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Guns To Expect For Devastators?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Beriorn, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. kernowstig Member

    I agree that they shouldn't be freely available but I do think that there should be a melee weapon path available to tactical marines. The bolter and chainsword option is not that uncommon amongst tactical marines and power swords, axes, hammers and fists should be an option that is available to veterans, sergeants and captains etc. who have chosen to follow a melee orientated path. If you're going to be fighting nids close up in tunnels or enclosed spaces you're going to need tacs with an effective melee ability. Jet packs are about as much use as a chocolate teapot when there 's little room to manoeuvre and terminator suits are far rarer than tactical marines with a chainsword.
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  2. if you want autocannons join the superior side...
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  3. Id hope they'd give something with a lot of DAKKA DAKKA on it and it better not sound like some .22 pistol while been fired.
  4. Legendary Z-t-1-m-Q Well-Known Member

    more different guns = more fun
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    Tacticals should not have access to every melee weapon out there. At best they should have access to the chainsword and maybe the Power Axe, nothing else. If you want superior melee, go as an Assault, don't ask for an unbalanced class. That's the entire reason the Tactical class in SM was limited to the Combat Knife; balance.

    Imagine a Tactical with a Chainsword in SM, now add Larraman's Blessing and you have something extremely difficult to take down that's as effective in CQC as an Assault. Factor in the variety of ranged weapons available and their use, such as the damage from the Vengeance Launcher equalling the Plasma Cannon's uncharged shots (3 from either will drop a Tactical or ASM) and you have something capable of clearing points like a Devastator but has much more mobility and recovers health and armour a lot quicker. Dev ranged power + Assault CQC + Larraman's Blessing = broken and unbalanced class.

    It's not hard to imagine that the Assaults in EC will be allowed to forgo their Jump Packs to fighting in confined spaces, not that having a Jump Pack was that much of a hindrance in low ceiling areas in SM. Shattered Bridge's underpass comes to mind. Just like I can see the Assault also being allowed a Bolter, as both fit the TT and fluff. Tacticals in EC have been confirmed access to a Chainsword, they don't need anything else or they risk becoming unbalanced.
  6. I pretty much agree with you.
    Tactical marines have no need of superior melee weapons 'cause there is just the assault class to cover that role. Instead, with the right skill/perk or rank(sergeant/veteran), it would be cool if the Tac class could be allowed to choose to wield chainsword and pistol, for the lore-lovers and more melee oriented characters. :)

    Ok, we must go back in topic now.
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  8. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    loyalist still have autocannon but for some reason devastator or foot marine don't use (they are replaced by assault cannon but are terminator /walker /vehicle only), vehicles and dread use autocannon.
    probally is write somewhere in the codex astartes to not use autocannon on fottslogging astartes,


    this is the real reason titus was taken by an inquisitor at the end of the game he touched an autocannon! heresi!
  9. The heavy bolter could be effective against light armored vehicules

    all the rest I completely agree
  10. So the reason sm don't use autocannons is because of the surf, hue hue hue

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