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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    With small bursts of volkite bolts, Severus calmly mowed down the pretenders. As he saw them eschewing cover choosing instead to make haste towards the data center his opinion of them lessened further. For all their talk of elites, they relied more on their sheer numbers like the green skins then tactical sense. They could have utilized their numbers to provide covering fire, enacted a fire and move tactic or various other tactics that would have seen them cover the same distance with fewer casualties if at a fraction of a slower pace. Some may have seen it as bravery or choosing to sacrifice themselves to ensure that they reached the forge master faster but that would have only applied if they had been the equivalent of the space marines or if their war gear was far more potent than the squads.

    Regardless these absolvers showed that they were wanting, and Severus was only too happy to administer them their punishment for their error even if those who received this lesson didn’t live long enough to learn from it. As they got closer and some of his brothers engaged them in melee Severus changed his focus to the right side. The enemies on the left had been halved and were now occupied but those on the right would soon be upon him.

    Severus grinned inside his helmet he would reduce their numbers as much as he could with his culverin but if they got too close then he would show them that the culverin was deadly weapon regardless of the distance or lack of if they got too close. The big marine preferred to mow down his foes with a heavy weapon but he didn’t shy away from close quarters combat.

    OCC: Attack on the right side. Defend Kalydos if they try to attack him.
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  2. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Augustus laughed a moment before speaking, "Your name is traitor for that is what your path has labeled you. But in any affect, your name will no longer matter for they shall be picking you up in pieces once this battle is through." The Ultramarine could tell this was no normal human as his skill was far above any standard human he had crossed. However, he was still only human and Augustus pressed his foot against the hall's wall, leaning forward to active his jump pack. Once he activated his jump pack, Augustus would attempt to ram this so called champion into the metal wall with the force of the thrusters behind him. He would then attempt to ram one of his chainswords straight into the humans stomach to create a bloody scene for all to witness.

    OOC: All out attack on champion. One attempt to ram into wall with jump pack and one attack with chainsword.
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  3. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    "Ha, knew it'd work, Severus!" Remen roared as he saw the Xeno fall into a motionless puddle of a darker colour.

    Feeling the recoil of the bolt pistol in his hand and seeing each mortal's body explode upon impact with the mass reactive rounds. The weapons of the Astartes were on another level than the mortals could carry into war and the destruction they wrought upon mortal forms were truly, truly horrific. The bodies were blown apart, limbs literally ripped apart by the bolts exploding.

    As his hand crushed the front of the weapon, his sensors sparked into life with a heat warnings but thankfully he was able to avert the dangerous situation of being bathed in flames. the chainsword tearing through the mortal's flesh and what passed for armour with ease, The life in the eyes of the mortal flickered for a second with shock, adrenaline and fear but a few moments later those same eyes became dead and lifeless.

    His concentration on the man dying before him was suddenly lost as the leader of his host made his presence known. To then feel the thunder hammer's powerfield change the feel around him, and then whatever he was feeling was taken a back when the shield bashed his face, than the Primarch for helmets.

    For the next strike coming in fast, there was no time to waste here, the speed and relenting of this assault by a mortal was commendable. "You're strong, it is a shame you're against us. I'll try to make your death as painless as possible." Remen spoke as he rushed to take down this leader of the mortals.

    If he could get a strike onto his arm, then he'd likely drop his weapon and be easy pickings for Remen to take finish.

    Attack on the Absolver Lieutenant with chainsword.
    Defence of self with chainsword.
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  4. Aris had growled when he was simply bypassed, the action both attacking his pride and endangering his squadmates. But before he could do anything about it, he was facing off against the witch of the command squad. He narrowed his eyes at the words he heard. Part of him was curious to question what he meant, but Aris knew that it wasn't his place. He said nothing but fired his bolt pistol, snarling once again when nothing got through. Then he was hit by the flying plates.

    Stopping his fall and standing his ground, Aris put the empty pistol away and grabbed his sword with both hands. "You're right. I am no normal warrior. I am Aris. I am an Ultramarine, a warrior of Ultramar. I am a warrior of Ars Belica, and your sight betrays you for we shall not fall here!"

    With that he ignited his jump back and charged forward, sword at the ready. However, he was going to go all out. He was ready to change to one hand and use his other arm to block, swap which hand was holding the sword, and every trick he had to defeat this enemy.
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  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "I'll hold sir." Julias said, he gritted his teeth in pain as he felt the damage reaching deep into the flesh of his leg if it kept going he would likely loose it. Prortizing targets Julias spotted a medic amoungst them and began firing deciding to try to take them out of the battle, If there medic fell he knew they would have a harder time staying in the fight. aiming he let out a burst of shots before returning to cover keeping himself in a mix of firing onto there positions with his brother.

    OOC one attack on medic one defence on self remaining in cover inside the server room
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Dominus! I retrieved the information!" Kalydos said with great haste, moving towards the data center, unleashing his own deadly weaponry after joining the Sergeant and Severus on the firing lane.

    "Good work, Kalydos. We shall not let our brothers wait any longer then! Ars Bellica! Extract now, the same way we came from!" Dominus said over the internal vox, rapid-firing his plasma gun as the main battle force started rushing into the command center, now that Augustus and Aris were occupied elsewhere.

    The champion did not expect the jump pack impact and was pressed against the wall, it sounded like bones cracked below the combat armor - something Augustus could only pick up thanks to his hearing enhancements on both genetical and technological levels. However the Chainsword only found the metal wall as Augustus had to take a step back in order to bring his blade into the mortal.

    The shorter blade sliced into a weak spot in the thigh of Augustus, while the long sword was already in a high-guard position, deflecting the chainsword. The simple blade was crafted masterfully to be not torn or even caught by the blades of the chainsword and instead blocked them and caused a safety shutdown, making the engine believe that it stalled.

    The small victory made the champion slightly cocky on which Augustus profited, using his unarmed training to use his fist. The Champion expected it to be a last resort attack and went to evade it and then go in for an easy kill. However that is when the deactivated chainsword came down to meet him, going for the gut. Instead of tearing him up, it impaled him and smashed him into the wall. The adamantine teeth stuck deep in armor and flesh. All it would take for Augustus to finish him was to reignite his blade. Or maybe he would give the champion mercy for managing to draw an Astartes' blood? A prisoner might make a higher prize and more devastating blow to the traitors as well. Either way, the decision had to be done quick so that the Blue Comets legacy could evacuate with the rest of Ars Bellica.

    Aris in the meanwhile wrestled with an enemy like no other he faced ever before. The old man looked almost bored as he dodged every attack of Aris, or parried it with his staff. For his age he moved far too fast. Genetical enhancements? Drugs? The young Ultramarine couldn't tell.

    "You misunderstand, youngling. We may not win this fight. But I will make sure. We win the war." He cackled before thrusting his staff forward. Aris easily sidestepped it and went in for the finishing blow, only to be greeted by a massive invisible shockwave that sent him flying into a wall near Augustus.

    "We will meet again on Gaizer. Enjoy the footage that Kalydos has gathered." The old man chuckled before walking off, back deeper into the space station once more. Whatever the purpose was, if there was one, Aris would not taste his blood today.

    Remen led the bulkhead of their defenses directly in front of the Data-Room but had little chance to do it on his own, especially as these traitors seemed to have specialized in isolation. Just as with Augustus and Aris, while Remen was occupied, the rest of the squad attacked Julius, Severus, Dominus and Kalydos.

    "Death?! I can do this all day! And then I shall attend your funeral!" The Lieutenant responded with vigor. Various blows were exchanged and either dodged or parried by one of the two involved parties, which was until finally the Iryllian rebel descendant managed to strike true and get his chainsword into the side of the mortal.

    But immediately then the Thunderhammer came down and broke the chainsword in two, causing the sword to die down and instead be stuck in the warrior before slamming the shield again into Remen. This time the Ultramarine reacted in time and brought his fist against it, causing both to stagger back. The arm of the Lieutenant did not look right but nonetheless he seemed not to back off. The shield hung lazily on the hand of a slumping arm, but the hammer was swung with fury.

    With the stump of a chainsword that still was revving, Remen took his chance and stepped forward, one arm on the wrist of the assailant to hold the hammer away, while forcing the snapped chainsword through the throat of the champion and killing him in a gruesome, unclean way.

    His squad had endless desire to avenge their leader as the body fell to the ground, but that is when Severus and Kalydos unleashed the full prowess of their armament, ripping the troops into pieces.

    However just as Severus was charging his weapon, out of the thickness of the fight their leader emerged straight for Dominus, halo above his head glowing strongly and even absorbing a shot of the plasma gun. "I shall kill every single one of Guillimans childreeeen!" He roared, jumping over the makeshift barricade and going with the power sword for the kill. Dominus discarded the Plasma Gun and went for hand-to-hand combat, but quickly has his combat knife drawn.

    The enemy leader surprisingly pushes Dominus back with every single step and blow, never ceasing his offense. "Severus! Shoot!" Dominus demanded while he danced with the enemy. Even after finally landing a blow to the face of the traitor, he appeared unaffected by a direct hit. Whether it was the halo protecting him or something else, Dominus could not tell. But he knew that he rather would take the calculated risk of a Volkite hit over a disadvantaged melee fight any day.

    The medic was completely taken by surprise from Julius and got a trio of bolt shells straight to the head, detonating right then and there, causing him to drop dead in the midst of the combat. The young Ultramarine then continued to fill the rows of traitors with bolt shells. But despite his vigilant covering of the entrance, apparently his focus on picking the medic out allowed the leader to slip past him and duel Dominus.

    Inside Data-Room / Right in front of it:
    Remen ( @dx144 ) , Julius ( @Vulpas ) , Severus ( @Tamu ) & Dominus

    Outside Data-Room:
    Right: Augustus ( @matt23 ) & Aris ( @BadDo9 )

    Forgemaster Kalydos still carries the Alien Weapon Case in one of his mechadendrites and readies to extract, having the data.

    Dominus orders:

    Right: Absolver Command Squad:
    Champion vs. Augustus

    Dead Xeno dark grey - black goo

    8 Absolver Storm Troopers (Upgraded Las Carbines + Flamethrowers)
    5 Absolver Assault Troopers (Chainswords + Las Pistol)

    ↑ In duel with Dominus within the Data-Room
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  7. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Augustus withdrew his chainsword from the traitor's stomach, still holding him against the wall with his hand. The Ultramarine then leaned in and spoke to the champion, "Your days of treachery have come to an end. You will not die today. That would be to easy of an outcome. You will face judgement and pay for your actions." Grabbing the champion by his armor, Augustus knocked all his weapons away before making his way towards the call to fall back. The mission was complete and the time to evacuate had come.

    Augustus moved quickly towards the exit and signaled for the others as he drew a bolt pistol, "I got you covered, brothers. Fall back to me." He then began to lay covering fire for the squad members whom came his way, ensuring they got the breathing room they needed to make for a quick exit.

    OOC: all out defense. Covering the squad as they make towards the exit.
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  8. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Looking at the stump of his chainsword, now virtually useless, Remen threw it aside, it was just going to slow him down.

    A sense of pride for the dead warrior, was given. Even though traitorous and against Humanity's future, he fought with steely determination and strength of which he'd be proud to see any member of the Imperial Army have.

    "Forgemaster Kalydos, do you have any container that could be used to house the Xeno's remains, knowing our foe is the gateway to victory and at the moment we know very little about them?" Remen voxed to the Forgemaster as he began blasting his bolt pistol at the Chainsword troopers and grasped his Combat Knife should any of them make it into melee.


    Defence on self and attack on Chainsword Troopers with bolt pistol.
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  9. Aris grunted as he impacted the wall near Augustus, falling to a knee for just a moment due to both that impact and the stars still embedded in his body. The bleeding had stopped, but removing the metal would need to wait. He revved his chainbastardsword, and was about to charge off after the man - but shook off his rage and instead sheathed his sword, drawing and reloading both pistols. With the brief reprieve over, he pushed the old man out of his mind and ignited his assault pack, charging into the group of enemies and becoming a whirlwind of death, working to make a path to and for the rest of his squad. He snarled, the knowledge of the old man eating at him despite his best efforts, and the desire to help his sergeant made his blood rush.
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  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Julius grunted as he took out the medic, The enemy leader slipping past him put a taste of minor failure one he would attempt to rectify. Changing in movements Julius turned towards the leader dueling with Dominus This one man would slow them down if not taken care off with the others retreating if he could maybe he could take him out or disable him and be taking the rear with the sergeant out. Keeping his chain sword unrevved Julius would go for the lower torso of the man in a attempt to disable him only revving his chain sword the milisecound before it would be on course to hitting this man. "I'll keep him tangled sir!" Julius said over the vox as he attempted to disable the leader out right. using his own close combat skills to attempt to tangle the warrior and cause him to disengage.

    OOC One attack on Enemy leader attacking Dominus attempting to get his attention and draw him from Dominus.
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