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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Severus' arms buckled even with the help of his power armor as he sought to contain the fury the machine spirit unleashed. He had expected resistance but nothing like this, then again, he supposed it hadn’t turned into the worst case where the machine spirit had simply decided to blow up on him in spite. After the gun finished its hateful salvo Severus gave an inward sigh of relief.

    He had a mere second to marvel at the sheer devastation wrought by the gun and the weight of the dreadnought falling before his attention was wrenched away from the scene of beauty by the sergeant’s orders. A swift glance around him let Severus take in what was going on and how he could best carry out his task. Noting the rushing enemy felines from right a part of him wanted to turn his gun on them but he knew it would leave him out in the open as the others formed up and despite the devastation, he was sure to cause it would not justify his actions.

    With his mindset, Severus hunched his shoulders, aimed his gun downwards and ran to Kalydos. Once he reached the forge master he would turn around and brace himself. If the enemies wanted to shoot Kalydos they would have to shoot trough himself.

    OCC; Defend Kalydos even if it causes bodily harm to himself.
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  2. Imperius matt23 Curator


    Augustus looked to Remen and spoke, "Strange... Even after its apparent death, it seems struggle and move. This will be something worth noting and reporting when this is done. Regardless, thank you for covering me, brother. I may have left this battle with a few more scars than I entered with had you not be watching." After a nod, Augustus followed the order given out by their Sergeant. He quickly fell back to the door and began to defend it to ensure no would interrupt Kalydos during his data extraction. He then called out to their sergeant over the vox as he took up place near the door, "Having begun taking up a defensive perimeter at the door. Standing by for follow up orders."

    OOC: Defensive stance at the door.
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  3. Aris growled as he felt the teeth shear through his armor and into his flesh. With a movement, he swapped his chainsword to his other hand and attempted to drive it forward to tear through the torso of the thing on him. He saw Julius comint towards him and shook his head. "Focus on your own and get to Kalydos!" The youngest marine told him, as that was Aris' own current plan.
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    As Aris proclaimed for Julius to focus on his own beast, it was indeed that each of the Ultramarine younglings struggled with their own foe. Both finishing their respective feline assailant off at the same time. The younger one by putting his chainsword through the chest as planned, tearing it wide open through metal parts into the flesh.

    Julius on the other hand drove his smaller chainsword through the head of the beast below him, skull breaking open and brain matter covering his blood and bodily fluids and hydraulic oil splashing against his chest in what could be considered an overly gruesome death. But what mattered is that the son of former rebels survived, and the beast did die.

    At this point Augustus, Remen, Severus and Dominus had reached the data center and took defensive stances up. There was not enough time for the two younger ones to reach the station just yet. The xeno that has turned somehow into a liquid was obliterated by Severus a few moments ago, but yet both Aris and Julius could see that it still was there. It had split into multiple smaller puddles but pulled itself together once more, as if they were magnetically attracted to the center mass.

    "Someone get a canister from Kalydos. We will collect a sample on our way back to our entry point and our heavy weapons cavalry!" Dominus ordered, responding to Remen's former analysis.

    Then the reinforcements that Kalydos warned about arrived. Julius would see from the same direction the felines had come earlier at least three full squads of imperial soldiers arriving. Much more serious armed and looking than the previous ones. These ones wore a mask like the xeno from before rather than standard issue helmets. They also had heavily modified las carbines which shot in green lasers instead of red, others were specialists with promethium flamethrowers and one even wielded what appeared to be a miniature version of a thunderhammer and shield such as a Terminator would wield into combat.

    Aris on the other hand was looking forwards, towards where Severus' victim of a dreadnought left a gaping hole in the deck. Out of there assault squad esque soldiers jumped up. Instead of Grav-chutes, they were jump capable such as that of his own. This was a full squad of 10. Each wielded a chainsword and a las pistol. The squad was led by a command squad that actually teleported in shortly after the assault squad arrived. Just like the foes that Julius spotted, these too wore the foreign Xeno mask. The command squad of five appeared to copy a standard Space Marine command squad.

    The leader, showing by power sword and bolt pistol with an iron halo over his head.
    A combat medic with chirurgeon tools mounted to his left wrist, a power axe held in both hands.
    The champion who wielded two blades. One long and curved similar to what a White Scar would carry into combat and a second shorter, straight blade.
    Even a witch was present, clearly visible by the blindfold over the eyes and carrying a force staff in both hands, visually he appeared as an old frail man. But anyone who knew about psykers knew better.
    Last but not least, a special weapon specialist who held a sniper rifle, already starting to take aim on Aris. But there was also a shotgun on his back - clearly a man who was prepared to get up close if necessary.

    The leader roared as he led the charge. "You face our true might, the Absolvers! Behold what our benefactors are willing to give us in exchange for our services! We shall set you free from the shackles of the Emperor and his forsaken sons! Courage and Honor!" His words echoed from the various speakers in this section of the hallway, including inside the data-room. Clearly by design for the purpose of psychological warfare.

    "They are using our motto against us, show these wannabes what Macraggians are made out of, sons of Guilliman! Aris, Julius - retreat to our position. Augustus, Remen. Stand aside and pick their leadership apart as they attempt to get inside. Severus - focus on suppression and reduce their numbers but be mindful. When it is time to go - you will provide the opportunity." Dominus ordered swiftly, hurrying to the side of Kalydos to grab a remote-operated demolition pack but not planting it just yet.

    Julius and Aris would hear the command clearly in their helmets, but were caught in an ugly cross fire with green and red lasers shooting at them from each direction. But they probably would be able to make it to the data center unharmed if they focused on nothing but that. Then again, they had a unique opportunity on delaying one group of the attackers or attempt the impossible and stop the assailants on the left flank entirely by themselves.

    Kalydos simply continued his work, not saying a word as he filtered everything around him out to finish this task as quickly as possible so they could escape safe and sound.

    Inside Data-Room:
    Remen ( @dx144 ) , Augustus ( @matt23 ) , Severus ( @Tamu ) & Dominus

    Outside Data-Room:
    Right: Julius ( @Vulpas ) & Aris ( @BadDo9 )

    Forgemaster Kalydos still carries the Alien Weapon Case in one of his mechadendrites and moved into the data center, data transfer has begun. Silent alarm was triggered - reinforcements will keep arriving every other wave!

    Dominus orders:
    Everyone: Defend Kalydos
    Aris & Julius: Get into the Data Center

    Center: Xeno silver-black goo, approaching the data center

    Right: Absolver Command Squad:
    Leader, combat medic, champion, witch, weapon specialist
    + 10 Absolver Assault Troopers (Chainswords + Las Pistol)

    Left: 30 Absolver Storm Troopers (Upgraded Las Carbines + Flamethrowers), Including an Absolver Lieutenant armed with Miniature Thunderhammer & Power Shield
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  5. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Severus gave covering fires to his brothers as they each tried to get to Kalydos. Once more of his brothers reached them and the forge master got inside Severus relocated to better cover the doorway. A few seconds after he got into a braced position he saw and heard the enemy reinforcements.

    No not reinforcements but pale imitations Severus thought as he saw them coming towards them. The mockeries fielded gear on par with theirs but had not their gene gifts tho they spouted the ability to beat them. Any further thought on the matter was dismissed when the Sargent issued his orders tho Severus did wish the Sargent had not risen to their provocation.

    “Braced and covering” replied Severus as he first targeted the group of 30 before switching his fire to whichever group either got the closest or was grouped up the most. Keeping his part in creating an exit in mind he would only refrain from doing full salvos of automatic mode preferring single shot or bursts of shots.

    OCC: Attack group of 30, suppress any group who gets closer.
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  6. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Augustus seemed taken back but the sudden wave of reinforcements. The organization that this xenos race seemed to have these humans in was worth noting for later mention. However, now was no time to awe at enemy tactics. No, now was the time to throw the enemy's plans into shambles. Thankfully the entirety of the squad was now regrouping to a closer perimeter so as to lend the tactics to more options.

    So, with others moving in to the data room, Augustus locked onto this command squad of treacherous humans. Attacking them would interrupt the flow of leadership and stagger any communication they had with outside support. With that in mind, Augustus once more unleashed himself upon the humans to attempt to reap the Emperor's judgement upon their heads. Lowering his jump pack, Augustus once more launch himself into the command squad to break up their formation. His goal, however; began extremely evident when he barrelled straight towards the enemy leader. Both his chainswords would come to life once more to attempt to extinguish his, "Let the judgement of the Emperor pour out upon the traitor's head!"

    OOC: All out attack on the command squad leader.
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  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Warning brothers enemy command squad has Psker unit I reapet they have psychic units." Julius said the assault marine taking the brunts of the hits as he made a full tactical with draw, Las weaponry and xeno weaponry came at him as he found himself in the middle of the cross fire focusing on completing his objective he continued moving. Endure it! Julius thought as he forced himself through weapons fire as it came transhuman using speed and endurance to get him through and into the cover over the door way near Kalydos.
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  8. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Remen sighed seeing the Xeno return to it's former state again, it was seemingly unscathed by any weapon he had at hand. Perhaps a meltagun might take it apart or a similar high heat weapon may do more damage to it, but again, these were just theoreticals made up on the spot with no prior evaluation made apart from his and the squad's experience.

    "Dominus, the Xeno may be weak against high levels of heat, it is just a theory but a blast from a plasma or melta weapon may take it down for longer as it appears to be a liquid, it is just a theory, but as we've seen already it has taken a frag, bolter and chainsword blows and just reassembled itself." Remen spoke as he made sure his bolt pistol was fully loaded and then proceeded to fire his bolt pistol freely at the approaching Absolver Stormtroopers, if those flamers came to life, it wouldn't take them longer to force the Ultramarines back and turn the data centre into a smokehouse.

    Keeping his chainsword alive in his hand, and preparing for the obvious charge from the Xenos and traitors, Remen prepared to cut down anything that got too close.

    Attack on the Absolver Stormtroopers, targeting the Flamers if possible.
    Defence of self with chainsword.
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  9. @matt23

    "Augustus!" Aris called to his squadmate as he dashed towards the data center, letting out a small curse. What was he thinking, going out there with no backup? With this amount of firepower, it could be too much even for one of them. Torn between duty to his orders and duty to his squad, one very easily won out.

    Without much time to change his weaponry, all the youngest could do was to swap his sword for one hand, and pull out one of his pistols for the other. Then, igniting his jump pack he changed his momentum to crash into the command squad after Augustus.

    He knew that he would be reprimanded, but he would take that over losing a friend any day.
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "It appears that Augustus and Aris want to take the battle to the enemy, cutting the right flank off." Dominus informed the squad, mostly Kalydos who was unable to watch the battle unfold.

    "They will require additional firepower, Sergeant." The Forgemaster responded as cold and tactical as ever.

    "I wish to see myself what an Aurelius is capable of, Forgemaster." Dominus said as much joking as he was serious, maybe a little bit sarcastically from facing unbearable odds. Then again, what else would one expect of the Ultramarines?

    "Severus! Remen! Julius! Dare not leave the data center at this point. Fight for your lives, as if this was your last stand! With Courage and Honour we shall slay this traitorous and alien vermin!" He roared, external vox speakers on maximum volume as he rushed forward towards the door, getting better aim at the metal slug that Remen pointed out and delivering a super-heated blast right in it's center. And just as the young soldier expectedly told his superior, indeed the liquid metal found no way to recover from a plasma attack. It turned from it's glistening silver form darker and darker until a dark grey lifeless metal puddle remained.

    Severus could focus easily on the incoming crowd, picking his shots much more efficiently than if he would do a full salvo, especially since the attackers seemed not to deter from assault, not even seeking cover. They knew they had to close distance quickly to have a chance. But he also saw that on the right flank, Augustus' plan did not quite work out as intended and that the enemies were coming in fast and hard.

    Just as the remaining twenty-five opponents started reaching the data center, Julius joined with full speed at the side of Remen, before even the enemy reached him. The two descendants of previous rebels on Macragge took position shoulder-to-shoulder. One filled the enemy ranks with his bolter burst after burst, tearing chests open. Remen on the other hand picked his targets and only reacted at the very last moment when the closest flamer started raising his weapon.

    Enemies around him fell as if he had an aura of death, yet Remen knew better, it was solid covering fire from Julius. Only one stood in his way but was quickly pushed out of the way with a full shoulder tackle before reaching the flamer individual. The pilot flame already ignited and pointing at him, instinct took over. One hand grasped the front holder of the flamer, crushing the traitors hand in the progress while pushing the weapon away from the cobalt clad angel of death. This indirectly caused the untimely demise of another traitor before the chainsword came down and killing the flamer quickly, the chainsword grinding through bone and muscle.

    Just then Remen heard the buzzing of a power weapon, he brought his chainsword up just in time to parry a thunderhammer before getting smacked in the face by a round power shield. "I shall avenge my fallen kin, blue monstrosity! Absolvers! Annihilate!" He roared on top of his lungs, before bringing the thunderhammer up in an uppercut-esque move that Remen could barely dodge. Then another attack and another, pushing him surprisingly back as this human clearly was moving much faster and stronger than the others.

    Several las shots filled Julius armor, aiming mostly for the wounded leg from the previous felines. It scorched his flesh and took chunks out, and the heat was closing the wounds so efficiently that his larraman cells weren't triggered. It did not bring him down to a knee but surely caused a serious wound if the damage was further sustained.

    In the meanwhile on the right side, Augustus and Aris assailed the command squad. But they only stopped their champion and witch. The rest simply ran right past them as if they didn't exist, seeing an opening to flank Julius and the others.

    "First you fight me, before you face the captain!" The Champion snarled at Augustus, the long curved blade leashing out at the Ultramarine who dodged it perfectly before attacking with his own two chainswords. But the short blade came up in a way to parry both, before swinging the long one sideways, cutting not only into the power armor but even drawing blood. It was immediately sealed, but there would be a wound on the pride of the Aurelius - or so the champion imagined who took two quick steps back. "My name is Shinzo, and I will take your head, blue demon!" The short blade pointed at Augustus, while the long one was held diagonal in front of himself, ready to parry.

    Aris on the other hand had to face the witch who had hurled a metal plate in his direction. But the assault marine simply kicked it out of the way mid-flight, sending it to decapitate anti-climatically the weapons specialist of the command squad and sole sniper of the army. "You are no normal warrior. Aris." The old man chuckled before coughing.

    "I have seen this fight coming for many months now... And I shall see that your legion falls." The witch put both hands on his staff and focused once more. A bolt pistol shot rang, but in the blink of an eye, a metal plate appeared before the psyker and took the shot. More shots fired caused more metal plates to rise and absorb them, until Aris had to reload. That is when the plates suddenly lost significant mass and transformed into metal stars, an invisible hand tossing them straight at the young Ultramarine and filling his power armor. Less than half of them managed to lodge deep enough into his armor to draw blood, but they made up for the significance of impact. Various important organs were hit, but nothing that would kill Aris. Not yet anyhow.

    Inside Data-Room / Right in front of it:
    Remen ( @dx144 ) , Julius ( @Vulpas ) , Severus ( @Tamu ) & Dominus

    Outside Data-Room:
    Right: Augustus ( @matt23 ) & Aris ( @BadDo9 )

    Forgemaster Kalydos still carries the Alien Weapon Case in one of his mechadendrites and moved into the data center, data transfer has begun. Silent alarm was triggered - reinforcements will keep arriving every other wave!

    Dominus orders:
    Defend the Command Center!

    Center: Dead Xeno dark grey - black goo

    Right: Absolver Command Squad:
    Champion vs. Augustus
    Witch vs. Aris

    Leader, combat medic, weapon specialist
    + 10 Absolver Assault Troopers (Chainswords + Las Pistol)
    => Reaching command center next turn

    Left: 18 Absolver Storm Troopers (Upgraded Las Carbines + Flamethrowers)
    ↑ Including an Absolver Lieutenant armed with Miniature Thunderhammer & Power Shield (fighting Remen)
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