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Guild Option; Loota Takas

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Dietrec, May 20, 2014.

  1. Dregteef Vandal Dietrec Subordinate

    I ain't gunna use my orkish slang for this one (sorry) I'm just looking for people interested in the possibility of joining an ork guild upon the games release. We will be an ork deathskulls guild based around looting and shooting and smashing. We will compile the guild between two fireteams.

    The first will be led by Crackersmasher, the guild leader/warboss, and they will be our main strike force and loot carriers.

    The second will be led by me, for I am the guild second in command, and will be a more melee and close quarters based infiltration and diversion team.

    In the first you will get more loot but slightly fewer kills. In the Second you will get more kills, less loot, and die ALOT! (But who cares right?)

    If you are interested in joining feel free to message me or send me an email at and I will gladly relay you to my associate Crackersmasher.

    Thank You and have a wonderful W'AAAGH!

    Goregut Hardrend/Crackersmasher
  2. moved to recruitment ;)
  3. Dregteef Vandal Dietrec Subordinate

    Thanks! I didn't realize until after I posted it!

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