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GW News and Rumours thread.

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by The-Mad-Magos, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. I never bought the Alpha Legion loyalist theory because GW clearly split the 18 founding chapters evenly with 9 Loyalists and 9 Chaos.

    The only way I could see this working is if Dark Angels turn Chaos and Alpha turns Loyalist.
  2. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Implying it hasn't happened already;)
    Dark Angels being confirmed traitor would be as orgasmic to me as seeing Fenris burn, make it happen GW
  3. That's only the basic statline. Until we know all of their rules - like, I don't know, Quantum Shielding? - I wouldn't worry too much.
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  4. The stats of the Annihilation Barge looks like the stats of an infantry unit, or monstrous creature, doesn't it?
    Here's my take on it.

    But that seems to be the idea.
    With stats akin to a Monstrous Creature a vehicle can have the durability of a Monstrous Creature.

    And with Attacks and Strength it can do something in the Fight Phase. Namely Ramming or running over opposing units. Though it will be a poor To Hit roll, such attacks do have high Strength (well they are getting run over by a very heavy vehicle, even if it is using anti-grav).

    Though units with Melee Weapons, like Walkers, can use such weapon's stats during these types of attack.
    Deathrollers will be nasty thanks to this.

    Vehicles will be affected by and use all the other new rules, so they will be able to move like any other unit, including using Advance.
    They'll Shoot like other units, with many vehicles suffering the -1 To Hit with Heavy Weapons if they've moved (though DE Raiders, Ravagers, & Venoms are exempt).
    They can even Charge, which replaces Tank Shock. And any vehicle can do it!

    It looks like Vehicles will be interesting in 8th Ed. 40K.
  5. Pm713 Pm713 Subordinate

    They could just go "oh he's alive again" seeing as they've done it once.
  6. Among other things, that would totally and completely invalidate his sacrifice in the Horus fight. It would be awful lore if they brought him back.

    It'd also mean they'd have even less reason to nor bring back Curze or Alpharius.

    Basically any major HH death would be pointless.
  7. But didn't something like the Dark Angels follow Luther during his fall becoming Fallen?

    So by having an even split between the Legions for each side, shouldn't a Traitor Legion have split in half with many staying Loyalist?

    If you think that GW would do a straight split with the Legions, then your logic must lead you to the possibility that roughly half the Alpha Legion are still Loyal to the Emperor.

    In the Blood Angels series of Books, the novel Red Fury, Sangiunius' body is sealed with an ovoid of Molten Metal floating in an anti-grav field.
    Fabius Bile got to it to obtain a blood sample.
  8. Wouldn't retconning the Horus Heresy kinda screw up, amongst other things, the whole HH book series (if that's still ongoing?) and the box sets they've been doing? Supposedly there was a 3rd one coming later this year.

    Then again GW does hate selling things people enjoy buying..
  9. They do make some very bad decisions but I really don't think they'll go as far as retcon the very core of the lore.
  10. Well if you're referring to respawning Sanguinius, it wouldn't be a retcon, just a massive middle finger to the lore. Partly because it makes his death meaningless and removes all emotional impact for Imperial fans

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