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Greetings! I am in need of assistance

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Veneriah, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. First of all, Hello good people of the role-playing forum! I'm not sure if this is the right way of going about things but I couldn't find anything and you can't blame someone for trying (Unless what they're trying is heretical, in which case affix bayonets men!) I stumbled upon this forum and, having a love for role-playing decided to sign up and see if I could join in on all the fun : )

    But, I have a few questions about the RP
    - How does this forum deal with homebrews? I am asking because I already have a character that I wrote up for my own space marine chapter (I am a sucker for some good fluff and decided to put a story behind my random paint scheme on my space marine models) and I really want to be able to bring this character to life, and even have him interact with some of you fine ladies and gentlemen.
    - In relation to said homebrews, is there a sort of limit on how powerful or important our characters can be. Now, please don't take this to be "My character is oh-so noble, unbeatable and flawless in every way" I'm not Matt Ward :). But The character I have in mind happens to be the chapter master of said chapter that I have created, and I didn't want to accidentally just show up like "Yep I'm chapter master deal with it" and be seen as a bit of a douchebag.
    - How does one go about getting others involved in Rps? I assume that asking is the main way.

    Other than that, some simple advice would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance to anyone that is kind enough to help me.
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  2. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Well hiya. I can't answer all your questions but the answer for most is simple. It depends on the GM and the RP. But these people have been helpful with my homebrew Chapter, Regiment, and Skitarii Legion.
  3. Oh I see. So no concrete rules?

    Either way thank you, and would you be interested in being the first person I RP with here? : )
  4. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Not a problem really. Just to let you know my schedule is wacky because i am in transition from the military.
  5. No problem, would you mind starting this Rp, choose the setting and whatnot if you want :)
  6. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    First off...hello there!Welcome.

    Usually peeps drop-by and ask stuff in the general thread of this RP Forum Subsection (aka - Roleplay Tavern) over at ;

    But here is just fine.Just saying in case you missed it, for future reference.

    As to your questions, well...I`ll try to add on to Drakka`s answers if that is possible:

    - If you made a character that you want to roleplay with just join any number of roleplays currently ongoing in this subsection and see if a Space Marine character is viable for the settting, or ask the GM (Game Master) if you can join in as your character.Write down a character sheet, that you`ll see lying around various roleplays and give it to the interested GM for his perusal;

    -In case your character is of a high profile, holds high rank within Imperium (as your Chapter Master), that tends to be several degrees more difficult;In that case you may want to make your own roleplay in which you will be the GM (Game Master) in which you act though your IC (In character) via your Chapter Master.Other plays are...lets say aspirants/veterans within your Chapter and you lead them on epic adventure of blood, glory and general slaughter of 40K;

    That is super easy:

    First, you fish for interest, by dropping by into the Tavern (link provided above) and simply ask if anyone would be interested in your RP.If you think enough peeps are interested, make an OOC thread (Out of Character) were you write down the premise of your RP and the general info of how you will handle the RP as a GM, along with requested roles from the players, and your own character sheet with which peeps make their characters (though I must add that the later is not necessary, considering most of us on this forum are fairly familiar with narrative roleplay to make our own chars. without sheet needed :D );

    I hoped I aided thee, and may the Omnissiah be with you;

    Oh and...once again...welcome!You`ll have tons of fun here, as you watch your characters get alive in various roleplays ;)
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  7. Oh I see, so this is more akin to DnD with a Gm and character sheets when compared to most other forum based RPs, very interesting, I will have to have a look in that tavern although I may just get into some purely writing based RPs as I enjoy the freedom of it. Also, please do tell me if you have any Rps or would be interested in an Rp (even if purely narrative) to get me started.

    You have been most helpful warrior of the Omnissiah, may the emperor protect you : )
  8. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Well, it has similiarities, but I assure you in most cases that is the only similiarity.This is a forum for mostly narrative RPs, and as such it includes (if it does at all!) very simplistic, usually combat/wounding mechanics that GM arbitariliy decides based on your narrative actions.

    Very few RPs here have an actual stat system and a diceroll behind em.But i see you actually found a good example of a char. sheet (saw your char. in Bowels of Madness RP);
    As or a list of RP, you may already be informed, but just in case you missed some roleplays, so here it goes, a comprehensive list of all the active roleplays in our little community as of today:

    DeranVendar`s Word Bearers RP (Chaos RP); OOC thread - IC thread - GM profile;

    Colapse`s Old World Blues RP (WH Fantasy merc. RP); OOC thread - IC thread - GM profile;

    Tuska`s Superhero/villain RP (still in the making - get in there!) OOC thread - GM profile;

    Uriel`s The 6th Coin RP (Eldar/Human cooperation) OOC thread - IC thread - GM profile; (as far as I know this RP in particular has its all slots already taken by players, but at least you got all the links here and in case you are interested you can always keep an eye on it);

    Maleth`s Shadowrun RP (Not Warhammer 40K RP but very good stuff!) OOC thread - IC thread - GM profile;

    Imperius`s The Coming Night RP (Chaos RP): OOC thread - IC thread - Char.sheets thread - GM profile;

    Uriel`s In the Slums of Greed RP (Alien-Hive gang RP): IC thread - GM profile;

    Vlayden`s Tempting Fate (Eldar RP - still WIP - get in there!): OOC thread - Origin thread (voting closed) - GM profile;

    Zee Kaptin`s Illinois Wasteland RP (Fallout RP): OOC thread - IC thread - GM profile;

    Grammar Gyrinx Mythy`s The Empyrean Tournament (PvP RP!): OOC thread - IC thread - IC thread - GM profile;

    Jorimel`s To Sail Amid The Seas of Fate RP (Eldar RP): OOC thread - IC thread- char. sheet thread - GM profile;

    Uriel`s Deathwatch Station RP (Ordo Xeno`s Chamber Militant (Deathwatch) RP): OOC thread - IC thread - char.sheet thread - GM profile;

    Grammar Gyrinx Mythy`s Dungeon Crawl:40K Edition RP: OOC thread - IC thread - GM profile;

    Vlad`s Denizens of the Dark City RP (Dark Eldar RP - still WIP - get in there!): OOC thread - GM profile;

    Bossaroo`s Fame Will Never die RP (homebrewn, low fantasy Norse RP - WIP - get in there!): OOC thread - GM profile;

    Valonox`s Pain of Aexania (40K faction-clash RP): OOC thread - IC thread - GM profile;

    That is it!I hope you may find at least parts of this helpful.
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