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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Nihalë, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. *Somewhere, in the depths of his Craftworld, Urist turns his mind-sight away from the gruesome scene of battle, not wishing to see the butcherer's gruesome treatment of the Space-Wolf's remains. He mutters to himself, his voice devoid of any emotion save a slight sense of disappointment:*

    I warned you, Son of Fenris. You should never have left your frozen home. And I had hoped the Sons of the Wolf That Stalks the Stars had been of stronger breed.
  2. Steelhide Steelhide Well-Known Member

    (thanks for the game. :))
  3. Nihalë Member

    *While walking in the forest of an unnamed paradise world's forest - where she met those from her kind whom chosen to live far away from their space faring brethren away from technology and the temptation of dark pleasures - a sick feeling gripple her heart. Altough the one who passed away by gruesome death weren't from her kind, but still, she feels as if she would be there seeing these terrible vision* I hope your soul will find the way back home, and the Immaterium spares you. Your death is a lost for humankind and a small victory to us... (sorry :( I feel terrible right now :( )
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  4. Repent!Xeno Witch For Tommorow you die!
    (welcome to the Forums, and yes I try to if all possible stay in my character as much as possible ;3)
  5. Steelhide Steelhide Well-Known Member

    ( don't :) Thats the life in this dark universe. Your life can fade away in a heartbeat amongst the untold billions on a daily basis. At least my character died fighting. :))
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  6. Nihalë Member

    (Yeah I know :) but I was the judge and its not a secret that I wanted the son of Russ to be the winner :) But of course you are right, I love the 40k but a character death is always a sad moment :) )
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  7. Xamanth Member

    *Within his dark chambers on Biel-Tan, Xamanth the warlock turns his mind away from his thoughts. His helmet rests on his lap. In this deep silence he remains movelessness. He don't need to travel trough the stars in the spirit world, he already knew that the "Wolf" don't have any chance against such enemy*How foolish yet a small shard of worth was inside of him. Why they are doing this always? They could reach a better realm if they weren't so blind to the wisdom of the elders...

    (nice RP, it was a joy to read trough it and RIP Son of Russ! :D )
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  8. LordFang Member

    (Argh can't believe I missed this :O! Damn why do I need to sleep :/, anyway I for one loved the outcome of course no offense to the Wolf it was still a cool RP to read :D)

    *Lord Fang stood in awe as the Berzerker emerged from the fight victorious*
    "Well done Brother, surely a worthy skull for the Blood God, and your skills are to be commended as well.
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  9. The Necromancer Well-Known Member

    '' Just as planned... ''

  10. *Bruticus halted in his stride, turning to face Lord Fang, his eyes still burning with fury and pure aggression. In his mind, the Berserker fought to regain control, to beat back the Nails influence, yet as he attempted to reign in his bloodlust, he began taking steps towards the Chaos Lord. His teeth clacked, as he gnashed them, a black forked tongue slipping out every few bites, as his axe was repeatedly gunned, the bloodied weapon still crying out for more. He repeatedly clenched and unclenched his fists, as if reliving the brutal finish to his previous fight, as he moved closer and closer to the Lord, his words echoing in his brain. Standing before him now, the Khornate Champion looked down upon the Lord, with the gaze a lion has when it looks down upon it's wounded prey before the killing strike. He pants for a moment, before staring the lord directly in the eye.*

    "...............My thanks, it was indeed a vicious and brutal battle, one thing you can always count upon for the pups of the Wolf King. Now, if the Eldar have fled, and the loyalists have withdrawn, I believe I must take care of some business."

    *he subconsciously grabbed at the still bleeding head of the wolf, squeezing the flesh as his clawed fingers began scraping away at the skin.*

    "If any more trouble makes itself apparent, feel free to call me. I always enjoy a good battle, though I believe I am currently promised to an Eldar maid, so I must be off. They do not like to be kept waiting."
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