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greetings fron venezuela

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by wavewarp, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. warpwave wavewarp New Member

    hello i have being playing the game for a wile and like it a lot, since im a warhammer fan ever since DOW 1 i play mostly ORK, space wolf, tide for mi favorite

    oh and since i live in Venezuela the chances of mi getting to premium are non existing and i have heard that other people can give it to you sooo hey in not begging or anything BUT hey if u got one of those not doing anything it wuld help me enjoy the game much more.

    sorry for bad English
  2. Ibérico El_Golfo Steam Early Access

    Bienvenido a la cruzada.
  3. Dorfus Dorfus Steam Early Access

    te aseguro que viendo como está el juego no vale la pena comprarlo. ni aunque pudieras.
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  4. warpwave wavewarp New Member

    si pues una pena devieron haber copiado a star wars battlefront 2 (el original) y ya
  5. Hi, Got into warhammer the same way through DOW 1. I forgive your bad english, its alot better then others manage. I'm an officer in DLB, a formerly sole Ork guild that was one of the only guilds representing Orks in general within this game, nice to meet you.
  6. warpwave wavewarp New Member

    like wise

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