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Ground Assault w/ Shield

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Slayer88, May 18, 2017.

  1. Slayer88 Recruit

    Thanks guys.

    I meant throw range. If it's an anti-personnel sticky grenade it needs to be able to be thrown a distance, unlike the Meltabomb. That sounds good. I'll grab myself one of them and try chucking it at the shielder and preparing for some dodge rolling to avoid a kamikaze.

    I keep buying the 3k boxes and getting nothing good, but hopefully today I'll get either a plasma pistol or a power weapon!
  2. Ilseum Ilseum Ordinate

    : o nades are one of the best things in ec ... srsly master them, you wont regret it!
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  3. ArchKnightHough ArchKnightHough Steam Early Access

    You have 40 "shots". 1 will be used with each tap of the trigger. 5 for a charged blast. You can't hold down the charge to hold it because the gun will "overheat" and hurt/stun you, fyi.

    personally I use the Plasma pistol on my tank hunter. Meltagun,/Meltabomb x1 ammo and plasma pistol with Arti armor.

    I've found that the plasma pistol lets me engage at least one enemy while trying to take out the Rhino. And the reload gives me some extra ammo for the long slog back to base.
  4. Slayer88 Recruit

    Well, I'm looking at my pistol in terms of a constant side arm. I'm either going to invest in it because it's a useful compliment to my melee focus or I'm going to abandon it as being too much LP for a secondary role in my build.

    I'm not a tank hunter. I took the advice of taking AV with me into every game, I grabbed a meltabomb, and it was mostly useless. I got some nice assists on predators/rhino, I got one predator kill actually, but most of the time I either wasn't finding any vehicles or my team was ignoring them and 1 meltabomb is a waste.
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  5. ArchKnightHough ArchKnightHough Steam Early Access

    Some points you have to figure out, what role do you want to play on the battlefield.

    As a tank hunter, I expect to die. But I want to take a tank/rhino out before I do. The Plasma pistol is just a means to an end to get me close enough to do just that.

    Now, with that said I main CQB/Tact with 2 Kraks when I'm not tank hunting. Kraks are great because they stick and are wonderful "postmortem" killing tools, and also because if you get one on a vehicle that is being attacked by your team you'll get assist xp. That's a win win.

    Now with kraks you'll NEVER survive long enough to kill tanks, but you can help. But if you are alone, just run. And kraks do works well on shield bros. :)

    As far as a traitor assault, My Iron Warrior I have a bolt pistol and power sword. I avoid shield bros, and just hunt devs. That's my job, (I think) because the shield bros will kill/detain me long enough for his bros to kill me. But if I had a veteran assault I would def have a plasma pistol. Because plasma at close range is awesome for the PEN.

    Learn you weakness, and play away from it. make different load outs so that you can change as the battle needs it.

    Don't be a one trick pony!
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  6. Metal Bawkses
  7. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    The plasma pistol with the correct advancement costs 150 LP, and the charge shot is very useful because the short stun allows you to close in with the enemy while also doing 100 damage. However, it requires a fair bit of aim since it's a charged shot, and you can only shoot 3 before overheating.

    And if you keep a plasma pistol shot charged too long it'll explode in your hand, stunning and damaging you. You can still use it after it blows up without penalty though. I wish plasma weapons in general would explode when they overheated, but no dice :(

    Kraks would suit you better if you have a good team. They do less damage to vehicles but you can throw them, so if you have a bunch of teammates using kraks you can take down vehicles quite handily. They're also cheaper than meltas, but they're still more expensive than frags and they're not as good at AP since the blast radius so small.

    As for destroying lone vehicles, if you're using any power weapon you can destroy a vehicle but unless you're using a power fist it only does scratch damage. Still, you can scratch vehicles to death with a power weapon if you have no other choices.
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  8. WarlordKnight Recruit

    sticky grenade/kite them/master work weapon
    other than that not really anything, in the garrison they are the best for melee duels unless its an experienced duelist with a masterwork weapon, because the shield breaks before the masterwork weapon does (usually).
  9. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    I like to use the the heavy barrel mod for the bolt pistol. it only costs 20 Lp and it -
    halfs you're hipfire Spread, lowers the spread increase per shot and tightens the aimed accuracy as well.
    and all this at a marginal increase in upwards recoil which is neglectable in CQC since you are mostly hip firing the pistol anyways.
    And because of this its pretty good to have have half the spread modifier and lower Snips for quick follow up shots.
    It's nice for that mag dump moment as well.
    For me the Lp cost choice usually comes down to heavy barrel + frag . or Krak + regular bolt pistol
    after doing all the other somewhat mandatory wargear and weapon stuff.
    I just run multiple loadouts per match . so i can pick what's needed depending on the flow of the battle , if i see a lot more armor in use ill get the krak loadouts out on my next respawn. if not i run the other loadouts with more AP focus.
    I just wish there was a better system to select loadouts at the start of the match lol wading through 30 loadouts and swapping all the slots can be a hassle sometimes.
  10. Ryan Gosling RyanG Steam Early Access

    just bait them into your teammates and stick a knife in their back while they're trying to block the bullet hell.

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