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by The-Mad-Magos, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Those are from here:

    Both the Captain and Librarian, though mainly the Captain, will come with a selection of modelling options.

    As for the Primaris Reivers, they remind me of 8th Legion Astartes, but armed like Scouts.
    And to me their Pistols have a "Lawgiver" vibe.

    "Stripped down Mk X armour allows for a good look at how this newest mark of Space Marine armour functions, with the midsection of the models showing thick bundles of fibrous cabling; this is the mechanical muscle that lets the Reivers punch through concrete, sprint in full plate and leap through ruins and jungles. Finally, each Reiver wears the visage of a leering skull – these guys aren’t just about stealth, but terror. Even if you’ve already got an Imperial army, Reivers will make a great addition to your force, and there are rules in the box to let you start adding them to your games straight away."

    As always, Primaris seem a good option for building True-Scale Marines, but these kits have a few options that could work on other models.

    There's some new Death Guard models too.

    "The blight launcher in the kit is a great visual reference to the history of the Death Guard, and eagle-eyed hobbyists will notice the similarities to weapons from the Horus Heresy, blending design elements from the grenade launchers wielded by the Deathshroud Terminators and the rad-missile launchers equipped by Destroyers. It’s a great way to tie the Death Guard to their historical roots and an indication of the horrific weapons they bring to bear in the reaping to come."

    Seems like they're tapping into the HH vibe for these models.
    Which would explain why I've been looking at these models and wondering if they can be De-Chaosified and used in HH/GC era armies.

    Or whether they'd look right being fielded as part of a a Siege of Terra force.

    Plus new Poxwalker models.

    Then there's the beginner's stuff and some Start Collecting type of sets.

    Getting Started With 40K Book.

    First Strike Set.

    Which contains Rules, Guidebook, Models, Dataslates, Double-sided gaming mat, and a Cardboard construct representing three Munitorum Armoured Containers.

    Know No Fear Set.

    This seems to be the 40K equivalent of AoS' Thunder & Blood set. A Starter Set of a different stripe containing full rules for Death Guard and Primaris Marines, a Patrol Detachment's of models for each side, a Starting guide, a Gaming Mat and cardboard scenery.
    But it's half the price of Dark Imperium (about £45 to £50).
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  3. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    Despite their stupid name, I kinda like how the Reiver's... damn it, I'm calling them Reavers, armour looks, even if it is not really 40k-y.

    Converting them to have some beefier melee weapons and that missing pauldron is not that hard, and the skull helms look really neat. I wonder if they can be used for Night Lord truescales...
  4. didn't we also hear something about a stealth cloak or something similar to the reivers (lorewise)
  5. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    I said they may have some type of stealth, but could be just very silent sneaking.
  6. It sounds like the Death Guard stuff is going to be more monopose, that's a little disappointing, looking forward to stuff that's easy to customize.
  7. Weird blue for Night Lords... :CSMAlpha:
  8. Every GW/Warhammer Store has a Birthday or Anniversary that it celebrates every year. A unique day for each store (though it can move for big releases).


    And for years GW have been doing special products you can only get in-store on that day. This year is no exception.

    Birthday painting mat.

    Brush Wallet.

    'Eavy Metal Dice.

    40K Artbook, The Emperor Protects.

    And of course there's the obligatory miniature you can buy, or possibly get for spending over a certain amount in-store on its Birthday.
  9. Actually after reading the Regimental Standard on them it sounds like they're both Night Lord and Sonic Marine loyalist ripoffs.

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