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Guns To Expect For Devastators?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Beriorn, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Beriorn Beriorn Subordinate

    As most of us know, Devastators can be armed with one of five guns. But how will these guns be represented in the game? I figure something like this:

    - Heavy Bolters will be the primary anti-infantry gun: very effective against large numbers of weaker enemies (Orks without heavy armor, Aspect Warriors, most Tyranid Gaunts and Warriors), but lacking in effectiveness against flying or armored targets.
    - Missile Launchers will be the middle-of-the-road weapon: effective against both infantry (Frag), vehicles (Krak) and flyers (Flakk), but not as good against the first two like the dedicated weapons.
    - Plasma Cannons is highly effective against armored infantry (Chaos Marines and Wraithguard), but less so against plentiful or fast targets.
    - Multi-Meltas will be highly effective against vehicles but less so against infantry because, and this is only true if they go by how the gun is described in the canon, you need to keep the gun aimed at your target.
    - Lascannons will be effective against pretty much anything at long range, but have a low rate of fire and can shoot only one shot before needing a recharge. They become more like sniper rifles like this.

    I think the Heavy Bolter will be in because of its effectiveness against infantry and how iconic it is, the Lascannon for being effective at long ranges and the Missile Launcher for being middle of the road (though I'm not sure if Flakk missiles will be in there.

    I am not sure about the other two: they are more narrow in their use and are less iconic than the other three. Nor am I sure on how any of these guns will work in the game: I am going by experience from the background, Dawn of War and Space Marine. What do you guys think?
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  2. Lacking effectiveness against flying targets? They are a mainstay of most imperial aircraft and there is numerous examples of them being used to take down flying targets.

    I dunno about an anti-infantry rocket launcher, sounds annoying

    But yeah i agree with the rest
  3. Flaya Flaya Recruit

    In the picture for the 4 space marine chapters the dark angel has a plasma cannon so it will probably be in game. Plasma weapons have two firing modes, the weaker faster firing mode and the charge up blast mode.

    For the multi-melta while it doesn't have the range of the lascannon it can easily melt a bunch of infantry or a tank in one shot. It would have a slight charge up time melt most things in front of you and have a small bast at the point of impact.
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  4. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    I think the Heavy Bolter will be same as it was in Space Marine; high rate of fire weapon that's great for infantry and lightly armoured targets, able to shoot aerial targets out of the sky with sustained fire. Downside would be prone to overheating if sustained for too long, high recoil, inaccurate at long range and a general ammo hog.

    Lascannon would see a dial-up in power as an Anti-vehicle weapon, although I don't see an end to it's sniping role from SM since it would one-shot anything that's not a Terminator or equivalent.

    Plasma Cannon would get toned down from SM, possibly with lower splash damage and a smaller radius, but would work ideally for grouped targets and light to mid-armoured vehicles. Several full charged blasts to the back of a Rhino would be enough to take one down.

    Missile Launcher would be more of a suppressing role with Frag missiles, although great for taking out mobs of Boyz, while Krak would be somewhere between the Plasma Cannon and Lascannon in terms of A/V use. Moderate speed of travel with a longer range than a Plasma Cannon, but only in a straight line.

    Multi-Melta = super shotgun Joking. I think it'd be more like a close range thermal cutter; need to training it on a target but would cut through armour and troops like butter. Offset this with low ammo/high fuel use.

    Devastators should have to brace to use their heavy weapons to full effect, so you don't get Plasma Cannons and Multi-Meltas dancing through the enemy lines, lighting them up like a Christmas tree.
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  5. Pretty much what you guys alredy said. :cool:
    I hardly hope the Multi-Melta will be in 'cause is a very cool weapons and really effective against armored vehicles, heavy infantry and support units of any sort (termies, dreads and the likes).
  6. maybe also let them use the heavy flamer?
    or the Soundstrike Missile Launcher for the devas
    and normal missile launcher for tacticals?
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  7. kernowstig Member

    One thing that I've always found annoying with Space Marine was the inability to load out a tac marine with a decent melee weapon so , in amongst a host of ranged options, I would like to see swords, axes, hammers, lightening claws and power fists made available. These should be a 'must have' for the librarian and chaplain classes at the very least.

    It'll be interesting to see how many grenade options will be available and what other optional extras will be included. Melta bombs anyone? Techmarines with tarantula turret guns.
  8. they will not have access to all the melee weapons but they may have some options to exchange your combat knive
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  9. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    Who needed a melee weapon when the game let you have a one-shot pocket shotgun?

    That said, Tacticals in EC should be limited to Combat Blades and only allowed a Chainsword or Powersword if they are high enough in rank (Sergeant or higher) with the right skills. Nothing more should be available to them, those should be limited to Assault Marines and/or Terminators.
  10. Beriorn Beriorn Subordinate

    The Heavy Flamer is not a weapon befitting the Devastators. Devastator Squads are armed with long-ranged weapons to get a taste of combat without having to fight horrible stuff like Genestealers or Aspect Warriors at short range. Heavy Flamers are more a weapon for Marines with plenty of combat experience and skill with Flamer weapons, but also expect to fight the enemy at relatively short ranges. That's why Sternguard are the only Space Marine infantry to use them.

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